WELCOME WANDERERS AND HAPPY HALLOWEEN, SAMHAIN AND DAY OF THE DEAD! I apologize for the delay it has been a busy couple weeks since we last met under the new moon.  The Full (Super) Moon in Taurus was exact in the wee hours this morning (Tuesday 10/27), but it should still appear very full tonight and it was quite spectacular last night as well.  In addition to what I will discuss in more detail under the 5 OF CUPS (the card I've pulled for this moon), Sunday saw the meeting of Venus in Jupiter and Mars within spitting distance of the two.  This is was a rather odd meeting because Venus is considered in its "fall" in Virgo and Jupiter is in its "detriment" which is kind of like the two planets are wearing really awkward, perhaps unflattering, halloween costumes.  Even still the two planets shine very brightly when they are together and the meeting is generally happy and expansive of things like love and abundance, although perhaps more constricted than when the two have met in other signs.  This was the third time these planets have met.  Emily Trinkaus did a lovely job of describing this in her blog, Virgo Magic, but to reiterate-  Think back to the kinds of things you were dealing with July 1st and than again on August 4 because October 25 was the close of that conversation, the part where you said, Yours Sincerely, So and so. 

Finally- This is one of my favorite times of the year!  Largely because, as they say, "the veil" between the living and the dead is thin.  In my imagination it's like we are now speaking to those we've lost through a screen door.  Wishing all of you, in this world and the next, a very Happy Halloween, Samhain, Day of the Dead!  


A Q and A I did with Girls Like Us is now out in their latest issue #7 (a favorite number of mine)!

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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


“I’m pretty sure most of my friends are angels or aliens or some combination of the two,” I said to some friends the other day.  We’d been talking about how difficult it is, at times, to be here, on the planet, to be a body.  When I was a kid I thought I was a cloud or I wanted to grow up to be one.  Clouds could just be.  They didn’t have to double-knot their shoes or unknot the tangles from their hair.  They could just float and watch the hustle bustle without being pushed or pressured by anything more than a wind.  I’m not terribly old as old goes, but I’ve still observed in the handful of years I’ve occupied on the planet that the older I get the more aware of my body I become.  If I was born a cloud, I think my feet are, by now, at the very least, scraping the ground.  The Full Moon in Taurus, the last Super Moon of the year, suggests we tune into our power as people, as bodies on the planet.  If we were once angels, aliens or clouds, it may be important to acknowledge that we are now very much human flesh and human blood. 

In my cloud-like life I found it very difficult to push in a chair or move objects to make room for myself.  It made more sense to me that if I wanted to cross a room I should go around the objects that obstructed my path.  This of course makes the distance between two points longer and more treacherous.  As I’ve solidified into my adulthood I find it easier to move objects around, placing them where they are less cumbersome or just more aesthetically pleasing.  

At the Full Moon in Taurus, Chiron, currently in Pisces, will be opposing Venus, Taurus’ ruling planet.  The energy around Full Moons is releasing and with Chiron present, opposing Venus in Virgo, old wounds or ways of holding ourselves or a situation may be felt as something tangible in the body or symbolically in the objects or structures around us.  Your body has something to say.  The most consistent message which will likely come through in some physical form (Taurus) is a need to make a change, to break with an old pattern or cycle (Scorpio).  

I’ve struggled most of my life with digestive problems.  Recently I started a regime which seems to be helping with some of those issues.  When I first began the diet and had to give up things like chocolate, sugar and grains I thought dramatically in Shakespearian English, “There shall be no joy in my life!”  But since I’ve accepted the challenge I’ve found the exact opposite to be true.  I feel like I’m having conversations with foods I’ve known my whole life but never really understood.  I was too busy being a cloud and now that I’ve accepted my human challenge I can really enjoy myself and my food.  

The 5 of Cups, the card I’ve pulled for this Full Moon, is about disappointment, the moment of understanding that your current situation or relationship isn’t accommodating you or who you want to be or become.  Both the Full Moon and the 5 of Cups reminds us not to fear the changes we know on a deep (perhaps even bodily level) we need to make in order to come home to our bodies and ourselves.  Put your hand on your heart and feel your way through the next big transition. 

(Be A Body- Grimes)