TAROTSCOPES for the week of 03/04/15


March was in like a Lion this year and astrologically speaking these winds are only expected to continue.  We are on the edge of a Full Moon in Virgo, exact tomorrow (Thursday) at about 11 am PST, which may in fact be a pleasant reprieve before eclipse season goes into full swing.  I won’t go into the astrological significance of the Full Moon here, as I describe it in more detail under the card for the week, the 6 OF CUPS, but I would like to mention that on March 14th Saturn will go retrograde.  When Saturn goes retrograde the emphasis is on revisiting and revising any long term commitments you’ve made, it is a time of restructuring.  I will discuss this influence in more detail next week as it approaches. 


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


Here comes eclipse season.  The kick off is this Thursday afternoon just after a Full Moon in Virgo.  Emily Trinkaus wrote an insightful post (http://virgomagic.com/2015/03/virgo-full-moon-2015/) about this moon in her blog Virgo Magic (I encourage you to read the whole post if you are curious about the deeper significance of this moon).  She quotes the poet Mary Oliver:  “I don’t know exactly what a prayer is./ I do know how to pay attention,”  which Trinkaus says is “a beautiful reflection of the Virgo- Pisces polarity activated by this Full Moon.”  Pisces represents the prayer portion of this quote and Virgo, with their noted attention to detail represents the second part.  Recently I was reflecting on being someone whose work is considered by many to be “out there.”  Where “there” is no one really knows, no one can say exactly, not even the people who work, play or create “there,” it is a mystery.  This is Pisces, that ocean of mystery and intangibility. It’s easy to get lost out there because it is so expansive, no one knows the limits of this place or if there are any.  Most of my family is firmly rooted, anchored to the earth, “salt of the earth” many of them might be called.  I have found myself having the very conversation Oliver describes, with them.  They “don’t know exactly what a prayer is,” but they do know “how to pay attention.”  While at times I’ve found our differing perspectives exasperating and have even gone as far as to “climb in my boat” and say, “you don’t understand me,” I always come back because I find the conversation between “out there” and “down to earth” so important.
Okay, before I get to the card for the week (I promise I will) I want to mention that we are once again approaching an exact Uranus-Pluto square (March 16).  This is their final meeting before the two pull apart from this aspect not to return for years to come.  We are already seeing the tension build with more deaths of civilians at the hands of police.  These incidents (and individuals (Aries)) reveal (Uranus) the weaknesses in the current structure (Capricorn) of law enforcement (Pluto).  The time (Capricorn) has come (Aries) to make a radical change (Uranus).  
All that and still no mention of the card for the week.  Lets talk about this lighter note, the 6 of Cups.  The 6 of Cups is about nostalgia, childhood, a good feeling.  A few months ago, I mentioned in one Tarotscope, a memorable trip to the dentist.  It was memorable for several reasons, partly because it took place in Colombia, but also because the dentist himself was so singular.  I apologize if you are hearing this story for the second time, but it bears repeating.  I was getting a cavity drilled and filled and as he was about to inject the anesthetic he started talking about how my father.  He had worked on my father’s teeth a few times and he said, “You know your father loves you very much.  He is very proud of you, he tells me every time I see him.”  I found this peculiar and highly unlikely, not because I doubt my father loves me, but because it is so difficult to say much of anything at the dentist.  Despite my skepticism, his words, tone and delivery flooded me with a warm feeling, with love.  At that moment he injected the anesthetic and for the first time in my dental history, I received the needle without pain.  This is the power of feeling good, of a good feeling, it is in itself an anesthetic.  As we approach eclipse season it may be important to recall moments when you felt good, not to avoid the pain of change and transition, which this season inevitably brings, but to ease the pain and provide direction to the transition.  The idea behind making any change is typically to get to a better feeling place.  It may be important in the coming weeks to periodically remind yourself what “good” feels like so you can find it when the dust settles.   
(Singing in my Soul- Willie Mae Ford Smith)


I played a sort of game with the theme this week.  I often find, that when I’m feeling deeply emotional (as we all may be feeling during Pisces season) it is difficult to describe or discuss the feelings because they can’t be shuttled into a simple container of “sad”, “mad” or “bad.”  When this happens I often try to figure out what the feeling is similar to, how it might best be described.  So for your theme this week I’ve asked two questions of each sign:  What does it feel like?  and What does it sound like?

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