WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS! Wow oh wow and ow oh ow what an incredible time to be on the planet.  So much is in flux and of course as above so below, as below so above!  We are in the throws of Cancer season- a liquid time, an emotional time.  Mars just went direct in Scorpio so as Astrologer Anne Ortelee says, "its full steam ahead."  But it would also  be good to think about how you want to move and what are the wisest moves to make.  Mars in Scorpio is more strategic about the actions it takes.  With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the NEW MOON all in Cancer it might be helpful to consider the moves a Crab makes- side to side, into and out of its shell, into and out of the sand.  There is more than one way forward.    


FRIENDS OF THE SOUTHWEST! The next screening of the documentary WEEDEATER made by Eden Batki, Amy Von Harrington and myself will be at the Loft in Tucson, AZ Wednesday July 13th at 7:30pm. Please come and catch glimpses of your beautiful city!  https://loftcinema.com/film/weedeater/


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


As I sat down to write about the New Moon (exact this Monday, July 4th at 4am on the west coast) I thought, “Snap, snap, okay! Let’s talk about the New Moon!”  But what I felt was a giant bubble swimming to the surface where words would be, some sort of sensitive, watery, mollusk-type feeling.  So to the bubble/jellyfish/mollusk of emotion, I thought- gently- because they tend to be unresponsive when spoken to harshly or impatiently- “What would you like?”  And because words aren’t really their mother tongue I just sat with the sensations that followed for awhile.  And mostly what they seemed to want was just the freedom and permission to be, to exist, to not be inconvenient or change before they were ready.  So we came to a compromise, I will listen to what they want and together we will write this post about the New Moon in Cancer and the card for this moon, the The Devil.  

There’s a game I like to play which my friend Litia taught me.  You ask a question, it could be about anything, then you press shuffle on your iPod or press the seek button on the radio and whatever song comes up or radio snippet plays is the answer to your question.  I asked my iPod about the New Moon in Cancer on a walk the other day, “What can you tell me about this moon?”  The answer was a song by The Roches called “Runs in the Family.”  As I was walking and listening to the song I thought about the people we become or the hats we wear because it is expected or because there was a blank that needed to be filled and we knew or learned what to do to fill it.  This New Moon in Cancer, opposite Pluto in Capricorn, suggests that those expectations are shifting.  The people we once felt we had to be, the roles we took on unconsciously, or the inheritances we’ve accepted are all subject to change.  With this New Moon there seems to be more flexibility, it is a time for asking for what you want even if getting it requires further negotiation.  

Shortly after my 18th birthday I went on an exchange program and stayed with a Catholic family that had had multiple generations of men and women who became parents when they were 15 or 16.  I remember sitting on a bed with my host parents’ daughter in-law who was only a few years older than myself.  She was resting her head in her ten year old daughter’s lap.  She cradled her mother’s head and softly stroked her hair.  I was shocked by how old, wise and tired this 10 year old already seemed.  “When is she going to be a kid?” I remember thinking.  “When she has a daughter of her own?”  I thought of her mother getting pregnant when she was 15 and my host brother becoming a father when he was 16.  As a fly on the wall, I only brushed the surface of how complicated it had become for them to know what they wanted and to want what they wanted when they had grown up with so much responsibility. 

The Devil, the card I’ve pulled for the New Moon in Cancer reminds us of what we are all constantly negotiating in terms of responsibility and desire.  What do we want to do and what do we have to do?  When do we take on responsibility because it feels easier than acknowledging what we want?  Where have we told ourselves we can’t have something we want because we feel blocked and burdened by who we have to be?  The New Moon trines Neptune in Pisces suggesting that our dreams might be more easily integrated with who we are, who we want to be and what we are responsible for at this time.  

It is also worth noting that this New Moon falls on the 4th, the same day labeled “Independence Day” on most American calendars.  I’ve always punctuated this holiday with a deep sarcastic snort, “Yeah right! For whom?”  I find myself thinking about who so many people have had to be in order to live in this country and in this world.  Some laws and structures, which have forced people to change shape, are changing and some are in desperate need of restructuring in order to accommodate a more human shape.  With the New Moon trining Neptune there is more emphasis on the dream of being who we are and achieving what we want to achieve, unobstructed, unburdened.  This card and this New Moon supports us in taking actions big or small, personal and political which may proclaim these freedoms right now.  In so many ways, consciously and unconsciously, you probably already have “changed the law of averages” as The Roches song says.      

And that’s about all I want to say for now- Feelings, sensitivities, thank you, I couldn’t have gotten to the end of this post or anywhere else without acknowledging you.  

(Runs in the Family- The Roches )   


WELCOME TRAVELERS! The New Moon is almost upon us, Mars is retrograde until the end of the month, Mercury has gone direct and cleared its shadow, a Grand Cross is forming at the New Moon, and that's just above, here on Earth there is much buzz too.  You may find yourself feeling restless, anxious and short-fused.  It is easy to think that this is a sign that we need to be doing something, that there is an action to take, but often the surprising antidote to this kind of frenetic energy is to slow down (exercise also helps).


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


Recently I had a moment which could be described as ecstatic.  It wasn’t composed of anything remarkable.  I was just listening to Chet Baker and eating a homemade protein ball with coconut milk out of my favorite orange tea cup, but I allowed myself to revel in the experience without running into the next moment or lining it up with the past.  As I basked in those few short minutes I thought, “This is not the kind of moment you take to your grave.”  I’m not sure what memories people actually “take to their grave,” but I imagine that when I make my final exit I will be thinking about all the people I love and not about the time I ate a protein ball at sunset.  “That’s why I will have to let myself enjoy everything about this moment now, while it matters to me,” I concluded.  And I did.  But that moment has passed and now I’m back to fine which is the sort of string that all spiky beads of emotion and sensation are strung on.  

The New Moon in Gemini perfects this Saturday evening at 7:59pm on the West Coast. I don’t want to get too entrenched in the astrology of this New Moon because it sets off several aspects which could each, very easily, occupy their own paragraph.  But, if the Gemini New Moon were to introduce itself and give a talk, I suppose the topic of that lecture might be something about love.  I hesitate to elaborate on this hypothetical moon lecture, being myself somewhat unpracticed in the ways of romantic partnership.  Partnership, however, is only one expression of love and love itself, I believe, is not unfamiliar to anyone, nor is romance.   

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon is the 2 OF WANDS, which punctuates one of the Moon’s assertions- that love expresses itself as magic (i.e. romance) when two or more elements (and/or people) come together and form an experience (i.e. moment).  My sunset, smooth soundtrack, protein ball snack is one example of this kind of magic moment, but of course there are many others.  Love opens us up to the present where we have an opportunity to experience the miraculous in the mundane.  In the hours leading up to my snack, I’d been practicing confronting the judgmental voices in my head that had been relentlessly badgering me for months.  By the time the sun began to set and I was lounging with my snack and listening to jazz, I had found a pulse of appreciation for life within myself, it was love.    

The challenge which ultimately accompanies these kind of romantic experiences is the desire to sustain them.  Saturn’s opposition to the New Moon and Venus reminds us that we cannot rely on one moment or even a handful of them to ensure our happiness or contentment long term.  It would be easy to surmise that protein balls and Chet Baker are a recipe for joy because they evoked this response once.  However, I know from experience that magic moments aren’t easily replicated.  Inevitably self criticism and doubt will return and hold me up at the cost of a few potentially pleasurable moments.  But, just as inevitably, love will return because, in fact, unlike my voices of self doubt and criticism, love never leaves.  Love is always here, always available, even when apparently imperceivable.    

(I'm So Glad You Love Me- Juanita Rogers)


WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS! I'm short on words this evening and so are the planets (as I explain in more depth below under the QUEEN OF PENTACLES the card I pulled for this Taurus New Moon) so...read on!


Weedeater, the documentary film about Nance Klehm that my friends Eden Batki, Amy Von Harrington (yes the very same AVH who makes the tarot deck I pull from each new moon) and I made will be screening in NYC on May 7th at the Museum of Art & Design.  If you are in NYC come see and be inspired, as we have been, by Klehm's life, work and philosophy (which is actually one thing).  

A Tarotscopes horoscope is now located on the back of the menu at Dimes in NYC !  It will change monthly so consider making a monthly pit stop for food and fortunes.

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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s dec


“Magic happens when you aren’t looking,” my cousin’s four year old son Peter told an audience of adults who nodded with one ear but whose gazes were fixed on other distractions.  He had pulled apart a magnetic puzzle and was fumbling with the pieces, attempting to reassemble it back into a ball.  As we approach the New Moon in Taurus (exact mid-day tomorrow (05/06/16) on the west coast), several planets of prominence are retrograde echoing Peter’s pronouncement- a lot will be happening while we aren’t looking.  

When planets go retrograde they tend to be experienced more acutely on internal levels- emotionally, psychologically, spiritually.  Additionally the element of air is currently unoccupied, all the planets are busy wrestling with earth, water and fire.  Things like rational thought and straightforward communication can be, not only challenging, but unproductive.  This current astrological weather may be best navigated with the senses.  And what comes to you passively may have greater significance for the time being than anything you hunt down or tackle.  

This brings me to the card I pulled for this new moon, the Queen of Pentacles.  The Queen of Pentacles combines the elements of water and earth and carries with it messages of fertility and production.  It should be noted however that unlike more action-oriented cards, the Queen of Pentacles is passively productive.  In many ways this card reflects the earth itself which produces an abundance of life just by being itself.

As I was considering this new earth Moon and the corresponding card, I was reminded of John Francis, the environmentalist known as the “Planetwalker” who earned this nickname after he gave up motorized transportation for 22 years and went everywhere by foot.  During this time he also took a vow of silence which lasted 17 years.  The power of Francis’ story is largely contained in what he didn’t do.  This message I think is extremely important and timely both astrologically and environmentally.  In a 2005 interview, Francis, discussing his 17 year silence said, “Silence is not just not talking.  It’s a void.  It’s a place where all things come from.  All voices, all creation comes out of silence.  When you’re standing on the edge of silence, you hear things you’ve never heard before, and you hear things in ways you’ve never heard them before.”  So here we are in the midst of a sort of void, a silence.  I won’t cloud you with many more words.  Instead I leave you with a long blank space for listening and passive receptivity


(Big Yellow Taxi- Joni Mitchell)


WELCOME BACK RIDERS OF THE ASTRAL STORM!  As I write this I can hear an ambulance siren in the distance getting closer and then moving farther away.  An old professor in college told me that ambulance sirens are set at a pitch which allows you to pinpoint where they are and how close they are and warning sirens, like tornado or air raid sirens are designed to blanket an area with the sound.  I've definitely found my own alarms going off at certain points, but I haven't always been able to determine whether they are coming or going, how close they are or if they are just issuing a general warning.  Do we pull over and make way when our alarms sound or do we run for cover?  These are all questions to ask as we approach the upcoming transits (like the Mars and Pluto stations and retrogrades) and aspects (such as Saturn square Jupiter).  


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck


I woke up this morning with the first line and accompanying notes of Bessie Smith’s “Blue Spirit Blues” scratching out in my mind, “Had a dream last night that I was dead.  Evil spirits all around my bed.”  The song describes a nightmare, but its words and melody are extremely alluring and every time I listen I find myself eagerly marching down to hell as Smith narrates, “the devil came and grabbed my hand.”  

