TAROTSCOPES for the week of 01/07/15

Welcome Navigators!

We now have both feet firmly planted in 2015.  The Fire Trines and the Uranus-Pluto Square continue to hang overhead and may be felt as on earth as a restlessness propelling us towards change. 

The watery Full Moon in Cancer over this past weekend may have stirred old wounds, especially since it came so close to the holidays.  Emily Trinkaus of Virgo Magic wrote a great piece about that moon here, but I will just summarize by saying that this moon, emotionally difficult as it may have been, actually helped facilitate a much needed emotional house cleaning, helping us realize our full potential. 

Mercury and Venus are traveling within a degree of each other as I write this, a comfortable conjunction for both planets, as they are rather fond of one another.  Mercury has slowed down in preparation to go retrograde at the end of the month.  If this first part of January has felt hectic, rest assured that things will soon move at a more manageable pace, or they may be forced to when Mercury goes retrograde in air (Aquarius). 


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three planets in air, pull up a chair, stray hair, not a care, mercury and venus-quite a pair, what's that over there, do what you dare, change in fare, out of the woods, too many shoulds, canned goods, mercury slows, broadway shows, confronting foes, who knows, lighten your loads, frog and toad, different mode, north node, bend in the road, love like a glove, push comes to shove, stars above, lots of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


On New Years Day my parents and my brother and I went to go see “Selma,” a movie about the historic march from Selma to Montgomery and the surrounding events.  I don’t want to say too much about the movie right now because I know a lot of people haven’t seen it yet, but I hope you all do.  I hope this is just one of many reminders we receive about the civil rights movement and that period in our nations history as it feels particularly important and pertinent at this moment in time.  In an interview on CBS This Morning with Oprah and David Oyelowo (the actor who plays Martin Luther King Jr. in “Selma”), Oyelowo says, “The parallels between Selma and Ferguson are indisputable.  The way I look at it, Ferguson felt like a Black problem, once we went into Eric Garner it became an American problem.  You have the same thing with Selma.  The denial of voting rights was a Black problem and the minute we had Bloody Sunday, it became an American problem.”
We begin the year in Capricorn, as we do every year.  This year we are also experiencing a tight Uranus-Pluto square with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.  As I’ve said before in other posts, this is a generational aspect with a focus on changing structure and power.  Capricorns are the mountain climbers of the zodiac.  They are known for being very goal oriented.  They are frequently the ones to ask, “Where are we going?”  Now is the perfect time to ask this question with Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign that asks us to create our vision for the future.  The shadow side of Capricorn carries a propensity to worry.  I don’t mean to pick on my Capricorn family and friends (I’m fortunate to have many), but I’ve noticed several of them have a knack for concocting the most wild worst case scenarios I’ve ever heard.  There may be a great many “what ifs” that stand between a Capricorn and their goal.  The card for the week, the 5 of Pentacles suggests all the worry and the “what ifs” and the worst case scenarios.  Worry is energy, which is why when you worry you can feel exhausted even if you haven’t physically exerted yourself.  The mental exhaustion is real.  The 5 of Pentacles asks us to convert the worry energy back into energy and then funnel it in another direction, towards our vision of the future, towards our goal.   
Watching “Selma” I was also reminded of Martin Luther King’s last speech delivered at Mason Temple in Tennessee which has been named with a line from the speech, “I’ve Been To The Mountaintop.”  He stirs the audience saying, “Well I don’t know what will happen now.  We’ve got some difficult days ahead, but it really doesn’t matter to me now because I’ve been to the mountain top.  Like anybody I would like to live a long life.  Longevity has its place, but I’m not concerned about that now.  I just want to do God’s will and he’s allowed me to go up to the mountain and I’ve looked over and I’ve seen the promise land.  I may not get there with you.  But I want you to know tonight that we as a people will get to the promise land.  So I’m happy tonight, I’m not worried about anything, I’m not fearing any man.  Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the lord!”  He staggers stiffly away from the podium, perhaps filled with emotion or maybe just heavy with exhaustion, and into the arms of a friend waiting in the wings.  
On a walk the other day I was thinking about nostalgia and the tendency to live in the past.  Incidentally, Capricorn is also the sign that represents history and antiques, of things passed down generation to generation.  It can be so comfortable living in ones fondest memories that it becomes difficult to move on.  This comfort is what the Full Moon in Cancer over the weekend touched on and asked us to examine as it opposed both the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn.  Capricorn is an earth sign and so worries often arise from an intense focus on earthly or tangible things.  Our past has been experienced, we have moved through it with our bodies, the future has no earthly form.  I thought of the intangibility of the future and the subsequent anxiety and worry that can inspire.  We don’t know if it will ever exist and so the past is an easier place to call home.  In fact, I thought, there is no where to live except in the past if we don’t stand in the present and envision the future.
(I’ve Been To The Mountaintop- Martin Luther King Jr.)


With several family members and a few friends celebrating their Capricorn birthdays I’ve been thinking a lot about the sign.  Their symbol is the goat and they are the mountain climbers of the zodiac.  So for the theme this week, I decided to climb a “mountain” (actually to the top of a large hill in my neighborhood) and record my observations along the way as they pertained to each sign and card.  Here’s a bonus song for the occasion.

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