TAROTSCOPES for the week of 04/16/15


I got a little wordy this week so I won’t waste too many more by jabbering here.  Most of what there is to know or anticipate I describe below under the card for the week…once again…XV THE DEVIL! 


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


This week, Pluto in Capricorn stations to go retrograde putting the emphasis of transformation and overhaul on internal and emotional structures.  Recently, my mind has been wandering into old haunts.  The other day I flashed on the basement of an old burger joint where I used to work when I was seventeen.  It was more than a flash actually, it lingered long enough to allow me to explore the rooms, to mentally meander from front to back, past the toilets I was always afraid to use.  In the dream dictionary I check periodically, following particularly vivid dreams, it says that physical structures from childhood have a deep emotional significance and often reveal old patterns or emotions a situation in your waking life may be triggering.  This job, my first, the first time I had a boss and a pay check and a punch card with my name on it, is reflective of the sorts of structures and systems of power symbolized by the XV Devil, the card I pulled for all of us this week.    
The Devil is linked with the planet Saturn and the sign of Capricorn (I’m having deja vu, I must have also said this before, but like the first chapter of every book in the Babysitters Club series, it bears repeating).  Saturn and Capricorn are associated with the bones, a frame which holds the shape of something or gives it integrity.  Time falls under the jurisdiction of Saturn and Capricorn, as a structure and system of organization.  The Devil also brings to light our “demons,” the areas of our life where we give up our personal power or agency.  What I think I was revisiting in that burger joint basement was a moment of crystallization, the moment I resolved to quit.  I was afraid of the basement, everyone was, because it was haunted, likely by more than one ghost.  Because I was the youngest and the dishwasher it was always me who was made messenger, sent down into the underworld of burger joint’s basement.  The stakes weren’t very high back then, I was still living with my parents, so technically I didn’t need the job, but I reveled in the idea of making my own money.  Eventually, I thought, when I was promoted to server, I would be able to support myself on what I would make in tips.  Everyday it became clearer that I would not be promoted, they needed me to deliver things to and from the basement, to do all the things that made everyone else uneasy.  On what would be my last trip to the basement I felt a switch flip.  My fears were quelled by a greater sense of certainty and an understanding of my power to change my situation.  This is my own example.  I understand of course, that some people don’t have luxury of being able to quit their job on a whim or even a sense of resolve.  But everyone has an area of their life where this kind of scenario may play out, a place where you can reclaim your own strength, power and integrity by acknowledging your deepest (Pluto is the underworld after all) desires.   
As Pluto’s attention moves from external forms of power and abuse to more covert forms, you may feel something shift internally, a desire to change your emotional standpoint.  Perhaps the decisions you’ve made have been based on an internal emotional framework which is no longer supportive of the life you want to live or a new set of goals that may have formulated around the Uranus-Pluto square which recently made its final exact aspect.  I’m pretty sure this is a quote I read somewhere, or maybe I just overheard someone say it: “The hardest thing to change is your mind” and maybe another quote is, “You change your mind, you change your life.”   
Additionally, there will be a New Moon on Saturday in Aries.  This is a very special and potent New Moon because it is the first of the astrological year (which began on March 20).  It offers another opportunity for setting goals (New Years Revolutions).  It is also a good time for making wishes (more than one and no more than ten).  Mars will trine Pluto and Black Moon Lilith at this New Moon creating opportunities to release addictions or addictive patterns/ behavior.  And that is it, the end, or the end of the beginning or AN end of A beginning.  
(The Puzzle Song- Shirley Ellis)


Inspired by Pluto’s retrograde in the sign of Capricorn (structures) the theme this week is ROOMS.  Rooms, real, remembered or imagined.

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