The chart for the New Moon in Aries, exact in the wee hours on Thursday morning (PST), is full of what are referred to in astrology as malefics.  Simply put, malefic planets are planets with destructive tendencies- Mars, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus are all included in this category.  Traditionally they have gotten a bad rap, but like the song, there is something sultry and compelling about the “badness” implied by these planets and this New Moon.  The New Moon brushes shoulders with Uranus in Aries and squares Pluto in Capricorn.  Somewhere in your natal chart (18 degrees Aries and 17 degrees Capricorn to be exact) you may experience the feeling of being at the end of your rope accompanied by a burning desire to break the rules, skip class, skip town, or just skip- if that qualifies as a rebellion in your present circumstance.  

There was a period in my late teens and early twenties when I found myself running away on a somewhat regular basis.  At the time I didn’t really see it as running away.  Adults would draw a line and say, “You can’t go beyond this point, this is your limit.”  But I knew my own limits intimately and I knew that the boundaries being set for me didn’t match up.  So I’d casually cross their lines and keep on going until I reached my own perimeter.  This is an entirely natural process in my opinion, we all have to find our own edges.  Sometimes that involves going past the point of comfort (the comfort of others as well as our own) in order to know where we stand most peacefully within ourselves.  

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon is the Chariot.  In the Motherpeace Tarot book the chapter on the Chariot is subtitled- “Winning One’s Own Way.”  The Chariot is about accomplishment, but as the card suggests it is more about your path to accomplishment and/or your mode of transportation than it is about the accomplishments themselves.  Winning may be the goal, but you will probably spend more time running the race than at the finish line, the Chariot asks us to consider the path.  While the goal may be to get to the castle, the most rewarding and memorable part of the journey is probably slaying the dragons who guard it.  

This brings me back to the malefics- planets with destructive tendencies.  Without them, slaying the dragons impeding you from reaching your goals would be almost impossible.  The New Moon in Aries, full of powerful aspects to malefic planets, suggests there may be some obstacles to overcome before the wishes you wish come true.  But also embedded in this moon are the strength and tools you need to meet those challenges.  You might find the spirit of rebellion stealing over you- a sultry song like, Blue Spirit Blues, calling you to confront your fears.  Remember that these assertions, while initially creating some discomfort, may ultimately be part of the path to peace both within yourself and the world at large.  

(Blue Spirit Blues- Bessie Smith)


WELCOME BACK DUSTY TRAVELERS! I seem to be saying this a lot lately but...wow.  Times are tough and we are incredibly soft, which is why it would be a good idea to treat everyone with extreme tenderness as we navigate the upcoming eclipse in sensitive Pisces.  This ocean is deep! Do you have some sort of receptacle for collecting your dreams?  They tend to get more vivid during Pisces season.   


If you are going to...not San Francisco, but New York, be sure to wear...whatever you want and stop by the amazing Dimes!  A brand new Tarotscopes horoscope is now located on the back of their menu!  It will change monthly so consider making a monthly pit stop for food and fortunes.

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pisces eclipse, loose lips, sailing ships, offering tips, short trips, potato chips, skinny dips, back flips, paper clips, deep clean, gems to glean, heard and seen, don't be mean, on the same team, coffee add cream, fire plus water makes steam, toes pointed downstream, moonbeam, stars above, all my love,


Without further ado! The card for the ECLIPSE, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck


 At some point in the past few weeks I started missing messages.  “It’s so crazy! I’m only getting about a third of my messages!” I told an employee at the T-mobile store.  The look on his face made it quite clear that this did not strike him as “crazy.”  He waved his hand over the screen and revealed a window on my phone with the words- Availability- 0 bytes.  “You’re just out of memory,” he smirked.  “Delete your pictures and old texts and your phone should start functioning normally again.” Silently, stubbornly to his smirk I thought, “And I’m out of memory for technical information like this, so I will see you again next month when I’m having the same issue.”  But given the current astrological weather, chances are I won’t need his help next month, chances are I will have let go of my resistance to absorbing tedious information about my phone. 

Over the past few weeks I’ve observed this feeling surfacing periodically like a stone in my chest.  It appears mostly when someone is attempting to make a helpful suggestion.  “No,” It says definitively.  Fortunately, I’ve come to manage myself as if I were a team and not just one person, so the word doesn’t escape my lips.  Another voice intercepts it and says, “Move over, make room for possibility.”  This voice pushes the boulder like a wave and it loosens its hold on my opinion.  

The card I’ve pulled for the upcoming Eclipse is the Hanged Man.  Most eclipses are about letting go, but this eclipse (and this card), seems to underline, highlight and embolden its message several times over.  Typically eclipses don’t ask permission before they clear your plate and this one may feel particularly hasty.  Pisces is the sign of the unconscious and so what is eclipsed could be some sort of a security blanket we weren’t entirely aware we were griping until we are left with an empty fist.  

“But how do you even know if you are holding on?” a client recently asked.  “I don’t know,” I empathized, “I imagine it feels like marching upstream.”  The problem with letting go for people like myself and my client is that charging the current can feel quite natural.  The benefit of an eclipse is that it often reveals, at times in very dramatic ways, which way the river flows.        

We will have to wait and see, but I am optimistic that what we stand to gain from this bi-annual cleanse is much needed space- memory for receiving messages.   

(Hello- Lydia Lee )


WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS OF THE ASTRAL PLANE! What a month it has been, both in the world and at home.  It seems like all of 2016 was pinched between the Gregorian calendar New Year and Chinese New Year.  Mercury is out of retrograde, though still following the shadow it traveled when it was retrograde, so you may still be dealing with the repair and clean up of anything that snagged you then.  The New Moon in Aquarius will arrive early tomorrow morning on the west coast and is sandwiched between Venus in literal and practical Capricorn and Chiron in ethereal and intuitive Pisces.  There are so many things to think about with this New Moon, below under the card I've drawn for this moon, The HIGH PRIESTESS, are just a few, but I'll add a few more thoughts here:

Venus in Capricorn, is not overly sentimental or terribly romantic.  On the other side of the moon, at 19 degrees Pisces, is Chiron, deeply feeling and emotional and intuitive, but isolated, perhaps disconnected.  The New Moon in Aquarius has an ear to both and Venus and Chiron are benefiting from a sextile and therefore mutual appreciation.  With this configuration the New Moon in humanitarian Aquarius seems to be asking, "How can I help?" or perhaps even more broadly, "How can WE help?"


Nothing new of note, but I am here and available for readings.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for an appointment if you have any burning questions or spiritual, metaphysical or metaphorical knots to untangle.  


aquarius new moon, sing a new tune, examine an old wound, importune, sweep of the broom, call of the loon, soon soon, square to mars, old scars, too many cars, on par, near and far, hardy har har, passing the bar, lions roar, eagles soar, a regular downpour, four times four, encore, folklore, ship to shore, wanting more, at the core, what we ignore, mercury trines north node, rough road, humble abode, lawn fresh mowed, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck:


The other day I was watching a crime show.  In this particular episode the lead detective is investigating a crime scene accompanied by an understudy, a detective in training.  The lead detective pulls a piece of evidence from a nearby trash can and says, “This was an execution.”  “That’s impossible,” the green detective says, arguing that there was no way that the killer could have known that those particular victims were coming.  “I didn’t say the killer was targeting the victims, I just said this was an execution,”  the detective replies.  “I don’t know what that means,” the newby chirps.  “I don’t know either,” the detective says.  I’ve been holding this exchange closely, turning it over.  I’ve found it helpful to look at many situations recently, in my own life, from this standpoint, as though I were investigating a crime scene, noticing what the evidence seems to suggest, but also not coming to any conclusions based on the evidence.  For reasons I could probably attribute to astrology, biology, physiology, psychology, mythology…I find myself often looking for the resolution, to not leave a question mark dangling.  But this hasn’t been working so well for me, especially not lately.  When you jump to a conclusion, you’ve turned your back on all the other possibilities- case closed, but not necessarily true. 

The High Priestess, the tarot card I’ve pulled for this New Moon in Aquarius, like a detective, follows a hunch.  She must also consider the evidence, not jump to conclusions, but ultimately trust her intuition.  In a TedTalk about making hard choices philosopher, Ruth Chang, says hard choices are hard because there is no best option.  She says we often assume that personal values are weighed the same as scientific values.  But with numbers, she says, there is only three possible comparisons- greater than, less than, or equal to.  We often assume that when we are making a difficult choice by weighing values, but what ends up happening is that rather than the choice presenting us with reasons, we assign our own reasons to a choice and this helps us to make a decision.  Chang’s argument was that the act of creating reasons defines who we are.  Yes, yes, I thought, but to me this information was interesting because it suggests that hard choices are ultimately made from a less rational place, either out of fear or from our intuition and that they are then rationalized with more socially accepted concrete reasons.  Fear-based decisions which typically lead to the safest option are easier to rationalize and won’t raise any eyebrows, where as intuitive decisions may not be understood until they have already happened…”I’m happier here, now, in this new job, on this island in the South Pacific than I was before.”  

But what does this have to do with the New Moon in Aquarius?  Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the scientist, the innovator, airplanes and technology.  The Aquarian decision-making process is something like deciding where to land a plane.  Like most air signs Aquarius tends to be very practical laying out all the facts, possible outcomes and reactions.  Aquarius is the sign of the future and so decisions are often made in consideration of and to accommodate hopes and dreams.  But this New Moon in practical Aquarius squares Mars in deeply intuitive Scorpio suggesting that any forward movement will be difficult without careful consideration of BOTH the plain/ plane facts and the facts that exist below the surface- emotions, psychology, intuitive hunches.  The afore mentioned crime show is a good example of this conversation.  Forensic evidence alone was not enough to solve the mystery, an understanding of the psychology of the perpetrator also had to be taken into account.  Some important questions to consider at this New Moon might be: What is both above and below your present situation?  What are the fears which may be putting pressure on your decisions? What does your present situation look like from a plane?  What does your present situation feel like if you buried yourself in it like sand or dirt?

(Everybody Knows (The River Song)- O.V. Wright)


WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS!  Happy 2016!  The year is off to a somewhat slow start with a Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn.  If 2016 hasn't felt like a slow start, consider consciously slowing down. Snafus associated with Mercury Retrograde in an earth sign like Capricorn tend to manifest in accidents where something is literally broken- you drop your phone, your computer etc.  Slowing down might be one possible prevention method.  Jupiter also recently stationed to go retrograde in Virgo and it is at the same degree as the North Node of Fate, I won't get into this much here as I discuss it in more detail under the card for the week THE WORLD, but I will add that this aspect typically brings with it fated events and meetings with significant people.  As astrologer Anne Ortelee says, "Watch who you meet!"  With Jupiter retrograde these could be people you have met before, but they resurface again at this time.  


The documentary film, Weedeater about Nance Klehm that my friends Eden Batki, Amy Von Harrington and I have been working on is finished and will be screened at Human Resources in Los Angeles on January 25th at 7pm.  The screening is a fundraiser for a film tour.  

