TAROTSCOPES for the week of 04/02/15


Hello!  Once again, I report from inside the storm.  Emily Trinkaus of Virgo Magic described the energy around this upcoming Eclipse as, “Wildly unpredictable, sometimes shocking Uranian energies are swirling about while we’re simultaneously pulled into the underworldly depths of our Plutonian shadows.”  This sounds very dramatic, but it feels dramatic and in my experience sometimes emphasizing the drama in a situation or feeling makes it easier to find the humor in it.  Laughing is one way to release the pressure, so is yelling or crying.  At this Eclipse there may be a tendency to project our problems or feelings onto other people so go easy and consider alternative forms of expression.  I discuss this Eclipse more under the card for the week, THE PAGE OF CUPS.  Additionally, I want say that Jupiter is preparing to go direct next Thursday.  We feel the effects of a planet’s shift for five days before and for five days after it changes direction.  The move is from internal exploration, expansion, to the outward expression of that internal expansion/ exploration.  I will discuss this move more next week… Onwards!


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full moon libra lunar eclipse, in the road there are dips, leaving tips, taking sips, doing flips, making trips, reading lips, sailing ships, coming to grips, venus in the sign of the bull, feeling full, the push and pull, ground under foot, staying put, out of a rut, golf putt putt, adopt a mutt, open not shut, push comes to shove, stars above, lots of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


I’ve started running again recently.  I put no pressure on myself.  I simply wear an appropriate outfit so that I am open to and ready for the possibility of exercise.  I put my music on shuffle because certain songs inspire sprinting and others rest.  Currently, my favorite songs to run to are “Run, Run, Run” by Ann Peebles and “I’m Not Tired Yet” By The Caravans.  When I start running it isn’t because some militant voice in my head is barking an order (that was my old approach), I’m propelled by a surge of joy, a desire to let myself loose.  I run because it feels good and I run for as long as the good feeling lasts, which right now is usually the length of a song.  I’m not sure what the experts would say about my method, but I don’t really care because I’m enjoying myself.  This brings me to the card for the week, the Page of Cups.  
Pages are messengers and in the tarot, Pages also carry a message or point to where and how new information might be delivered.  In this case the message is of the Venusian variety, meaning love or creativity or perhaps a new project which leads to abundance.  In the traditional Raider- Waite deck the card shows a young man holding a cup.  He has locked eyes with a fish whose head is protruding from the cup.  The implication is one of surprise and spontaneity, the Page is caught off guard the way an idea or a new love often approaches.  In Amy Von Harrington’s version of the same card, the Page is holding a bowl of raw meat (most likely poultry) above his head.  His gaze rests on an additional pile of raw red meat being offered by a pair of hands.  This perfectly illustrates one of the underlying themes of this card, vulnerability.  Like the Fool, the Page of Cups is not moved by fear, he is more likely to be moved by a surge of joy, a desire to express a feeling or demonstrate his love.
This week we approach the final Eclipse of the season, occurring on April 4th.  The Page of Cups is a helpful guide or messenger on this journey lasting less than five minutes, but with influence potentially reverberating over the next two decades.  As I write this we are also approaching April Fool’s Day.  As a kid I hated this day because I was so easily fooled.  I’m still this way.  “Check out that old submarine wreckage,” a friend once said gesturing to a large rusted metal structure in a field.  It did look very much like a submarine, but the only body of water in the vicinity was an ankle deep stream.  “Really?” I exclaimed.  “How did it get here?”  The Page of Cups is gullible, vulnerable to deception because he is so open to the possibility of surprise, of adventure.  The fish springs from his cup because he is available to receive it.  We are all tender meats and it is a challenge not to look away from moments when this vulnerability is pointed out to us.     
The Eclipse, which will happen on the same axis as the Nodes of Fate (14 degrees Libra), will also square Pluto, indicating a permanent change of some kind.  Because it is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, what is subject to change are feelings and in particular relationships (Libra) rather than the more apparent kinds of change Solar Eclipses often bring.  Have the ghosts of old grudges, arguments or family feuds been haunting you?  The Eclipse offers an opportunity to finally lay these old wounds and conflicts to rest, or at least the conflicting feelings surrounding these issues, so that you can start fresh, so that you can once again be open to the possibility of magic.    
(I’m Sensitive- Jewel)


No plot, no scheme, no theme.

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