TAROTSCOPES for the week of 02/19/15


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It is the year of the Sheep/ Goat!  What will this year bring?  From my research of the Chinese Zodiac sign the reoccuring themes were peace, harmony and calmness.  Unfortunately this does not necessarily mean the year will be entirely peaceful or harmonious, but it does suggest that when we encounter struggle, conflict, or even war, that peace is where our individual or collective thoughts are likely to turn.   

Okay, other than the New Moon we just experienced which I discuss in more detail under the card for the week, the ACE OF SWORDS, a few planets change signs this week.  First the sun moved from Aquarius to Pisces shortly after the New Moon on Wednesday.  For the few days that all these planets are knocking into one another in Pisces we may feel very dreamy or even sleepy.  For myself I've been feeling excessively distractable, running out the door to go satisfy random cravings or disappearing down internet wormholes.  But this feeling quickly subsides when both Mars and Venus leap into Aries, the fiery action sign of which Mars is the ruler.  Passion and impulse prevail under these conditions which can be thrilling, but also potentially hazardous if you are already passionately and impulsively inclined. 


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sun changes signs, crossing state lines, open the blinds, dressed to the nines, feeling fine, for what we pine, where we dine, fork tine, what's yours and what's mine, black history month- celebrate!, put an end to hate, city and state, at this rate, never too late, don't wait, open the gate, nodes of fate, save the date, don't hesitate, new moon at the last degree, feeling free, lock and key, sting of the bee, cup of tea, me and we, sail the pisces sea, year of the sheep, not a peep, the mountain is steep, for what and whom we weep, changes sweep, take a leap, peace dove, stars above, all my love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


The 29th degree, the anoretic degree (the very last degree of a sign) is itchy and that’s where this New Moon sits before both the sun and moon leap from the Aquarius diving board into the pool of Pisces.  I find myself wanting very badly to be in the world at this minute.  I’m finding it very hard, for example, to even write these Tarotscopes, one leg wants run out the door and the other feels reluctant to change positions.  Aquarius is the sign of the future, but at the anoretic degree a palpable desire for change often exists in equal strength to the fear of throwing yourself into the next possibility, the unknown as represented by Pisces.  As I was writing this I heard a line in my head from the original “Grey Gardens” documentary.  Edith Bouvier Beale shouts to her daughter Edie, “You’re in this world you know,” and then more softly, “You’re not out of the world.”  Aquarius is the sign of the eccentric, the inventor, the innovator.  At the ultimate degree of the sign it is easy to feel like we are seeing things from a great distance, that we are out of this world.  But take it from a rather eccentric social outcast like Mrs. Bouvier Beale, We are ALL very much in this world.  
By the time you read this, the sun and moon will be frolicking in the ocean of Pisces and the feeling will probably be something like, and now what?  Pisces is the unknown, the mystery of life.  The tarot card which represents this sign is the Moon.  Whenever this card comes up in a reading, I try to direct the clients attention to the present moment.  What is happening for you right now, in this minute?  For me the kitchen sink is dripping one drop every other second.  For awhile it was driving me crazy because I was thinking about the future and how California is running out of drinkable water and one day they will trace the shortage back to my sink.  “Disaster could have been averted, if it had not been for one drippy sink in Los Angeles county,” they’ll say on the evening news.  Our landlord only responds to crisis in a timely manner and unfortunately my sink doesn’t qualify.  However bringing myself back to the present moment I quickly realized I could still collect the water and use it in the same way I would the tap.  And this thought brings me to the card for the week, the Ace of Swords.
The Ace of Swords is a thought and a seed from which future thoughts may sprout.  It also represents a choice.  The other day I was thinking about the places where I feel a sense of limitation or constraint in my life.  Growing up we didn’t have a lot of money.  We weren’t poor, or maybe we were, but I never felt limited by my family’s financial situation in part, because of the careful way my mother chose to talk about finances in front of my brother and I.  It was really only when I would go to friends houses that I began to wonder why our house was smaller or why we took vacations in places like Kansas instead of Hawaii.  Recently, my mother said reflecting on our past, “I was always careful to say, ‘I choose not to do something’ rather than, ‘I can’t afford it.’”  There are things of course that people don’t choose and can’t control, but there is always a choice about how we want to think or talk about a situation which is what the card for the week, the Ace of Swords suggests.  
The circle or sphere is my favorite shape and it is the shape of the tarot deck I typically use when I give readings.  What I love about this shape is that it implies cycles and orbits.  What goes around comes around, what goes up must come down…and then up again.  Choosing to be positive or optimistic means acknowledging the cyclical nature of things.  When I sit down to do a reading with someone I understand that the common thread, between almost everyone on the planet is a desire to be happy or content.  So as I shuffle the cards I’m often thinking about where happiness or contentment lives in the person sitting opposite me.  I often find that when things are good, people look for me to tell them where the “bad” is lurking and when things are feeling bad they look for the light.  More than once I’ve had clients ask, “But do you see anything bad?”  This always catches me off guard even though I’ve heard it before, mostly because I choose not to think of things in these terms.  Humans are such strange animals, we often out think ourselves.  When another animal gets cold they go sit in the sun, they will always look for the light if that is where they find nourishment.  But humans, myself included, often get trapped thinking misery has more value.  As we dive into Pisces, into the future and into the unknown, let there be light.  Chose to be optimistic, because whatever the outcome, it feels good to be happy and optimistic right now.     
(Ain’t Got No…I Got Life- Nina Simone)


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