A short video I made recently featuring my dear friend and artist, Dylan Mira, is up now on the Girls Like Us website. 


new moon in cap, the occasional mishap, one hand clap, water from the tap, making a map, that's a wrap, annual pap, fell in your lap, afternoon nap, its a snap, electric zap, mercury steps back, what did you pack, clickity clack, paint it black, love shack, don't step on a crack, don't give any flack, getting the knack, jupiter on the node, open road, lighten your load, kiss a toad, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck:


It seems almost contradictory to call the Moon in Capricorn (culminating at about 5:30pm PST on January 9th) New.  With Mercury and Jupiter both retrograde, Mercury also in Capricorn and Jupiter forming a loose trine to the sun and moon, this New Moon in Capricorn seems to have history, personal and collective, tugging at it’s sleeve.  Consider that the past may always be an influence on how you approach things now and in the future and it would be beneficial at the New Moon to do something to bring this influence into your conscious awareness.   

Pluto also conjuncts this moon and forms a square with Uranus.  The Uranus/ Pluto Square was much talked about last year and many astrologers feel it contributes to a spirit of rebellion, of saying, enough is enough.  Pluto, the planet of power and transformation has been in Capricorn since 2008.  Capricorn is the sign of structure, of laws (not necessarily of justice, that is Libra).  Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn indicates that sudden events, often concerning an individual (Aries), illuminate where laws or structures are not functioning as they were designed or where they were poorly designed to begin with.  At the New Moon, rather than dwelling on the stale shadows of history, we may be turning towards the ways in which history can provide, by example, support for the future.  It may be particularly important to ask questions of the past in order to understand its significance in the present.  Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on the 18th of this month and February is Black History Month, both offering opportunities to do, as this New Moon suggests and reflect on the past as providing momentum for the future.  I highly recommend watching the extremely relevant (astrologically and otherwise) MLK speech I’ve attached below, if you haven’t already seen it, and if you have…watch it again.   

This brings us to The XXI World, the card I’ve pulled from Amy Von Harrington’s deck for this New Moon.  The World reminds us of it’s roundness and cyclical nature.  It is an ending, but also a beginning, it is a beginning but also an ending.  The World asks us to check our pockets, to look at what we’ve brought with us into the New Year.  The World, along with the North Node in Virgo conjunct Jupiter, asks us to make conscious our actions and intentions, to be deliberate as we step into 2016.  Have you felt like a sleepwalker?  The alarm is going off, it’s a New Year!  It is time to notice and pay attention and The World provides a good place to start.  The World asks us to reflect on what led us to this moment?  How can we use the past to guide us in the future? 

(What Is Your Life’s Blueprint?- Martin Luther King Jr.)


WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS!  There is a part in the movie, An Affair To Remember when Deborah Kerr's character says, "And all I could say was hello."  That is how I feel about the last few weeks.  I don't even know what to say about them.  Is there one word that could soak up all the swampiness and emotion?  For now I turn to the current astrological weather since looking back feels too overwhelming.  Mars is currently facing off with Uranus creating some rather unpleasant conditions.  Possible indications are tension, verbal outbursts, full on fights and even literal explosions.  Uranus stations on Christmas and the Full Moon to go direct after having been retrograde for several months.  We may be feeling the effects of this planet's movement, as it slows to a halt and turns back over the territory it recently traversed, as soon as the 20th of December.  Again, when Uranus is retrograde it tends to function more on an internal level, contributing to epiphanies moving minds over more literal kinds of sudden change.  When it goes direct, we can also expect to see more direct or tangible results, perhaps actions will be taken based on epiphanies that were experienced when the planet was retrograde.  Now on to a more detailed explanation of the current astrological weather based on the card I've pulled for this NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS, the 9 OF SWORDS!  But first...


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new moon in fire, tough as a tire, feelings inspire, situation looks dire, frequent flyer, quagmire, feeling shyer, a proud cryer, a sit and sigher, love lifts you higher, letting go, ho ho ho, way down low, the boat that i row, tied in a bow, a friend in tow, the seeds you sew, the things you know, to and fro, a regular pro, caw of the crow, yo yo yo, no more lawns to mow, putting on a show, stars above, push comes to shove, fits like a glove, lots of love,


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck:


The other day my mother and I were wondering the aisles of new thrift store discovery we had made not far from my parents’ new home in Tucson.  A pop radio station was blasting all of “todays hits” through the speakers which for some reason, coupled with a customer wearing felt reindeer antlers, kicked up the spirit of the holidays more than the jingles of a seasonal radio station would have.  As I was perusing the miscellaneous shelf in “housewares,” lifting an item or two to examine the bottom or top, trying to determine and mentally catalog its recommended use, a woman’s voice interrupted my concentration.  

“How’s your life today?” 

The DJ’s voice shot through a smile and the stores speakers.  The question hung in the air even after she rushed into nervous laughter and the traffic report.  She seemed uncomfortably aware that her question was perhaps too profound for a lazy afternoon on a pop music station.  

I was reminded of the beginning of the podcast, “Serial” when the host, Sarah Koenig, attempted to demonstrate how hard it is to remember a day that seemed like any other day and happened so long ago.  The only reason you would remember the mundane details of a particular day is if something remarkable happened that day, in the case of “Serial,” a murder.  In the case of this moment at the thrift store with my mother, it was a just a question:  How’s your LIFE today?  How is your LIFE…TODAY?  

The New Moon in Sagittarius, exact in the wee hours tomorrow morning, forming a square with Jupiter in Virgo, suggests we reflect on a similar relationship- between the mundane and the profound.  Sagittarius is associated with the quest for meaning and truth.  It is the sign of the philosopher.  A good Sagittarius friend of mine is famous for saying, “But what does it all mean?!”  The events (the ones that made headlines and the ones lining up in my own head) of the past few weeks have brought the present moment more vividly into my awareness.  In a recent text message to the afore mentioned Sagittarius friend I said, “Just taking it all minute by minute.  It’s kind of like eating pistachios.  You break open the moment and put the shells aside when the moment has past.”  “Are the moments fast and addictive?” she asked.  “More slow because I find them hard nuts to crack” I replied.  I can’t seem to skip ahead if I wanted to.  I find myself wondering if I will need to remember this moment later.  “Where were you on Thursday, December 10th, 2015?” Will I be a suspect or a witness?  Maybe the meaning of life could be described as some sort of collection of attentive moments, a pile of pistachio shells.  

Right now I’m in a library waiting for a friend to get out of a meeting on campus at San Diego State.  It’s finals week and the library is packed with students.  I’m here undercover, trying to blend in with a water bottle and a laptop.  Snippets of conversation roll over to me like dropped pencils, “Where do you know that girl from?”  “From Sea World.  She’s from Ireland, she came all the way over here just to work!”  They go in and out of speaking Spanish, my comprehension of which is rough and I only catch a few words.  There is a connective current running through the air here and I remember so easily the feeling, the anxiety that bonded you to your classmates whether or not you had anything else in common.  In college I used to study with these two girls who were old friends from a juvenile detention center.  They thought I was funny because I was such a “good girl” and I could tell they enjoyed trying to shock me with stories of their past.  We all laughed together and breathed deeply when we completed our final exam.  I haven’t seen them since and I hadn’t thought about them in years, until this moment, in a college library listening to people whose lives may also disperse, rolling away from one another. 

Sagittarius is the sign of synchronicity and luck, the way that lives or moments spontaneously aline.  Typically Sagittarius, ruled by the planet Jupiter points to good luck and pleasant surprises, but the chart of this New Moon is full of challenges.  How can we meet these challenges, moment to moment with optimism?  We don’t have to ignore the difficulty, but we would do well to approach the knots from a philosophical perspective.  What does it all mean?  What is important?  What is true?  There is a Buddhist saying, “Real but not true,” which suggests that the emotions we experience around difficulty are real, but do not necessarily point to the truth.  

The card I’ve pulled for this moon is the 9 of Swords a card reflecting typically “negative” emotions such as fear and anxiety.  The 9 of Swords also reminds us that these feelings are real, but not necessarily true.  And that the best way to slay these emotional dragons is simply to meet them one by one as they rear their ghastly heads.  The results of your final exam in Sociology will not likely determine the course of your life, but your fears and anxieties could argue otherwise.  A few weeks ago, during a workshop I participated in, group members were paired up and told to ask their partner repeatedly, “What do you love?”  Many of the participants were collectively alarmed at how simple their individual tastes were.  “I realized how much I loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” one man said.  “And I realized I loved them because they saved my life when I was a kid.”  

In addition to asking very often “what do you love?” perhaps we should also ask ourselves, “how is your life today?” because we know that the answers will likely change and that the question may, at times like these, have a relatively simple answer one which could be both profound and true.  

(Heroes- Blondie)



WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS! We are within hours of the Full Moon in Gemini, culminating at 2:44pm PST on Wednesday the 25th.  This Full Moon is very close to the first of three Neptune/Saturn squares which will unfold over the next year.  I won't say much about this configuration here as I discuss it under the card I've pulled for this moon, The Hanged Man.  And I won't say much about Chiron stationing to go direct because that is also discussed below, but I will give you an early warning that Uranus will be stationing to go direct on Christmas.  Uranus tends to be less volatile when retrograde so when it changes direction sudden changes and eruptions can manifest with palpable results.  


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Morgan Rehbock, friend and fellow astrologer, and I will be at the Art Basel doing readings at the Swamp of Sagittarius in the NOVA Bar, a project created by Naomi Fisher and Agatha Wara.  Please contact us at swamp.sagittarius@gmail.com to schedule a financial or art market-related reading if you are planning on attending the fair.


full moon in gemini, nobody can deny, oh hi!, saying good bye, on the sly, feeling shy, asking why, tell me no lies, catching flies, hey guys, the baby cries, sits and sighs, when we are wise, down to size, add fries, fresh baked pies, holiday buys, chiron station, i need a vacation, filled with elation, standing ovation, all across the nation, neptune-saturn square, powerful pair, learning to share, showing you care, first grey hair, rip or tear, it just isn't fair, precious and rare, stars above, peace dove, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


There is a lot of water hanging over our heads this week as the Full Moon culminates at 3 degrees Gemini on Wednesday afternoon.  In Los Angeles, I’ve been running around like I’m caught in a downpour without an umbrella, sprinting from door to car to door and mostly choosing to stay in.  In truth I haven’t seen more than a dewdrop in weeks, but the emotional intensity of events far and near has been overwhelming.  I keep thinking about “Chapter Two- The Pool of Tears” in Alice in Wonderland.  Alice was my first mentor.  Every situation she encountered she regarded with an open inquisitiveness, “Curiouser and curiouser!”  I longed to fall down a rabbit hole and have a real adventure, but over the years I began to see that life itself was that adventure.  If you should find yourself drowning in your own tears look for others who might understand your struggle, Alice reminds us.  With Neptune squaring Saturn and Chiron about to station to go direct it may be important to remember this simple truth that you are not alone in any shade of emotion you may currently be experiencing.  In Alice’s story, it was an eclectic group that shared a common challenge, “They were indeed a queer-looking party that assembled on the bank- the birds with draggled feathers, the animals with their fur clinging close to them, and all dripping wet, cross, and uncomfortable.”  

