TAROTSCOPES for the week of 05/14/15


I’m back home and reunited with Tarotscopes.  Thank you for your patience as I gallivanted around the eastern portion of the country for a few weeks.  My mental pockets are full, I’ve made several observations and discoveries, which in conjunction with your card and astrological weather may be helpful in the navigation of the days ahead.  We prepare this week for Mercury to go Retrograde in the sign of Gemini...more about this and the New Moon in Taurus under the card for the week THE KING OF PENTACLES!


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new moon in the sign of the bull, feeling full, push/ pull, shiny/ dull, jonathan livingston seagull, made of wool, mercury slows to go back, panic attack, on track, step on a crack, backpack, paint it black, sky full of gemini, piece of the pie, bow tie, oh my, ask why, the time is nigh, pass you by, sit and sigh, don't lie, what a guy, feeling shy, saying hi, blink of an eye, stars above, lots of love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


Coming home is it’s own emotion or bucket of worms.  When our plane hit the runway at LAX my eyes were like two shriveled shitakes.  I turned on my phone and shook it, thinking it was still operating on eastern standard time, but soon realized it was really 2 am.  I took a cab from the airport which I’ve never done in the United States before.  On the highway towards my house the cab driver asked me which exit he should take.  I knew the answer, but I let his GPS take us a different way.  Unlocking my front door, hanging the key on the hook, letting my dog out to pee- my body knew how to do everything and where everything was, but the rest of me felt like a guest following someone else home.  The next morning I went to buy groceries and when I switched on the radio in the car Tom Petty was singing, “…all the vampires walking’ through the valley move, west down Ventura boulevard…” I made a motion to change the station but stopped myself realizing that the song was locating me in space by naming landmarks.  My mind wandered over the idea of naming things as a way to ground yourself in a location.  I read the street signs aloud.  I thought about the phrase, “I know the name.”  This phrase often comes in response to the question, “Do you know (name of person or place)?”  What does it mean to know a name if that is all you know?     

The card for the week is the King of Pentacles and seems to be a nod to the New Moon in Taurus, exact this Monday at a mature 26 degrees.  The King of Pentacles is someone who has already accomplished many things or maybe just one thing for which he has worked long and hard.  Perhaps he has a title like Dr. or holds a title like World Champion.  Because he has met and overcome challenges before, he is not afraid to take steps towards new desires or goals.  He is confident in his ability to navigate any obstacles which may arise and to find solutions where a solution is required.  According to astrologer Anne Ortelee, Taurus New Moons are the most fertile.  This is a good time to plant the seed of something you hope will grow to great heights in the future.  Like seeds, your desires or intentions also know how to find the sun and sprout.   

The sky is currently full of Gemini and Gemini ruled planets and as the sign ruled by Mercury, words are particularly potent and powerful.  Additionally, Mercury itself is in Gemini and is preparing to go retrograde this week, which means you may have to repeat every word twice.  Don’t shy away from this challenge.  A friend of mine used to get annoyed because I would repeat back what she said in my own words.  I think she thought I was correcting her, “That’s what I just said!”  I hadn’t even noticed I was doing it, but after she pointed it out I realized I was really just trying to comprehend, more fully, her meaning.  Repetition, even the repetition of just one word or name, might actually bring you closer to the fullness of its meaning.  

Home is a word and a destination and a goal.  Home is a place I’ve left and returned to many times.  It is the place where Dorothy and Alice and that kid in the Phantom Tollbooth are all ultimately trying to find.  It is the same word, but coming and going, it takes on different meanings and a new set of emotions.  The location of my home has also changed several times.  But every time I leave and every time I come back, where ever it is, I become more familiar with home.  And I come to know its location within myself better too.   

(A House Is Not A Home- Shirley Bassey)


I’m back to my junk drawer.  With the sun in Taurus and a New Moon imminent in the same sign, I thought I would return to a tangible and earthy theme: physical objects, discoveries in my top left drawer which may also be helpful tools in the navigation of your week.  

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