TAROTSCOPES for the week of 01/15/15

Welcome Navigators of the Astral Plane!

HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY!  This is a big week astrologically speaking, punctuated by a Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius on the 21st.  Personally I'm looking forward to the retrograde as a chance to recuperate from all the candle burning (you know the one that burns at both ends) that has been happening lately, in part do to the fire trines.  I discuss more of the weather below under the card for the week, the Ace of Cups! 


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


The other day I was walking around the lake with my brother, we were both taking breaks.  He was taking a break from studying for a test to get his architectural license and I was taking a break from writing a horoscope for a rock climbing blog.  I was over caffeinated so when my brother asked how I’d been I said dramatically, “This might be the busiest week of my life.”  I went on to list off all of the things I had to do that week and when I’d finished my brother said, “That list, is the weirdest to-do list.”  I paused, for the first time since we’d begun our walk, thinking back over the list and then I laughed.  “You’re right!  I already am!  My dream is to one day be really old and leathery, leaning on the mantle of a fireplace and just laughing about what a full and interesting life I’ve had.” I laughed again.  “I’m living the dream!”  
The card this week is the Ace of Cups.  We’ve seen this card before under a different set of astrological weather conditions, but the message is similar.  It’s about falling in love.  It’s about being in love.  It’s about approaching situations from love and with love.  On Martin Luther King Day, this Monday, there will be experiencing several interesting aspects to which the Ace of Cups may be a remedy or at least help any pain associated with transition and change.  
The Nodes of Destiny will be moving through the Uranus-Pluto square.  The south node will conjunct Uranus and both the north and south nodes will square Pluto.  According to astrologer, Anne Ortelee this happens only once every 19 years and indicates a release.  You may have noticed that the stars and planets present us with many opportunities to “clean house.”  This is true, but this aspect carries more weight because it is so rare and because it involves the instigators of change, Uranus and Pluto. For these reasons it is likely to be seen on a global scale as well as on an individual one.  With the south node in Aries and the north in Libra we are asked to reflect on war and peace and how we all respond to conflict, the necessity of seeking a peaceful resolution, which isn’t necessarily peaceful in process.  When you see images of non violent protestors, who sat at lunch counters in protest of segregation, being ripped from their seats and kicked and beaten you know that adopting peace and love as a path isn’t without pain.  It is interesting that this is happening on Martin Luther King Day, a time when we reflect back on both the Civil Rights and Vietnam war era, which was also the last time we saw a major Uranus-Pluto aspect.  
The other aspect which may be potentially helpful in navigating the difficult aspect indicated above and which will be happening simultaneously is a Mars-Neptune conjunction.  Mars is the planet of action and Neptune is the planet of dreams (to put it simply) so when they come together there is an emphasis on taking actions which support your dream, actions in service to your dream.  Also on this day, Venus opposes Jupiter.  This aspect tends to augment a sense of idealism, which could either soften the difficulty of the Uranus-Pluto aspect or exacerbate those conflicts by contrast.  We shall see!
On an individual level the Ace of Cups asks us to choose love and listen to our hearts.  An old flame once told me as we were breaking up that love is the opposite of fear.  It was a strange time and place to hear this idea repeated and in the moment I’m sure I resented hearing it, but years later it makes perfect sense to me.  Letting go or releasing can be done with love, it can be in service to the love you feel.  What needs to be released to let love in, to let love live?
This week as I was having a peak moment, reveling in the feeling that at least in that instant, I already was living my dream.  I thought, “This is a tough act to follow.  I’m not sure I can love anything more than life.”   
(Ace of Cups/ This Little Light of Mine- Sam Cooke)


In honor of Martin Luther King Day on Monday, the mix features Music of the Civil Rights Movement.  I’ve used some of these songs before in other weeks, but they bear repeating, especially now. 


In the last few minutes of Martin Luther King’s speech delivered at the Capital in Montgomery, Alabama following the march from Selma, King lifts spirits on the words, “I know you are asking today, how long will it take?…I come to say to you this afternoon, however difficult the moment, however frustrating the hour, it will not be long…How long? Not long, because a lie can’t live forever…Glory hallelujah, glory hallelujah, His truth is marching on!”  King was a Capricorn and Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, also (historically) known as “Father Time.”  Part of the power and punch of Kings speeches are contained in his sense of timing.  His dramatic pauses give his words time to be absorbed, to truly be felt, even years later as I watch on a computer screen.
Beyond these monumental moments in history, most of us have a much less compelling relationship with time.  On a daily level, humans tend to expend a lot of energy worrying about not having enough time or complaining of possessing too much of it.  For me, growing up it was the later.  But it took me years to realize that waiting was something a person could complain about.  My mother still feels guilty about the amount of time I was kept waiting as a kid, but I did not and do not feel that this time was wasted.  On the contrary, it was these pauses that allowed me to absorb, ponder and make sense of the activity the day contained.  So…what is the theme?  Waiting, minutes of pause or anticipation, which sometimes proved to be more important than what I was actually waiting for.  

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