TAROTSCOPES for the week of 01/22/15


If you've made it here, then you've made it through the most difficult part of the week, astrologically speaking.  A New Moon in Aquarius and a Mercury Station to go Retrograde along with the South Node/ Uranus conjunction.  The effects of the South Node/ Uranus conjunction will continue to be felt for a while longer as it will hover within a degree or two of Uranus.  This only happens about once every 19 years and is considered a very big karmic release.  It can also create a certain amount of irritability, and frustration so go easy and when you encounter difficulty or surprises (pleasant or unpleasant) along the way, consider that this might be an opportunity to let go of something you've been clinging to for the last 20 years, like your ego, for example.  This is an opportunity to think about how you can move forward in a new way guided by the things Libra embodies: love, harmony, justice, peace. 
Okay, more under the card for the week, the 9 of Cups!


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mercury retrograde, plans delayed, voices fade, slow parade, questions to evade, finding the shade, bills paid, beds made, uranus and south node, new road, crack the code, lighten your load, different mode, new abode, mars activates dreams, not what it seems, consciousness streams, working in teams, thoughts which gleam, held in high esteem, moon beam, stars above, all my love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


In my excitement over the recent Uranus/ South Node conjunction I completely forgot to discuss the Aquarius New Moon which happened in the wee hours Tuesday Morning just following the conjunction.  This was the first New Moon of 2015 with a focus on creating a new vision for the future.  It is interesting to note that this New Moon also takes place the day before Mercury stations retrograde, also in Aquarius.  This retrograde may be a time to think about the future by examining the past.  Aquarius is the sign associated with friends, groups and associations so this retrograde expect to bump into people from your past which may serve to remind you of the hopes and dreams you still want to manifest or a vision for a future you’ve abandoned which you’d like to revitalize.  There also might be reminders of pasts you don’t want revisit, friends and associations you’ve moved away from in order to grow in a new direction.  
I often find that when Mercury goes retrograde, particularly in air, it seems like everyone is talking unusually fast and tripping over their tongues.  The people listening are hearing something completely different than what was said and the person speaking is perhaps pronouncing words or using different words than they normally would to convey a message.  The best tactic may be to move at Mercury’s pace and slow way down.  You might think that slowing down is not an option given the fire under all of our butts with the current trines in fire, but when Mercury goes retrograde, we don’t usually have the luxury of choosing to “burn the candle at both ends.”  Something will slow you down, usually, when we are dealing with an air sign it is miscommunications.  
When I was a kid my parents used to read me a series of books called, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle.  Mrs. Piggle Wiggle was a sort of healer who had a trunk full of magical cures willed to her by her pirate husband.  My very favorite story in the series was called, “The Thought-You-Saiders Cure,” which was about a family who was always hearing something other than what was being said.  No matter how many times I heard this story it had me in tears laughing.  I highly recommend reading “The Thought-You-Saiders Cure” to help you navigate the weeks ahead and remind you of the humor in all the hang ups and delays and misunderstandings.
Okay so what about the 9 of Cups?  We’ve seen this card before under other conditions, but what does it mean right now?  The 9 of Cups in most decks depicts a sort of utopia.  It’s the sigh of relief after a difficult journey, it’s the place where you can finally kick your feet up.  What will that look like to you?  What does the end of the struggle you are currently entrenched in look like?  Maybe you are already sitting there and you haven’t given yourself permission to enjoy it?  Mars conjuncts Neptune this week.  Every time Mars meets with another planet a new two year cycle commences.  This time Mars meets Neptune in Pisces, initiating a new two year cycle about dreams and working for your dreams.  The 9 of Cups is often called the wishing card.  Like Aquarius season, the 9 of Cups represents a time for thinking about what you wish for most, to get as fantastical as you want in dreaming up that future.
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As I was walking my neighborhood trying to thinking of an Aquarius appropriate theme that song “Free your mind” popped into my head.  “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”  Prompted by the song (and its very Aquarian lyrics) I started brainstorming all of the phrases and sentences I could that contained the word “free.”  Then I remembered a notebook I had from 2011 when I had committed to doing a page of free writing every day for several months.  On the cover I had written, “A Course in Miracles,”  which was an actual book my Aunt had been reading before she died, but at the time I started the notebook I had no idea what it was about, only that I liked the title and that she had kept it next to her bed.  For the theme this week I decided to pull, at random, from this notebook, since it all came from moments when I had “freed my mind” by writing in a stream of consciousness.  Here is one excerpt from the first page that seems to sum it all up:
“It is hard for me to do this right now.  I want to roam and at the same time I am afraid.  This isn’t high level artist speak just me straight out of my head, maybe passing through my heart.  I want to go away and I want to stay right where I am.  I want to be free and I am afraid to be free.  I want to live where I live and I want to live no where at all.”

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