At the Full Moon you may be feeling “cross and uncomfortable” as you find yourself up to your chin in emotion.  Coming to shore may be less of a goal or a destination as it is a byproduct, a place you suddenly find yourself just when you thought you couldn’t tread water any longer.  This also describes the Hanged Man, the tarot card I’ve pulled for this moon.  Besides Saturn, the Sun and Mercury will all have disputes with Neptune.  The Hanged Man suggests the path through these struggles- surrendering to them.  As I was driving through the desert the other night on my way to my parents’ house I noticed several strange shapes looming like ghouls in a haunted house out of the darkness.  It took me a few miles to realize they were giant saguaro cacti.  Anne Ortelee, in her podcast this week suggested that one of the challenges of the Saturn-Neptune square is paranoia.  Neptune tends to confuse us- “there could be ghouls on the road, why not?”  But it is best to wait, to not rush to respond to our fears or feelings until we know for sure what the shadows really are.  And as we encounter these shadows, the Hanged Man warns us not to waste energy fighting our emotions or holding onto thoughts or ideas which are no longer true for you.  This may be a time of changing your beliefs, of changing your tune.  

One of my favorite things to do in L.A. is to drive around flipping through the stations and waiting for a song on the radio to synch up with my mood.  You may find that you need to flip through your own stations now until you find a song that suits you.  My old tune use to go something like, “I’m independent, I don’t need any help la la la la.”  And that was a good song for a little while and now it’s been overplayed and it just doesn’t resonate anymore with the way I feel now.  The other day my neighbor came to the door and asked if I was going to go to an event.  When I shook my head, she seemed surprised and asked why.  In a moment of raw vulnerability I said, “I’m just feeling so depressed.”  To my surprise she gave me a big hug and told me how sorry she was.  A little while later she texted me from next door and said, “What do you say we do something fun?”  We went for a sunset hike and by the time we got to the peak I had dropped a lot of the heaviness I’d felt earlier in the day.  My new song is still being plunked out and I haven’t found quite the right keys, but it seems there is more room for harmonies.

Watch how you speak or sing to yourself and others now, as you may be feeling at your most vulnerable.  When Alice collided with a mouse in her pool of tears she repelled him at first by telling him about her cat Dinah.  She realized, of course, when he began swimming away that cats were a sore subject for a mouse, “Do come back again, and we won’t talk about cats or dogs either, if you don’t like them!”  He accepted the apology and swam back to her saying, “Let us go to the shore.”  Perhaps we can all get to shore together if we surrender to the ocean of emotion, have our tears and let others have theirs.

(Lift Every Voice And Sing- Ray Charles)  

Hanged man.jpg


WELCOME TRAVELERS! Before we get to the New Moon in Scorpio at 9:48am PST on the 11th and the card I've pulled for that moon- THE STAR!, I want to update you on a few other things of astrological significance.  Venus has moved into Libra!  Virgo is not Venus' favorite place to play as it tends to make her rather critical and nit picky.  In Libra on the other hand Venus feels quite at home and so we here on earth also breathe a sigh of relief and let a little more pleasure into our lives since we are not feeling quite so penny pinching as we may have been when Venus was in Virgo.  Mars will soon join Venus in Libra, a placement which Mars finds somewhat restrictive since balance and fairness must be taken into consideration before jumping to action.  Finally, the Nodes of Fate are switching signs kicking off a new 19 year cycle.  They move from Libra at the North and Aries at the South to Virgo in the North and Pisces at the South.  The North Node in Libra is concerned with peace, love and harmony.  To put it simply -she's a hippie.  The North Node in Virgo takes Libra's message a step further- what can we DO, what services can we provide, how can we help heal a difficult situation after bringing it into balance.   


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new moon of transformation, train leaves the station, use your imagination, strange fascination, virgo/pisces conversation, time of celebration, no hesitation, talk of the nation, a different elevation, venus in the sign of the scales, riding the rails, wind in your sails, bed of nails, holy grails, save the whales, discovering new trails, hot on your tail, check the mail, eating kale, all hail, garden glove, stars above, all my love, 


Without further ado! The general card pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


I change my mind all the time.  Or rather, my mind is changed all the time.  In fact, both are true.  After last moon’s Tarotscopes a dear friend emailed me.  She wrote:  

Your tarotscopes

This is amazing. 

I have a thought. I think u are in a human body but also a cloud. How do u be both at once. How do you move with and through the hustle and bustle while remaining drifting and unaffected and taking pleasure in the sweetness of life. 

I still see u as a traveller.  Of both the astral and the physical plane. Getting moved by the world- allowing the chairs to be drawn out of the way, for paths to be opened up to you by those of sympathetic desire and spirit. Desire to understand magic. Desire to transform the celestial into the intelligible. To communicate.



She often emails me after I publish Tarotscopes to respond, as if we were in mid conversation.  I’m always grateful for her acknowledgement and insights.  Last moon I mentioned the difficulty of being a human body and suggested that growing older was somehow a process of coming down to earth after seeing myself as cloud-like for so many years.  Her response was a reminder that we are not this or that, but this and that, accepting our human challenge, but not abandoning the parts of ourselves which might be called angel, alien or cloud.

This weeks New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the sign of transformation, of intimacy, of sex, of death, alchemy and all the things we don’t talk about or tend to sweep under the rug.  The North Node of Fate takes up residence in the sign of Virgo just after this New Moon.  Mars stands shoulder to shoulder with the Node, igniting and empowering Virgo themes such as service and healing.  Of all the Scorpio themes which tend to surface during this season, I’ve found myself thinking most about intimacy.  Many of the celestial conversations of the last few months have centered around connection and partnership.  The planets asked us to listen, to pay attention to and communicate with the people with whom we’ve chosen to partner, romantically and otherwise.  As we moved into Scorpio season recently, we crossed the threshold from mere partnership into the depths beyond a handshake and acknowledgment, beyond, “I hear you”, to “I see you, I feel you, I know you.”  Mars and the North Node form a loose sextile with the Moon as it conjuncts the Sun, suggesting that the Virgo themes and goals are in agreement with the Scorpio ones.  Intimacy heals and serves.  

“Have you ever been with an animal as they are dying?”  my friend Nancy said once in an interview a few years back.  “They hold your gaze, they look directly into your eyes until they are gone.”  One of the things that struck me about what she said was how quickly the situation moved from intimate connection to disconnection as the animal took its last breath.  It only asked for her eyes for a moment, it’s final moment.  This exemplifies the Scorpio/ Virgo connection/conversation.  Virgo representing a moment, the present moment and Scorpio the intensity and intimacy of that moment.  

As I was thinking about intimacy this week I thought about the old saying “eyes are the window to the soul.”  When I’m giving a reading I’ve noticed that many of my clients try to make very deliberate eye contact at the onset of the reading.  My understanding of this gesture is that people often think that what I’m reading will be found primarily in their eyes.  They are perhaps trying to allow me to peep through “the window into their soul” which is very generous, but often what I find gathering in a person’s eyes is not necessarily what I would define as the person’s “soul,” but an intensity and depth of emotion.  Emotion is helpful information, but it is not the whole picture.  For example, if a person’s eyes convey worry or panic, but cards and intuition convey a sense of calm, I feel compelled and called on to respond to both- to acknowledge the emotion, but also to communicate what I am both reading and intuiting.  I find and believe that most people exist between human and cloud/angel/alien, saturated with feeling but capable of also seeing a bigger picture.  How do we be both at once?  How do we zoom in and out without getting stuck in one form or the other? 

The card I’ve selected for this New Moon in Scorpio is The Star.  In the traditional Raider-Waite deck The Star card depicts a naked woman crouched beneath a night sky, one star in particular is bigger and brighter than all the rest.  In a sense both the woman and the star are one.  They are also in conversation.  The star seems to twinkle humorously, “You can’t see what I see.”  The Star represents hope, the light at the end of the tunnel.  When we can’t see the road up ahead we are often compelled to communicate with faith and hope, with our star.  “Maybe it’s all going to be okay?” Our naked, vulnerable human-self suggests without certainty.  “It’s all going to be okay,” the Star, our hope, replies. 

And in-between the dream, the hope and our current position, is this Scorpio New Moon.  A Scorpio New Moon with a Virgo emphasis, suggesting that in the meantime, where we live most of the time, we can dedicate ourselves to the present moment and to each other.  Scorpios themes of death, sex (orgasm to be specific), profound change, are often fleeting and Virgos themes of healing and service are often small in scope or gesture, but each theme’s impact is undeniably profound.  Of all the people who attended my grandfather’s funeral, it was the presence of a waitress from Red Lobster and the owner of the nail salon where my grandfather got his regular pedicures that touched me the most.  They saw him as special in the context of the mundane.  As my friend suggests, we are each travelers of both the astral and physical plane, our paths through life have both a high and low note, a star and a body.   

(Eyes- Clio)


WELCOME WANDERERS AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SAMHAIN AND DAY OF THE DEAD! I apologize for the delay it has been a busy couple weeks since we last met under the new moon.  The Full (Super) Moon in Taurus was exact in the wee hours this morning (Tuesday 10/27), but it should still appear very full tonight and it was quite spectacular last night as well.  In addition to what I will discuss in more detail under the 5 OF CUPS (the card I've pulled for this moon), Sunday saw the meeting of Venus in Jupiter and Mars within spitting distance of the two.  This is was a rather odd meeting because Venus is considered in its "fall" in Virgo and Jupiter is in its "detriment" which is kind of like the two planets are wearing really awkward, perhaps unflattering, halloween costumes.  Even still the two planets shine very brightly when they are together and the meeting is generally happy and expansive of things like love and abundance, although perhaps more constricted than when the two have met in other signs.  This was the third time these planets have met.  Emily Trinkaus did a lovely job of describing this in her blog, Virgo Magic, but to reiterate-  Think back to the kinds of things you were dealing with July 1st and than again on August 4 because October 25 was the close of that conversation, the part where you said, Yours Sincerely, So and so. 

Finally- This is one of my favorite times of the year!  Largely because, as they say, "the veil" between the living and the dead is thin.  In my imagination it's like we are now speaking to those we've lost through a screen door.  Wishing all of you, in this world and the next, a very Happy Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead!  


A Q and A I did with Girls Like Us is now out in their latest issue #7 (a favorite number of mine)!

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samhain, twilight din, pumpkin grin, hat pin, shark fin, next of kin, everyone wins, trip to the bins, last super moon of 2015, what a scene, don't be mean, into yourself lean, treasures to glean, corners to clean, a different sheen, happy halloween!, moon beam, work as a team, not what it seems, jotting down your dreams, day of the dead, repeat what you said, to paths we were led, blood red, dust off the sled, old skin shed, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


“I’m pretty sure most of my friends are angels or aliens or some combination of the two,” I said to some friends the other day.  We’d been talking about how difficult it is, at times, to be here, on the planet, to be a body.  When I was a kid I thought I was a cloud or I wanted to grow up to be one.  Clouds could just be.  They didn’t have to double-knot their shoes or unknot the tangles from their hair.  They could just float and watch the hustle bustle without being pushed or pressured by anything more than a wind.  I’m not terribly old as old goes, but I’ve still observed in the handful of years I’ve occupied on the planet that the older I get the more aware of my body I become.  If I was born a cloud, I think my feet are, by now, at the very least, scraping the ground.  The Full Moon in Taurus, the last Super Moon of the year, suggests we tune into our power as people, as bodies on the planet.  If we were once angels, aliens or clouds, it may be important to acknowledge that we are now very much human flesh and human blood. 

