WELCOME TRAVELERS! Before we get to the New Moon in Scorpio at 9:48am PST on the 11th and the card I've pulled for that moon- THE STAR!, I want to update you on a few other things of astrological significance.  Venus has moved into Libra!  Virgo is not Venus' favorite place to play as it tends to make her rather critical and nit picky.  In Libra on the other hand Venus feels quite at home and so we here on earth also breathe a sigh of relief and let a little more pleasure into our lives since we are not feeling quite so penny pinching as we may have been when Venus was in Virgo.  Mars will soon join Venus in Libra, a placement which Mars finds somewhat restrictive since balance and fairness must be taken into consideration before jumping to action.  Finally, the Nodes of Fate are switching signs kicking off a new 19 year cycle.  They move from Libra at the North and Aries at the South to Virgo in the North and Pisces at the South.  The North Node in Libra is concerned with peace, love and harmony.  To put it simply -she's a hippie.  The North Node in Virgo takes Libra's message a step further- what can we DO, what services can we provide, how can we help heal a difficult situation after bringing it into balance.   


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Without further ado! The general card pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


I change my mind all the time.  Or rather, my mind is changed all the time.  In fact, both are true.  After last moon’s Tarotscopes a dear friend emailed me.  She wrote:  

Your tarotscopes

This is amazing. 

I have a thought. I think u are in a human body but also a cloud. How do u be both at once. How do you move with and through the hustle and bustle while remaining drifting and unaffected and taking pleasure in the sweetness of life. 

I still see u as a traveller.  Of both the astral and the physical plane. Getting moved by the world- allowing the chairs to be drawn out of the way, for paths to be opened up to you by those of sympathetic desire and spirit. Desire to understand magic. Desire to transform the celestial into the intelligible. To communicate.



She often emails me after I publish Tarotscopes to respond, as if we were in mid conversation.  I’m always grateful for her acknowledgement and insights.  Last moon I mentioned the difficulty of being a human body and suggested that growing older was somehow a process of coming down to earth after seeing myself as cloud-like for so many years.  Her response was a reminder that we are not this or that, but this and that, accepting our human challenge, but not abandoning the parts of ourselves which might be called angel, alien or cloud.

This weeks New Moon is in the sign of Scorpio, the sign of transformation, of intimacy, of sex, of death, alchemy and all the things we don’t talk about or tend to sweep under the rug.  The North Node of Fate takes up residence in the sign of Virgo just after this New Moon.  Mars stands shoulder to shoulder with the Node, igniting and empowering Virgo themes such as service and healing.  Of all the Scorpio themes which tend to surface during this season, I’ve found myself thinking most about intimacy.  Many of the celestial conversations of the last few months have centered around connection and partnership.  The planets asked us to listen, to pay attention to and communicate with the people with whom we’ve chosen to partner, romantically and otherwise.  As we moved into Scorpio season recently, we crossed the threshold from mere partnership into the depths beyond a handshake and acknowledgment, beyond, “I hear you”, to “I see you, I feel you, I know you.”  Mars and the North Node form a loose sextile with the Moon as it conjuncts the Sun, suggesting that the Virgo themes and goals are in agreement with the Scorpio ones.  Intimacy heals and serves.  

“Have you ever been with an animal as they are dying?”  my friend Nancy said once in an interview a few years back.  “They hold your gaze, they look directly into your eyes until they are gone.”  One of the things that struck me about what she said was how quickly the situation moved from intimate connection to disconnection as the animal took its last breath.  It only asked for her eyes for a moment, it’s final moment.  This exemplifies the Scorpio/ Virgo connection/conversation.  Virgo representing a moment, the present moment and Scorpio the intensity and intimacy of that moment.  

As I was thinking about intimacy this week I thought about the old saying “eyes are the window to the soul.”  When I’m giving a reading I’ve noticed that many of my clients try to make very deliberate eye contact at the onset of the reading.  My understanding of this gesture is that people often think that what I’m reading will be found primarily in their eyes.  They are perhaps trying to allow me to peep through “the window into their soul” which is very generous, but often what I find gathering in a person’s eyes is not necessarily what I would define as the person’s “soul,” but an intensity and depth of emotion.  Emotion is helpful information, but it is not the whole picture.  For example, if a person’s eyes convey worry or panic, but cards and intuition convey a sense of calm, I feel compelled and called on to respond to both- to acknowledge the emotion, but also to communicate what I am both reading and intuiting.  I find and believe that most people exist between human and cloud/angel/alien, saturated with feeling but capable of also seeing a bigger picture.  How do we be both at once?  How do we zoom in and out without getting stuck in one form or the other? 

The card I’ve selected for this New Moon in Scorpio is The Star.  In the traditional Raider-Waite deck The Star card depicts a naked woman crouched beneath a night sky, one star in particular is bigger and brighter than all the rest.  In a sense both the woman and the star are one.  They are also in conversation.  The star seems to twinkle humorously, “You can’t see what I see.”  The Star represents hope, the light at the end of the tunnel.  When we can’t see the road up ahead we are often compelled to communicate with faith and hope, with our star.  “Maybe it’s all going to be okay?” Our naked, vulnerable human-self suggests without certainty.  “It’s all going to be okay,” the Star, our hope, replies. 

And in-between the dream, the hope and our current position, is this Scorpio New Moon.  A Scorpio New Moon with a Virgo emphasis, suggesting that in the meantime, where we live most of the time, we can dedicate ourselves to the present moment and to each other.  Scorpios themes of death, sex (orgasm to be specific), profound change, are often fleeting and Virgos themes of healing and service are often small in scope or gesture, but each theme’s impact is undeniably profound.  Of all the people who attended my grandfather’s funeral, it was the presence of a waitress from Red Lobster and the owner of the nail salon where my grandfather got his regular pedicures that touched me the most.  They saw him as special in the context of the mundane.  As my friend suggests, we are each travelers of both the astral and physical plane, our paths through life have both a high and low note, a star and a body.   

(Eyes- Clio)