TAROTSCOPES for the week of 12/10/14


What a week it has been and will be! Monday and Tuesday were particularly potent.  Jupiter stationed on Monday, but as astrologer Anne Ortelee reminds us, we feel stations for 5 days before and 5 days after a planet “changes direction.”  Jupiter is now moving retrograde asking us to absorb teachings, expand our minds and our stomachs (it is the holidaze after all).  Jupiter is in the sign of Leo so there is even greater emphasis on exploring ourselves, our habitual and instinctual responses, why we do certain things, how certain people, situations, foods, weather etc effect us and in particular our egos.  Where has your ego gotten in the way of your truth?  What “universal truths” don’t hold up when taken to heart or adopted on an individual level?
Over the weekend a Full Moon in Gemini with a square to Chiron may have rattled some teeth, but ultimately asked us to return to the truth of our instincts and intuition and to not discount those truths just because they don’t present themselves in a tangible or “rational” form.  Emily Trinkaus wrote a lovely piece about this moon in her blog (read it here).
There is also a grand trine in fire encompassing Mercury, the Sun, Ceres, Venus (in Sagittarius) and Jupiter, Juno (in Leo) and Uranus, the South Node and Eris (in Aries).  Astrolger Anne Ortelee gives a wonderful explanation of what this means, but I will just add that this is an incredibly potent, passionate and transformative aspect so go easy!  Get some rest, make lists, recognize the myth of multitasking!  And as Anne says, we are going to be spending the first half of 2015 “cooking in these fires…so you might as well settle in for some heat!”
And finally…the much talked about Uranus-Pluto square, exact on Monday the 15th!  This is a generational aspect, but it has had 5 moments of culmination/ conversation and this will be the 6th (there will be one more in 2015).  I won’t say much more about it here as I discuss it in more detail under the card for the week…THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE!


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fires abound, echo of sound, going the great round, over the hills we bound, lost and found, hit the ground, pitchers mound, clothes by the pound, fox and the hound, all over town, class clown, wearing a frown, uranus-pluto square, by a hair, over there, show you care, what where, clothes tear, signs of wear, with others share, sit and stare, voices blare, full moon behind, ties that bind, being kind, please rewind, new roads to find, when to unwind, hearts, astrology charts, stars above, love x love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


It is difficult for me not to pull this card without seeing Pat Sajak leading a studio audience in chant of, “Wheel…of…Fortune!”  Unlike Pat Sajak, who I strongly suspect may be contractually obligated to sleep in tupperware, the Wheel of Fortune is about shifts in time.  As the world turns, as the hands go round the clock, things happen, sometimes by surprise like a flat tire, sometimes by design, like a taking your lunch break at noon.  The Wheel of Fortune reminds us to collaborate with the universe, synching your biological clocks and internal watches with universal time.  
On Monday, December 15th, as I mentioned before, Uranus in Aries will come to an exact square with Pluto in Capricorn for the 6th of 7 times in more than two years.  On a large scale, this moment supports making changes to the current structure/ system.  Uranus is the planet of sudden changes, innovation, flashes of insight and illumination and Pluto is the planet of transformation and power (in a nutshell).  Aries fuels Uranus’ abrupt and impulsive voice with fire.  Uranus in Aries is outspoken and insistent.  In Capricorn, Pluto focus’ its transformative powers on making changes to established structures.  When these two planets in these two signs talk, historic moments often follow as social and structural change is not only supported, but inevitable.
On an individual level this this transit may be felt as flashes of insight into changes you desire or need to make to the established or unconscious structures currently operating in your own life.  Uranus reminds of us of the importance of intuition and these sudden moments of illumination and understanding can help shift power away from feeling that we are just a victim of circumstance or a cog in the wheel… of fortune.  
There is a ripeness to this moment.  The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that we never work alone in the achievement of our goals.  Lots of things, people and weather come to our aid.  When I was a kid we used to play a game called, “What Time Is It Mr. Fox?”  The person who was the fox would stand with their back to the rest of us and we would shout, “What time is it Mr. Fox?”  And the Fox would say, “1 o’clock” or “5 o’clock”  and then everyone would take that many steps towards the Fox.  When everyone was finally lined up shoulder to shoulder with the fox, we would all ask, one last time, “What time is it Mr. Fox?”  And the fox would shout, “Midnight!”  Then we would explode in different directions as a game of tag erupted.  It was an incredibly exciting moment, even though you knew it was coming.  I find myself asking myself the same question these days:  “What time is it Mr. Fox?”  And it is always now.
(Stand- R.E.M.)


One photo rarely says everything about a place.  Sometimes it doesn’t seem to say anything about a place and is more reflective of the perspective of the photographer.  Below are your Tarotscopes for the week.  I came up with the following system as I was thinking about Jupiter stationing, “stopping” to go retrograde, which happened on Monday.  Besides Jupiter stopping, I was also thinking about each of us, as individuals, stopping to notice who and where we are.  I’ve seen concerns posted on various social medias that white people, in our efforts to support people of color, sometimes fail to reflect on our position, on where we stand, who we are standing with and what we are standing for.  So I was thinking of stopping or stationing as a moment of reflection, to look around at who and where you are, before you decide how you are best able to offer assistance to a movement.   
With my eyes closed I spun a globe and let my finger stop the globe at random places.  Then I did an image search for each of those locations.  These Tarotscopes are more a discussion of the photo than of the place because I’ve never been to any of these locations and I have no way of knowing whether or not the photo accurately portrays the location.  Some photos may say more about the person behind the photo than the image itself.

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