In my cloud-like life I found it very difficult to push in a chair or move objects to make room for myself.  It made more sense to me that if I wanted to cross a room I should go around the objects that obstructed my path.  This of course makes the distance between two points longer and more treacherous.  As I’ve solidified into my adulthood I find it easier to move objects around, placing them where they are less cumbersome or just more aesthetically pleasing.  

At the Full Moon in Taurus, Chiron, currently in Pisces, will be opposing Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet.  The energy around Full Moons is releasing and with Chiron present, opposing Venus in Virgo, old wounds or ways of holding ourselves or a situation may be felt as something tangible in the body or symbolically in the objects or structures around us.  Your body has something to say.  The most consistent message which will likely come through in some physical form (Taurus) is a need to make a change, to break with an old pattern or cycle (Scorpio).  

I’ve struggled most of my life with digestive problems.  Recently I started a regime which seems to be helping with some of those issues.  When I first began the diet and had to give up things like chocolate, sugar and grains I thought dramatically in Shakespearian English, “There shall be no joy in my life!”  But since I’ve accepted the challenge I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.  I feel like I’m having conversations with foods I’ve known my whole life but never really understood.  I was too busy being a cloud and now that I’ve accepted my human challenge I can really enjoy myself and my food.  

The 5 of Cups, the card I’ve pulled for this Full Moon, is about disappointment, the moment of understanding that your current situation or relationship isn’t accommodating you or who you want to be or become.  Both the Full Moon and the 5 of Cups reminds us not to fear the changes we know on a deep (perhaps even bodily level) we need to make in order to come home to our bodies and ourselves.  Put your hand on your heart and feel your way through the next big transition. 

(Be A Body- Grimes)


WELCOME BACK RIDERS OF THE ASTRAL STORM! It has been quite a show! And now Eclipse Season is brought to a close with a New Moon in Libra on the evening (PST) of the 12th.  I will discuss that in more detail under the card I've pulled for this moon- THE TOWER!  Today (Friday) Mercury goes direct!  Mercury has been retrograde in Libra, an air sign indicating that the difficulties likely popped up in conversation and around relationships.  During the retrograde I re-watched some of my favorite British period pieces and one line which seemed to pair well with the confusion of the season stuck in my head, "Nay, I insist on knowing your meaning sir!"  Hopefully, I can now retire that line for a while as Mercury goes direct...on the North Node of Fate! Big news may surface both in the news and in your life.  And finally before we move on to the TOWER Venus finally cleared her retrograde shadow at 0 degrees Virgo and we are now covering new romantic and creative territory.  Whew!


A Q and A I did with Girls Like Us is now out in their latest issue #7 (a favorite number of mine)!

Gift Certificates for READINGS available!  Click on the"Readings + Spells + Magic" tab or email me for more information. 


new moon in air, quite a pair, ones own flare, short hair, what is fair, knowing you are rare, show you care, this life with whom you share, sailing ships, shake your hips, extra tips, taking sips, paper clips, a thread that rips, no more back flips, or loose lips, uranus features, strange creatures, good teachers, top of the bleachers, out reaches, a tub of leeches, a last trip to the beaches, peace doves, leather gloves, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about ships lately, in particular the relation-ship, which may be more of a canoe in terms of its sensitivity to change and weight distribution.  From an astrological perspective these conversations are no accident.  The recent Eclipse at 4 degrees Aries opposite the Sun in Libra was also concerned with “we” and where to put the “me” and the “you” and whether to dot the “i”.  Next up is the New Moon in Libra, which I’ve been calling the “closing ceremony” to Eclipse Season.  This is not entirely accurate since the effects of the Eclipses may be felt for the next 6 months, but thinking of of the New Moon this way makes me feel more friendly towards it and all of the storms of change that seem to have preceded it during this Eclipse Season.  

The New Moon in Libra is also very much concerned with the relation-ship.  Sometimes we board a relation-ship (canoe) consciously or unconsciously aware that the other person has a tendency to periodically stand up and wave their arms.  When this happens you may find that your response is to either sit very still or shift from side to side slightly to prevent the boat from capsizing.  If this continues and becomes a pattern, you may find that when faced with an Eclipse (like the one we recently experienced), which often brings these patterns to consciousness, that you either have to jump ship or renegotiate.  “When do I get to rock the boat?”  The New Moon in Libra is an excellent time to reestablish patterns which will allow for smoother sailing and the ability to weather the kind of inevitable storms which are beyond our control.  

Because I’ve been talking to so many people who seem to be at a breaking point in their relationship or who have been stepping on a crack, I decided to ask my mother, who has been on board a relation-ship with my father for almost 45 years, what she thought prevented either party from jettisoning after all these years.  She offered three suggestions:  “One thing I would say, which also comes from observing relationships in different cultures is that you don’t enter into a relationship alone.  It’s not just you and the other person, it’s their community and yours, your family and theirs- you have support.  And then what I can say about your dad and I, is that we’ve always wanted the best for each other.”  And the third ingredient which she suggested provides some sort of adhesive to the relationship is, “Being able to take care of ourselves individually as well.  There were limits to the support we could provide one another.  There were somethings we had to take care of within ourselves.”  

As someone who is queer, this first suggestion that two people don’t enter into a relationship alone felt somewhat foreign to me since most queer relationships don’t easily find support from either family or community.  Even so, I understood what my mother seemed to be saying- a relationship which thrives best in a vacuum can’t easily survive.

Wanting the best for each other.  This is something that makes sense whether the relation-ship you are sailing is a friendship, familial or something more intimate.  The other day, feeling rather disgruntled and in the midst of running errands I pulled up to an intersection where a stranger holding a sign requesting money approached my window.  “I’m so sorry,”  I said.  “I don’t have any money today.”  He was holding one of his eyes kind of scrunched shut, but he looked at me with the remaining open one and smiled, “That’s okay,” he said warmly, “you’re still beautiful.”  I was startled by the compliment since he offered it so freely to an empty hand.  

Finally, when sailing the relation-ship, there will always be points at which you or your sailing partner has go into the castle alone to battle your or their demons.  My go to visual for this moment is a scene from the movie Labyrinth where Sarah leaves her muppet friends at the castle door to confront the goblin king.  “I have to face him alone,” she says.  “But why?” The dog muppet riding the dog muppet asks.  “Because that’s the way it’s done,” she replies.  “Well if that is the way it is done then that is the way you must do it, but should you need us…”  he says.  “Yes,” her goblin friend agrees,”should you need us…”  “I’ll call,” she says.  Which seems to me to be one of the most compelling arguments for relationships of various kinds.  There will always be things you simply have to do alone, but it is also important to know who your muppets are- the ones you can call on for support and the ones you can offer support in return.

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon is The Tower.  The Tower doesn’t really code or conceal its message- “Change,” it says.  Whether you interpret that as a command or just a confirmation is up to you.  The Tower simply reminds us that change is inevitable and, in the case of this moon, it seems to indicate that while one person may rock the boat in a relationship both people must move to either accommodate the sudden movement or decide it is time to jump ship.  Libra is the sign of the balancing scales and like the tower anything you add to one side or the other will change the whole structure.  Whenever I pull The Tower card for a client in a reading their reaction is typically, “Uh oh.”  But I always welcome The Tower with applause, “A change! How exciting!”  The dread that most people experience around change, I find, seems to be because they think that change is something that is happening TO them rather than WITH them.  I encourage you at this New Moon in Libra to think about the changes you want and need to make so that you and your shipmates have the freedom to stand up and wave your arms, but also acknowledge that when you do, everyone on board must accommodate the movement.  

(Ain't No Wheels On This Ship- Patsy Cline)


WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS!  We approach the second and final Eclipse of the season, I will discuss the specifics more under the card I pulled, the 9 of Wands, but it is also worth noting that Pluto is direct as of today (Sept 24).  Secrets may be revealed as well as imbalances of power.  It is officially FALL- dry leaves, campfires, and pencil shavings!  Additionally, we are in the throws of the Mercury Retrograde in Libra.  Communications, particularly person to person, may be going a little haywire.  Remember to ask for clarification before you ascend the escalator from discussion to full fledged fight.  <3 !


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lunar eclipse in the sign of the ram, wham bam!, on the lam, what a ham, finger in the dam, old uncle sam, in a jam, season of the yam, ride on the tram, spic and span, hey man, your biggest fan, i think i can, summer's tan, hot pan, lend a hand, feet on land, head in the sand, what the critics panned, love alive, nose dive, beehive, i will survive, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


Ouch!  The past few days have felt like rug burn.  Have you felt something similar?  This is a tender time for all of us held to this tiny rock known as Planet Earth.  A lot may be shifting in our individual and collective awareness as we approach the Lunar Eclipse in Aries this Sunday night.  For those of us in North America the Eclipse will be visible and quite spectacular, as Eclipses often are.   

The Moon will be in Aries opposite the Sun in Libra, indicating that the main topic of conversation surrounding this Eclipse is self and other, me and us.  The Eclipse occurs just an arms length (a few degrees) from the south node of fate which will be on the World Axis (0 degrees Aries, 0 degrees Libra).  This means we can expect the effects of this Eclipse to be apparent in world events/ politics as well on a more personal level.  Additionally, the Eclipse forms a trine with Saturn now in Sagittarius, indicating that the release, which Eclipses often facilitate, may be experienced as deep, fated and likely beyond our control, endings and beginnings that simply must come.  We may be reminded in one way or another of the gift that is our life, and the many gifts that others contribute to that life just by being present in it.  

Lately, I’ve found it uncharacteristically difficult to access a sense of appreciation.  I’ve been down in the doldrums where everything is the color of smog and tastes like spent gum.   “Blah, blah, blah, nothing matters,” seems to be the tune of late. Generally, my sense of appreciation is inspired by a sense of individuality or specialness, but this stale wash has made it difficult to find the sparks within the landscape of life.  Then I heard an interview on the radio with a former nun who put things in perspective with a few resonate words.  She told the interviewer that she had been called into the religious life by a deep and overwhelming love and she wanted to put her love to work in the world.  Something she said in the interview about what she has come to understand about people and life seemed to reverberate and resonate with the themes of the Eclipse.  Many formed of spirituality and religion emphasize a connection between everyone and everything.  Neptune, the planetary ruler of Pisces and the plant associated with religion also emphasizes this sense of connection.  At the eclipse in Aries, Mars (Aries’ ruler) will be in Virgo- once again emphasizing the Jupiter/ Neptune opposition.  Reflecting the Neptunian theme of connection, but adding in the Virgo sense of precision the former nun told the interviewer that between each of us is distinction not division.

