TAROTSCOPES for the week of 02/25/15


How is it that we are already less than a week a way from March?  It seems someone must have taken a tuck in time somewhere along the way this month.  The Sun now has both feet in Pisces, Mars and Venus have skipped ahead into Aries and Mercury is still making its way through Aquarius.  The other astrological news I will discuss under the card for the week the 3 OF PENTACLES!


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more fire, planets and stars transpire, down to the wire, situation dire, whom we admire, sun in the sign of the fishes, sighs and wishes, gentle not vicious, many dreams, moonbeams, not what it seems, freshwater streams, switching teams, held in high esteem, applying neem, friends on which we lean, time to clean, wisdom to glean, stars above, lots o love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


The Classical music station in Los Angeles has been doing their member drive recently.  Because of the drive and the Oscars, the station has been playing orchestral music from movies. The theme from “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” for example, has been played every day for a week.  “This isn’t classical music,” I kept hearing my grandfather (a connoisseur of classical music) say.  But today as I was listening, I found my attitude towards the song bending slightly, becoming more pliable.  After the theme had played for what must have been the 5th time this morning, the host’s voice crackled, “Is there a day you couldn’t energize by putting that on?”  I repeated the question to myself.  I saw Harrison Ford running from that giant stone ball, making narrow escapes from every possible peril.  Growing up, when I was presented with a difficult situation, I often put it in terms of the kinds of situations Indiana Jones found himself in in “Raiders of the Lost Ark” or “The Temple of Doom.”  I would think, is this situation more like being chased by a giant cement ball or is this more like a pit of snakes?  I’d forgotten this until I heard the song playing and the host asking listeners if there was a day this theme couldn’t energize.  This simple question reminded listeners that the music they provide is more than a collection of pleasant sounds, it can change your mood, your day and even your ability to accomplish tasks.  In fact the reason I was listening to the station in the first place is because it helps me focus while I’m writing Tarotscopes.   
The card for the week the 3 of Pentacles is frequently associated with work and collaboration.  During the member drive the hosts kept reiterating that the station existed because of member support and that it would continue to exist based on member support.  The idea they were promoting is similar to the idea promoted by the 3 of Pentacles, that the radio station is collaborative.  They broadcast a certain kind of music and fans of this music lend their support by making financial contributions on a monthly or one-time basis.  
The sun has moved into Pisces and Mars and Venus have barreled ahead into Aries.  The two planets high-fived briefly last week at the first degree of Aries setting off a 9 month cycle around love, passion and desire.  Mars and Venus will be collaborating over the next 9 months to help you act on your desires and achieve your dreams.  This conjunction was visible in the evening sky.  You could see the moon, Mars and Venus clustered, for me, just above a couple of palm trees outside my house.  In the same way it might be helpful to look at the situations in your life as collaborations, seen and unseen.  And where an element is unseen, make it visible simply by acknowledging its support.  The current dance between Ceres and Pluto, in a Yod formation with Jupiter and Chiron, further emphasize the need to acknowledge all the elements with which we collaborate:  who and what we are nurtured by and how they contribute to the achievement of goals and desired outcomes.  Oscar acceptance speeches are almost entirely opportunities for this form of acknowledgment.  Winners stand at the podium holding the golden statue, glancing at it, and trying to recall what happened before this moment, who was on the trail to that podium and this Oscar.  What is often neglected in these speeches is the understanding of the structure of power that also supported the moment, the win.  I won’t go into that right now because it could be another post entirely or actually a whole book, but I think it is extremely important to acknowledge it as a collaborator.
This week past week my friends and I went on an urban forage with Nancy Klehm, someone we have been making a documentary about for the last few years.  Nancy always reminds people on forages not to just thoughtlessly harvest or consume plants, even if the plant is a “hated weed,” pulling it could disrupt the soil and cause erosion or soil degradation.  Nancy says that she will sometimes give an area or plant some water from her water bottle as a way of giving back and giving thanks to the plants for what they are providing.
Where in your life has the balance been upset?  Where are you giving more than you are getting back and where are you taking more than you are giving?  What can be done to rectify the situation?  It has been said giving credit, thanks and acknowledgement and accepting credit, thanks and acknowledgment is something like breathing once you begin.    
(Dear Mama- 2Pac)


It's Black History Month!  To celebrate, I'm featuring only Black Musicians and Artists! Enjoy!


The theme this week is BLIND SPOTS.  Pisces is associated with the 12th house and represents those areas that are mysterious, hidden from view or our conscious minds.  In Pisces, questions often generate more questions, but by asking them we may eventually uncover things we couldn’t see before.  

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