TAROTSCOPES for the week of 11/13/14


This is a big week astrologically speaking and also for Tarotscopes.  I will discuss the changes for Tarotscopes in more detail under my NEWS section.  Astrologically, we have already encountered several interesting and rather major transits.  Monday featured a powerful Mars/ Pluto conjunction, an aspect which can be volatile, but which also provides energy for overcoming emotional obstacles or ideas that prevent us from embracing our desires and accomplishing our goals. A Mars/ Pluto conjunction is fearless determination, or at least determination which may appear to others as fearless, but actually the fears were probably still present but you refused to allow them to stop you (even braver).    
Mars went on to square Uranus on Wednesday.  This is a “drive carefully” aspect, literally.  I hope everyone weathered it safely.  This is also an aspect that wakes the sleepwalker.  You may suddenly say, “What am I doing?” or “Where am I?”  or “How did I get here?”  The answers to these questions aren’t as important as the realization you may have awoken to which was likely, “Life’s too short!”  Let’s do what we came here to do.   
Also on Wednesday, Venus joined Saturn asking you to make a commitment to your passion or love.  I discuss this aspect more under the card for the week so I won’t go on and on about it, but I will say that this aspect gets a bad rap.  Why?  Probably because Saturn gets a bad rap for being responsible, hardworking, the planet of lessons etc.  I get how this can sound like a major downer when you are talking about love, but love is, cheesy as it may sound, one of the greatest teachers of all.  You can’t have a conversation with love without learning something.  Love is also vulnerability and to be entrusted with someone’s love, with their vulnerability requires a sense of responsibility.  So actually Saturn and Venus can work quite well as a team.  1+1= 2, and the square root of 6 is 2.449489742783178…what? Exactly. 
Okay….moving on….


Dearest friends of TAROTSCOPES,

I’ve been pleased to bring you your Tarotscope on a weekly basis for more than two years.  The time has come to make a change.  Rather than abandon this project I deeply love, I’ve made a decision I hope will ensure it’s longevity.  With your support I can continue to bring you weekly insights into the cards and stars.  The music mixes as well as the general card for the week will continue to be open to the public.  Your individual Tarotscopes will now be available for a small fee.  I’m excited to see Tarotscopes evolve with the added energy and focus I will now be able to bring to it.  Thank you so much for supporting and participating in this deeply fulfilling work over the last few years, now and in the future.

venus and saturn together, in all kinds of weather, light as a feather, boots of leather, neptune stations direct, dreams to resurrect, songs infect, emotions collect, slightly weepy, also sleepy, thats creepy, felt deeply, standing in your power, change is in the tower, milk has gone sour, no longer cower, top of the hour, fresh starts, even parts, love and hearts,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


This is a very passionate week, astrologically speaking.  The Sun squares Jupiter today (Thursday), Sunday Neptune stations direct and Venus enters Sagittarius.  The card I pulled for all of us aboard the astral plane is the Knight of Wands.  The Knight of Wands is courageous, but not as impulsive as the Page of Wands tends to be.  His courage comes from acknowledging his desires and recognizing that his deepest desires originate from the most authentic version of himself (not because he saw a commercial for McDonalds and now he’s craving french fries).  
Earlier this week (Wednesday) Venus met with Saturn in the sign of Scorpio asking the question: what are you prepared to commit to…for the next 29 years (because Saturn will not return to its current position until then)?  That may sound like a long time to stick with something, especially for those energized by change.  But commitment doesn’t have to imply stagnation, in fact, it usually implies the opposite.  When I was a kid I remember a moment when I was playing a game by myself and I thought, “This is fun, I’m so glad I get to spend my life with me.”  Years later I married myself on my 30th birthday.  In all honesty there were moments of cold feet before the ceremony (conducted by Amy von Harrington).  But if you don’t commit to yourself then you can’t really commit to life, because like it or not it is you, with whom you will spend every moment of your life.  At least this is what I told myself on my wedding day.  On Wednesday, as I was driving and enjoying my own company, Shania Twain’s “You’re Still The One” came on the radio, which felt like a synchronicity because it had also played on the eve of my last birthday.  And I had the same thought then, that I’m still the one.  
The Knight of Wands does not fear commitment to his own desires, because he knows that they come from an honest commitment to being himself and to participating in the world in which he lives.  You exist!  You are here!  As my grandfather used to say, “You matter.  You are matter.”
(Don’t Falter At The Alter- Cab Calloway)

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