My friend Amy has a collection of sunglasses that allow you to see the world through different colored lenses.  Each pair corresponds to a different chakra.  If there were similar astrological glasses, we could put on the Virgo glasses and have an opportunity to see and appreciate the individual, bumps, bruises, the signature snaggletooth, the minutiae and the specialness that makes each person, planet, animal and object distinctive.  If we put on the Pisces glasses we could return to an understanding of our interconnectedness, of the ocean we are all a part of where our individual breath links arms with the air and becomes one with the breath of others.  

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”  I remember hearing this quote for the first time and liking it.  It felt like a few melodic notes in a song- a song that went flat when I found out the words were first spoken by John F. Kennedy- "a boring old white dude"- I thought at the time.  Even so, lately I’ve found myself thinking about the significance of this quote on a smaller scale. 

I was listening to an old episode of Storycorps and one of the stories was about a man in New York who had been mugged.  He worked as a school teacher and as he was getting off the train after work, a young man held him up demanding his wallet.  The teacher handed him the wallet and then proceeded to take off his jacket as well.  “What are you doing?” the young man asked.  “I’m giving you my jacket,” the school teacher said.  He figured if the man was desperate enough to hold him up for a wallet, which didn’t even have very much cash in it, that he must also be in need of a jacket and food for that matter.  The teacher invited the young man to join him for dinner at a restaurant and at the end of the meal said, “I guess you’re buying since you have my wallet.”  

It’s easy in conflict or in a difficult situation to see ourselves as somehow in opposition to a person who is for example, stealing your wallet.  But the teacher in this story chose instantly to make a compassionate connection with his attacker instead.  At this Eclipse it would be helpful to adopt a similar frame of mind.  How can you be generous and compassionate (Virgo/Pisces) towards another (Libra) in a way that is also generous to yourself (Aries)?  Knowing that we are all connected (Pisces) and yet distinctive (Virgo) how can you act (Aries) in a way that is reflective of this understanding?  

The card I’ve pulled for this Eclipse is the 9 of Wands.  It reflects the tenderness and vulnerability I mentioned above, which we may all be experiencing at this Eclipse and in the weeks following.  But the 9 of Wands also serves as a reminder of the strength and courage that is available to us, even and perhaps especially when we are at our most vulnerable.  

(Love's In Need- Blackstreet)


WELCOME TRAVELERS ABOARD THE ASTRAL PLANE! We have officially entered Eclipse season!  Saturday late (PST) or Sunday in the wee hours (EST) will feature the first, a New Moon Solar Eclipse in VIRGO.  I will discuss this Eclipse in more detail below under the card I pulled, THE HERMIT, but additionally I would like to mention a few other astrological weather changes.  Venus is now direct as of September 6th.  She is, however, still traipsing back over the territory she covered when she was retrograde.  For this reason you may find you are still dealing with some of the issues that surfaced during the retrograde particularly around money, love, or creativity (or fashion- fashion week!), but hopefully with a little more clarity about how to proceed in these matters.  

Mercury goes Retrograde on the 17th of this month as Saturn once again enters Sagittarius.  Mercury will journey back to the same degree of the North Node of Fate (0 degrees Libra) before going direct.  With Saturn on one end and the Nodes of Fate on the other, we can expect this to be a particularly potent and profound Mercury Retrograde journey.  Watch what surfaces in particular around relationships.  There is an emphasis on spiritual evolution.  Astrologer, Daniel Fiverson provided a simple, but apt definition of "Soul mates" in a recent article on the Venus/ Mars conjunctions:  "Two souls who have a contract to grow together spiritually."  

Pluto goes direct on September 24th.  When Pluto is direct it is often easier to shed light on incidents where individuals and structures of power have abused their power.  Hopefully, with the North Node of Fate in Libra, a sense of fairness will prevail and justice will be served.    

Finally, and I apologize if I've left anything out, there will be a second Eclipse, this time a Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra on the 27th.  I will discuss this Eclipse in more detail as the date approaches.


I will be doing readings at Folklore Salon in Los Angeles from 4-7 on Sunday the 20th of September.  Hope to see you there! 

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solar eclipse, doing flips, stiff upper lips, taking sips, sailing ships, hair clips, shake your hips, the sign of the "virgin", win win, a toothy grin, made of tin, a quiet din, embracing sin, dorsal fin, marked with a pin, loretta lynn, the perfect hymn, filled to the brim, when all looks grim, in the ocean swim, out on a limb, the canyon rim, excess to trim, when the light is dim, on a whim, stars above, lots of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


This past Sunday’s New York Times Magazine featured an article entitled, “Dazzled,” which offered a definition of “shiny objects” in the political arena as issues politicians direct the media and public’s attention towards in order to distract us from asking the really important questions.  For example, how are the candidates planning on serving the populace?  This is a very Virgoan question befitting the Virgo New Moon Solar Eclipse on Saturday night/ Sunday early (depending on your time zone).  An eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, completely or partially (in this case) blocking the Sun from the Earth’s view.  Astrologers often liken this to someone flicking a light switch to get your attention or even a momentary power outage.  When you are made to stand in the dark you suddenly have to ask yourself- “what was I doing?”, “where was I standing?” and “where was everything else in relation to me?”  Eclipses bring us to consciousness.  When the light that rendered an object shiny is out, we have to remember what we really care about, what the truly important questions are.  

The card I’ve pulled for this Eclipse is the Hermit, which is, in fact, the card most closely associated with the sign of Virgo.  The Hermit, like Virgo is a symbol of dedication and devotion, typically to one’s craft and/or path.  The Eclipse forms a quincunx or inconjunct aspect to Uranus which means that the changes we encounter surrounding this Eclipse may come out of left field or they may appear to conflict with the things you are trying accomplish.  However, you may find that what you’d been dedicating yourself to was perhaps the shiny object.  Watch for something new to surface over the next 6 months, something which may feel like more of a calling or carry a deeper spiritual significance.  You don’t have to become a nun or join the clergy, but consider how the things you devote your energies to echo or resonate with your core- do they pluck the string that connects you to earth below and the stars above?  

I worked in food service for over six years.  I knew that this work wasn’t my “calling,” but I needed the money and I didn’t know what else I wanted to do.  After a while my sense of identity began to feel trapped under my job description.  I remember at one point giving myself a pep talk.  I had been ruffled because as we were closing up the coffee shop where we worked, a co-worker said, “You better let me sweep.  We all know that isn’t your strong suit.”  Her comment bothered me all the way home.  Why should I care if I’m considered a “good sweeper” I wondered.  I came to this conclusion:  Whatever I do, I want to do well.  I want to dedicate myself to the moment, even if it is just washing a dish or sweeping the floor.  I didn’t know, at that point, “what I wanted to do with my life,”  but I did know how I wanted to live my life and that was something I could dedicate myself to.  

A sense of presence, devoting oneself to the present moment, is something you have to come back to all the time.  I’m sure even Buddhist monks with a regular meditation practice, have to occasionally remind themselves to pay attention.  At the Eclipse consider how you want to live your life.  When you dedicate yourself to the moment, it often becomes clear what you want to change.  The other day my mom sent my brother and I a quote from the writer Annie Dillard which seems to encompass these sentiments: 

    “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.  What we do with this hour,     and that one, is what we are doing.  A schedule defends from chaos and whim.  It is a net for     catching days…A schedule is a mock-up of reason and order- willed, faked, and so brought     into being; it is a peace and a haven set into the wreck of time; it is a lifeboat on which you find     yourself, decades later, still living.”  


WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS!  I've actually never been on a roller coaster (life is enough of one for me), but lately I've found it easy to picture myself at the top, the peak right before the whole snake-train plummets back down to sea level.  Saturn in Scorpio is nearing its last breath for 29 years, while Venus makes plans to go direct on September 6th.  All this and a Full Super Moon in Pisces (which I discuss in more detail under the card I pulled, the ACE OF PENTACLES).  Now is the time to clear, clean and organize in preparation for...well, you may not know what, and that is okay.  Enjoy the relief of the release.  


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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pisces super full moon, PST- around about noon, call of the loon, pop of the balloon, see you soon, sing a new tune, fingers prune, jupiter and neptune across the room, let go of the gloom, no more doom, give it the broom, hands of the clock zoom, summer fumes, autumn looms, last of the blooms, dirt under your feet, where you seat, may we meet, how neat, all the deets, ironed pleats, clean sheets, the taste of beets, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


The focus of Full Moons, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, is on release.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and so this Super Full Moon in the sign of Pisces ushers anything you’ve been holding on to or resisting letting go of, towards the exit with both hands.  Pisces represents the unconscious, the things we absently sweep into the corners of our mind which may only resurface during REM sleep in the form of dreams.  This moon rubs shoulders with Neptune, Pisces planetary ruler as well as the ruler of the sea.  The heightened sensitivity often associated with Pisces has to do with the ocean, with being able to perceive changes in an environment on a subtle level.  Underwater, even with your eyes closed, you can feel the subtle movements of fish, or debris or other bodies around you whether or not they actually brush your skin.  The water communicates movement and change.  In Pisces, as in water, we understand more easily how everything is connected, we are all swimming in the same soup.  At the Full Moon with Neptune close by, we may all be feeling more sensitive.  Be weary of a tendency to project your discomfort or pain onto others.  Pisces asks us to consider and understand that on a fundamental level your pain is already shared, no need to literally dole it out to others.  

Another opportunity presented by this moon, beyond release, is the ability to reconnect with the Earth, with your place on the planet.  The Sun, opposite the Moon, will be just a few degrees away from Jupiter, both in Virgo.  Virgo deals with the micro, while Jupiter prefers the macro.  With Jupiter as Virgo’s house guest we have the opportunity to expand our understanding of both our impact on and connection to the Earth in small ways.  My grandparents moved to a duplex that backed up onto a small pond when I was 7 or 8.  Once, while walking along the water, I saw a goose being strangled by a plastic 6-pack ring.  I’d heard that this could happen, but I’d never seen it.  I imagined that someone had thoughtlessly thrown the rings over their shoulder more intent on consuming the beverages than worrying about what would become of the remnants.  The Ace of Pentacles, echoes the Virgo/Pisces axis and polarity, both the Ace of Pentacles and Virgo are associated with the element of earth.  The Ace of Pentacles is about the seed and the egg, the exciting potential of what could be perceived minutiae, as well as the inherent beauty of these solitary forms independent of their potential.  

The shadow of Pisces is depression and loneliness, a feeling that nothing matters.  The Ace of Pentacles provides an anchor as the antidote to these potential feelings of loneliness, isolation or depression by directing our attention toward appreciation of the minutiae, of the smallest thing.  My grandfather, the one who lived on the afore mentioned pond, wrote an essay once called “You Matter.”  In it he suggests that we all matter as individuals because we ARE matter and a part of this Earth and planet, we are egg and seed.  By this token everything we do, for better or for worse, matters.  The choices we make, the trash we throw away all carry potential too.  

Letting go sounds deceptively simple, but anyone who has ever attempted it knows what an impossible task it can be.  This Full Moon is a good time to consciously compost whatever you no longer need or want to keep.  One of the many gifts of Pisces, is a powerful imagination, consider imagining that whatever you are letting go of (Pisces) is being transformed into something useful (Virgo).  Maybe the anxiety weighing on your shoulders lifts into a cloud and then rains down on all the places suffering from drought.  Maybe your anger or frustrations are a new kind of clean burning fuel.  Maybe you open up your loneliness just in time for winter as a cave sanctuary for a community of hibernating bears.  

(John Lilly- Laurie Anderson )


WELCOME NAVIGATORS!  The astrological weather of late has been rather dizzying.  I hope you have all been able to keep your eyes on the horizon as we ride the last waves of Saturn in Scorpio and the Venus retrograde.  In addition to what is discussed below under the card for this New Moon, THE CHARIOT, Jupiter has moved into Virgo for the year.  The planet is not particularly comfortable in this position.  Jupiter is more interested in the forest than the trees and Virgo's tendency is to make careful observations of the bug on the branch.  Where ever Jupiter goes it expands things and encourages growth so what we may experience is a greater focus on work (Virgo).  The Astrotwins brought up a good point about Jupiter's stay in Virgo in their post on the subject, which is that there may be more emphasis on practicing what you preach, actually DOING the work and not just spouting it.  In the tarot, the card associated with Virgo is the IX Hermit.  The Hermit is dedicated to their practice.  This may be a year to dedicate yourself to some practice in which you may have only dabbled in the past.


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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new moon in leo, 9 to 5 cleo, o sole mio, swim in the rio, pio pio pio, turn down your brain, heart strain, of my existence the bane, go against the grain, listen to the rain, eases the pain, loss and gain, mary jane, right lane, don't be tame, give it a name, not all the same, j'taime, your heart knows the way, what did it say, listen everyday, oh hey, shout yay, let's play, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


I remember quite distinctly being a kid lost in a forest of adult legs, struggling to discern which belonged to my mother.  Had she been wearing black pants or navy blue?  Were they cotton or wool?  More than once I wrapped myself around a foreign leg.  When Venus pivoted on 0 degrees Virgo on July 25th, one of the things the planet recommended we do was get more specific about our desires, to define them.  What exactly is missing from your life?  In which areas are you feeling an imbalance?  Virgo is the sign of service, while Leo presides over the individual and the ego.  When Venus turned back to Leo from Virgo she seemed to say, “And now back to you.”

The Full Moon in Aquarius asked us to see ourselves within the context of the collective, to understand ourselves through our friendships or communities and to, perhaps, unsubscribe or distance ourselves from those organizations, relationships or associations which no longer accurately reflect our current beliefs or principals.  The New Moon in Leo is the other side of this conversation and asks- what, based on our authentic desires, do we want to grow from our hearts?  Venus empowers this conversation beginning her new 8 year cycle on Saturday, the day after the New Moon in Leo.  Venus begins this cycle in Leo and from a point closest to earth in her orbit.  Anne Ortelee has stressed in her weekly radio show that this indicates a need for us all to make decisions straight from the heart.  

It sounds relatively simple, but there are all sorts of things that make it difficult to hear what our heart wants to say or how it wants to say it.  For example most people have a need and a desire to express themselves creatively and this has been a big theme of Venus’s extended stay in Leo.  How do you want to be creative and what do you want to create?  Everyone has a different set of obstructions to decode, unlock or address in order to get to the heart of the matter, your heart of your matter.  How you were raised, your personality, your life experiences may all be contributing factors in the creation of these blockages, but also in your ability to dismantle them.  

Sometimes the ego makes recommendations, persuading the heart to accept what the ego wants as the heart’s desire.  “I want to be rich and famous,” for example could be considered an ego desire, but buried beneath this sentiment is something more authentic- a desire to feel safe, to feel secure, a desire to be free of worry, a desire for recognition, a desire to be competent or proficient in some area, a desire for human connection etc. 

The other debris that often obscures our heart’s path or expression is mental clutter- the mind silencing the heart.  Our culture often teaches us that we all desire the same things or that we all should desire the same things.  In this case, we may be afraid to acknowledge certain desires based on some dogma or principal we’ve been taught that says that it is not acceptable to want something which might separate you from your family or your friends or your community.  

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon in Leo is The Chariot.  The Chariot is about accomplishment.  The Chariot asks, “How do I succeed?  How do I win?”  Your heart knows the most direct path to your goals and your heart knows what those goals ultimately are.  Because at this New Moon we are also finishing one Venus cycle and beginning another, it may be important to spend some quality time with your heart.  In more than one adventure movie or fairytale, there is a point at which the hero has to enter the castle alone, has to fight the last dragon or evil emperor alone.  Has your fire breathing ego been charing your real dreams?  Is the thunderous echo of a parent or teacher who once told you you would never be this or that muddling your song?  At the New Moon allow yourself to wish for what your heart desires.  Be specific and don’t talk back or tell your heart what it wants.  This is not selfish, this is love.  When you let your heart finish first, when you harness all your horses to those dreams, everyone wins.

(How Can I Lose- Shirley Ann Lee


WELCOME BACK WANDERERS OF THE ASTRAL PLAIN!  I don't have too much to say here that I don't already say under the card I've pulled for this moon, the 6 OF CUPS!  I am, as always reporting from inside the storm!  And it has been quite a downpour of shifts and alterations with all of the planets that have been changing direction recently and asking us to consider making changes of our own.


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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forward and back, don't step on a crack, build up of plaque, hit the sack, don't step on a tack, what we may lack, love shack, wolf pack, got the knack, saturn stations, alterations, new communications, abrupt vacations, changing medications, testing our patience, avoid altercations, full moon in the sign of the water bearer, whats fairer, saying a prayer, being a team player, soothsayer, lions layer, stars above, all my love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


“Was that me or you?” That is what I imagine the Full Moon and Saturn are saying to each other.  Today (early this morning) there was a Full Moon in Aquarius and today Saturn stations (apparently “stands still”) to go direct tomorrow (Saturday).  In fact, you might observe that the Full Moon in Aquarius serves as Saturn’s bullhorn blaring Saturn’s message.  Saturn has been in Scorpio for much of the summer and will remain in Scorpio through mid September.  Saturn’s departure from Scorpio is significant- the planet WILL NOT return to this sign for another 29 years.  The themes of Saturn in Scorpio are profound- death, endings, transformation, rebirth, and perhaps most important- surrender.  

The Aquarius Full Moon asks us to look at who we really are and what we really want and which (ideas, relationships, group associations) may be curtailing our freedom to be who we truly are.  The focus of Full Moons is typically on letting go or releasing, which at this Full Moon, is further emphasized and echoed by Saturn in Scorpio’s station.  As you are taking stock of your life and your relationships over the next few weeks, as the moon wanes, consider pairing down on or discarding all your old costumes, the ones which hide who you are, not the ones which highlight who you are.  Included in this Aquarian box may be, friendships, groups, mailing lists, associations which no longer accurately reflect who you are as an individual.  Uranus (Aquarius’ modern ruling planet) is currently retrograde, so your assessment may be more on an internal or emotional level.  The key, perhaps is in surrendering to the changes your authentic self is pushing you to make rather than focusing your energy on calculated maneuvers or decisive action.  

The 6 of Cups reflects the need and desire to take one last long look over your shoulder, over the past few years (while Saturn has been in Scorpio) and to acknowledge both the changes you’ve made and the changes you need to make in order to be ready for the dream that Saturn in Sagittarius is asking you to grow.  We are nearing a graduation of sorts, from Scorpio’s school, which has no doubt been rigorous and intense to Sagittarius’ school which we may find to be among other things enriching and illuminating.  Take a moment to congratulate yourself on the progress you’ve made over the past few years, however small.  The 6 of Cups can be rather nostalgic and overly sentimental, but the Full Moon in Aquarius is not.  The 6 of Cups reminds us not to be purely ruthless or to detach completely from our emotions as we approach the changes ahead.  Aaand, Venus moved back into Leo today which ads fire to the 6 of Cups warning- do not leave your heart out of any decision making process.    

One last thing I’d like to mention about this moon is that it is the second Full Moon in the same month which makes it a Blue Moon.  This is a relatively rare occurrence and a friend of mine mentioned that we aren’t likely to see another Blue Moon until 2018.  Witch reminds me of a part in the movie Harold and Maude I often repeat.  To summarize, we often get stuck when we start thinking of ourselves and others as just a field of daisies and fail to acknowledge the ways in which we are all very unique and that we are, in a sense, all Blue Moons.  

(Blue Moon- Greta Keller)


WELCOME NAVIGATORS OF THE ASTRAL PLANE! We are approaching the New Moon! I discuss the moon and it's significance more under the 2 OF CUPS, but a few other aspects are worth mentioning.  Venus formed a square with Saturn yesterday (Tues) which can create tension in the areas over which Venus presides- relationships, finances and creativity.  This aspect brings to mind the old saying, "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger."  Saturn puts the Venusian areas of our life to the test, highlighting any points in need of repair.  If you still haven't done your taxes, now might be a time to complete the process.  Saturn rules structure and as I overheard someone say the other day, if your house is made of cards Saturn will blow it over.  What is love made of in your life?  Does your financial situation need fortifying?  

Additionally, Uranus will form a square with the Sun and Moon at the New Moon asking us to break with tradition and patterns which are no longer nurturing to our evolution.  Again this could be the catalyst for more separations on the relationship front.  But, as a woman  I overheard on a cross town bus said to someone on the other end of her cellphone, "Sometimes you have to...break....down....to make a...break...through."  Also at the New Moon, Mars and Mercury conjunct in Cancer will oppose Pluto in Capricorn.  Asking us to consider how and where we express or repress our emotions.  Be aware of how you are expressing your emotions or the actions you take in response to your feelings at this time because it will likely have a transformative effect and potentially change the situation that catalyzed them forever.    

Just to reiterate:  Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will now pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.  


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


The New Moon this Wednesday evening at 6:24 pm PST is joined in the sign of Cancer by the Sun, Mars and Mercury.  Cancer is the sign of home, of comfort, of mother.  As I was driving around the other day, not far from my current address, I found myself thinking about these Cancerian themes.  With wanderers for parents, home has often been a moving target.  Years ago, I decided that for me, home was best defined above- by the moon and stars, and below- by my own body.  I’ve struggled as many of us do, to feel comfortable, to feel “at home,” in both of these locations.  

As I was driving, I was thinking mostly about feeling comfortable in my own body.  I was too hot, I’d run out of deodorant and I was expecting my period.  These I understood to be temporary discomforts, but they all clamored for my attention.  Then there was a back injury I’d sustained roller skating, an annoyance that had settled in for an extended stay and every so often slid into my awareness by climbing the pain scale.  Historically and habitually my response to my feelings of discomfort has been to snap at them like a disgruntled school bus driver, “Quiet kids!”  More recently, I’ve been practicing treating my needs and complaints affectionately, as if they were my own children.  I let myself stop an extra two times on my short journey, once to re-adjust the pillow beneath my tailbone and again for a cold beverage.  

My grandfather, a Cancer, used to keep a small voice recorder in his glove compartment in case he thought of something he wanted to remember while he was driving.  I smiled at his memory as I struggled to record a few thoughts of my own on my phone while waiting for a green light.  “The rules we place on our bodies that make it difficult to inhabit,” I said into the phone as if I was reading a book title aloud.  The thoughts that accompanied this summary stemmed from a conversation I’d had with some friends recently about our bodies changing shape and no longer being able to fit into old clothes.  

At the Capricorn Full Moon the emphasis was on changing and releasing things which in the past may have provided structure to your life, but which are no longer supportive of who you have become and what you want to grow into.  At the Cancer New Moon forming a square to Uranus (emphasis on sudden and radical change) you might say we are looking at changes from the inside-out, as opposed to perhaps Capricorns outside-in.  How do you feeeeel?  A few weeks ago, in Tarotscopes, I mentioned that stress is often caused by a fear of change even though we know that change is inevitable.  Similarly, we as individuals and collectively as a society place the unrealistic expectation on our bodies that they will never change or that we can somehow prevent them from changing.  Our bodies are in a constant state of flux.  Even plastic surgery doesn’t really restore a person to a previous version of themselves, but sculpts them into still another form.     

As I was thinking about how difficult it is to embrace ones own body, I recorded another thought, “When somebody takes your body and loves it as it is.”  Sex!  When someone touches and appreciates your body with the intention of making you feel good, it often melts, at least for a little while, whatever self-critique you’ve had playing on a loop in your head, you feel sexy.  But it is also important to note that sex makes you feel “sexy” because you are, not because another person made you so- sex is the reminder. 

Emily Trinkaus wrote in her New Moon post, “The bottom-line Cancer “issue” is INSECURITY – pervasive in the modern West and often appearing as over-eating, hyper-consumerism and other addictions. We’ll never feel really safe or secure or satiated until we root down and make home right where we are, and tend to our bodies and home planet as the sacred beings they/we are.”  The 2 of Cups, the card I’ve pulled for this New Moon in Cancer points to a simple love, a fresh love, raw attraction and a sort of innocence.  While the 2 of Cups is often about partnering, the astrological suggestions leading up to this New Moon may ask you to resolve any partnerships or relationships which do not, as I mentioned before, contribute to a desire to feel loved, supported, nurtured, and sexy.  All of these things become difficult to do if we do not first “root down and make home right where we are…and tend to our bodies and home planet.”  

Anne Ortelee made a very important point in her blog post this week and I think is important to mention again here, “It is NO ONE’s job to make you happy.  You are in charge of making yourself happy.”  And sometimes taking responsibility for your own happiness means not staying in a relationship.  In Tarot, the 2 of Cups assumes you’ve experienced and embraced the Ace of Cups, the focus of which is loving oneself.  The 2 of Cups builds on and supports the work you’ve done around the Ace of Cups’ themes of self love.  Of course in life, which may be less clean than even the cards can reflect, the path between one and two or more is more of a squiggle with a few curly-q’s.  We loop back and forth all the time.  Don’t forget to come home to yourself and love that person too.  

(House of Heartaches- The Neptunes)


WELCOME NAVIGATORS OF THE ASTRAL PLANE! This is a big week here at TAROTSCOPES because it is the first of a brand new structure which will synchronize with the planets and stars, instead of with the calendar or clock.  Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.

In addition to what I detail below under the card I pulled for the Full Moon, the II HIGH PRIESTESS, Juno, planet of partnership, has just moved from Leo to Virgo.  Juno in Leo is adoring, loyal and dramatic.  Juno in Leo wants you all to herself.  Juno in Virgo, on a good day (Juno trine Jupiter), wants to see you put your best foot forward and help you achieve your goals, but on a bad day (Juno square Saturn), Juno in Virgo can be a bit of a nitpicker and harsh in her critique.  These dynamics may arise in romantic partnerships, business partnerships or in any area where you have formed a marriage-like bond or commitment.  In myth Juno was Zeus' wife and she put up with a lot of his philandering.  In astrology, Juno may also reflect what we are willing to put up with in a partnership. 


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


Okay, I know we’ve seen this card very recently, but it is time now to revisit given the current astrological weather, namely- the Full Moon in Capricorn.  Two weeks ago I talked about the Hierophant, aka the High Priest and how he represents spiritual and/ or moral authority.  He is sometimes considered the masculine counter part to the High Priestess.  He refers perhaps to external authority, while the High Priestess asks us to listen to our own internal compass, our ways of knowing which are not often recognized or validated by society or any sort of external structure.  There may be no applause or graduation ceremony for listening to or learning from your intuition, but the rewards could, in effect, be far greater.

Astrologer Anne Ortelee has said repeatedly in her podcasts that we are currently “working on the dream.”  She means, of course, your dreams for the future, not the one I had last night, but this dream did seem very pertinent to the themes of this Full Moon in Capricorn and so I will share anyway.  The dream began just as I jumped into a pool.  Incidentally, my friend, a Capricorn, was there with me.  She had convinced me to jump in the pool because “we still have some time before our flights.”  My mind flashed on an airline ticket and I realized that my flight departed hours before hers, at 4:20 pm (even my dreams have a sense of humor).  I was trying to get to Miami to catch a flight to Puerto Rico.  My dad (a Cancer) appeared, as I got out of the pool.  “I’m going to miss my flight.”  We both looked at our watches and I saw that it was 3:40 pm.  “Do you think I’ll make it if we leave right now?” I asked.  “If we leave right now,” my dad confirmed.  Another friend of mine and her daughter (both Sagittarius’) walked into the picture and my dad started talking to them and forgot the time.  This is very uncharacteristic of my dad who used to say, almost on a daily basis, “Chop! Chop! Let’s go!  We’re going to be late!”  I looked back at my watch, it was 4pm.  “We aren’t going to make it are we?” I said.  “It doesn’t look like it,” my dad replied casually.

I’ve been trying to navigate a feeling, which began as an intuition that I needed to change the structure of Tarotscopes.  I wanted to make more room in my life both for the readings I offer and the projects I’m interested in exploring and also for life itself.  I’ve wanted to jump in the pool for quite some time, but was simultaneously afraid to step away from a structure that had shaped my life for almost three years.  As the moon waxed towards full in the sign of Capricorn (exact tomorrow evening) I thought about how I might be able to change the structure (which I had created in the first place) to accommodate my needs for flexibility and, as my dream flight time suggested, the need to “chill” occasionally.  I knew that to push past the feeling that it was time to move on from the form Tarotscopes had taken up to this point would be disregarding my own authority and my own way of knowing, a tool I’ve relied on in the readings I give and to navigate the world since birth.  

The Full Moon will be just five fingers away from Pluto suggesting that the message this Moon is transmitting has a lot to do with change and transformation.  In particular, changes (Pluto, and Mars actually) to a structure (Capricorn) in your life based on what your feelings and intuition (Cancer and the High Priestess) are recommending.  In addition to opposing the Sun and loosely Mars, the Moon will also be squaring the Nodes of Fate emphasizing the need to ensure that the structure you create and the goals you set for the future are in the direction of balance, peace and love.  Embrace your inner hippie, Dude, Jane, Slater, Harold or Kumar etc...you get the idea.  Summer is here.  

(The Boat that I Row- Lulu (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5usk2yrw0E)

TAROTSCOPES for the week of 06/25/15

WELCOME BACK WANDERERS!  How do you feel?  I've been trying to ask myself that question with more frequency lately and patiently wait for the answer.  It has been so hot in Los Angeles the last few days.  Everyone is running on a short fuse, including me.  I find the best remedy for this feeling is to coddle myself like a little kid, even though what I instinctually want to do is bully myself into doing things and snap, "Just do it and quit complaining!"  But this never works, at least not for me.  I find it immobilizing and it only makes me want to cry in frustration until you can't tell snot from tears.  Anyway, all this talk of feelings is very appropriate given the season we have just entered, it is Cancer season, but I will discuss this in more detail under the card for the week, THE SUN!! 



ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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                             -- MW

Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


On a walk the other day I decided to take the long way home in order to give myself more time to think about happiness.  This is what the card for the week, the Sun, asks us all to consider.  Oddly enough, the extra time spent wandering the neighborhood had the unintended effect of making me feel more optimistic and…happy.  One thing I’ve observed from doing readings with different people is that while happiness as a feeling is often described similarly, using similar words, the ingredients that make up this feeling in each person can be vastly different.  And not only that, but those ingredients frequently change within each individual as well.  Happiness, like many emotions, is slippery.  Trying to hold it only seems to make it harder to grasp and yet most of the time we can’t help ourselves, it is irresistible.  As a kid I often tried to replicate moments of joy and found that frequently they couldn’t be recreated.  If my brother and I had a good laugh together over an episode of “Ren and Stimpy” one morning, then I would bang on his bedroom door every Saturday morning thereafter in the hopes of reproducing the moment.  My brother and I still share a similar sense of humor, but our laughter doesn’t always culminate over the same cartoon.  

The other day my mom sent me a link to a podcast on the science behind mindfulness meditation.  The guest told the interviewer that stress is typically caused by a fear of and resistance to change, even though we know that change is inevitable and constant.  It was so simple, but hearing it stated so clearly somehow made it tangible.  I could feel and pinpoint the resistance he described in my body like a rock caught in my own cog.  One of the things I appreciate about astrology is that it acknowledges and embraces this constant state of change and flux.  When I told my mom I was writing about happiness for the card for the week, she said, “It’s like trying to hold water in your hand.”  My mother knows very little about astrology, but with this comment she inadvertently touched on some key Cancer characteristics, water and holding.  

We have now officially entered Cancer season.  The Sun moved into Cancer on Sunday at the Solstice and Mars moved into Cancer on Wednesday (today).  Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Moon, as we know, goes through several phases in the course of a month.  When the Sun and Mars are in Cancer we are all more sensitive to these cycles and to the moons relationships with other planets as well.  As I write this the moon is in Libra, a pleasant placement in general and especially for me.  I’m feeling peaceful and calm as this moon suggests.  The moon will enter Scorpio on Friday and it is quite likely that I will be feeling very differently by then.  There is an image I often come back to in my mind, a sort of animated gif from childhood, of this giant waterwheel that was positioned at the entrance to a Japanese restaurant in the town where I grew up.  The wheel turned under the weight of water that fell from a spout near the ceiling.  Happiness, particularly in Cancer season, may be something like this ever turning wheel.  Try not to cling to whatever you are feeling, but allow the feelings to wash over you and move with them.  Consider what these emotions could be suggesting.  What action (Mars) might you need to take based on the feelings (Cancer) that present themselves?

Finally, on a more personal but also transpersonal note, this week, my grandfather, a Cancer, would have been 100 years old.  He passed away this past Fall and I think of him often.  Cancers tend to have a reputation for being moody, “crabby Cancers!”  While his life was not without hardship, I have yet to meet anyone more consistently positive and optimistic than my grandfather.  I’m sure I’m not the only person in my family who would dial his number just to hear him say, “Faaaaantastic!”  After asking, “How are you, Grandpa?”  In his honor I leave you with a little of his Cancerian wisdom from an essay he wrote a few years back:  “We humans awake daily and face uncertainties that may appear on our path.  We can either approach them with optimism or fear.  Our culture and economy are quick to identify uncertainties with their commercial or political solutions, allegedly providing certainty…Even electricity may fail in a thunderstorm…Thus, we humans can embrace the various uncertainties we face daily with pleasure, because we know through searching in the quiet moments that we possess the power of the universe as a certainty.  We are not “only human”, we are fantastically whole creations.”

(Turn of the Wheel- Yoko Ono