TAROTSCOPES for the week of 05/28/15


Welcome to another week of Mercury Retrograde in Gemini!  The other day over dinner my brother observed, "You always repeat yourself two different ways."  "It's cuz I'm trying to get at something from both sides!" I retorted.  Mercury in Gemini!  Okaayyy, so there is a Full Moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday.  Get ready...to relax!  This and more under the card for the week...the 7 OF PENTACLES!


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full moon in sign of the centaur, near and far, leave behind your car, dance on the bar, hard har har, wish on a star, on par, frutos del mar, no war, mercury slow, far to go, cash flow, tied in a bow,  the road we hoe, friend and foe, for all we know, no grass to mow, edgar allan poe, yolo, uh oh, to and fro, do your ears hang low, feel the glow, let feelings show, ducks in row, love, hearts, game of darts, astrology charts, 


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


Sometimes I put myself in traffic to make myself wait, to slow life down to a pace I can think to.  Something happens in the gulps between movement and stagnation.  While I was driving I saw a billboard suggesting I travel by foot more often.  I felt it’s point, a pang of guilt thinking of the gas I was guzzling and what that costs besides money and who pays the cost besides myself.  But if I had walked I wouldn’t have ended up on the west side away from what and who is familiar, which is what I was in need of- a hiccup in time, a short vacation.  People who drive know that it is easy to slip into a meditative state.  This is a scary thought if you spend any time with it or tell people who don’t drive because what it sounds like is that you aren’t paying attention and sometimes you aren’t.  Most of the time I find the opposite to be true, I’m dedicating my attention intensely to the experience and that is why certain thoughts are given rise and meaning.  As I was traveling west on Santa Monica Blvd I passed over Highway 101 which was studded with traffic in both directions, people rolling slowly northwest or southeast.  They probably hadn’t deliberately thrown themselves into rush hour as I had, they probably just wanted to get home or get away from work or their mistakes, but we were all made to wait together.  

The card of the week, the 7 of Pentacles is about waiting for the truth or your own best direction to reveal itself.  The themes of this card go right along with the upcoming Full Moon in Sagittarius this Tuesday June 2.  At the Full Moon, Retrograde Mercury will aspect the nodes of destiny which could provide some insights about a change you are wanting to make.  However, Neptune will square both Mercury and the Full Moon, so the information you get will likely not be of the direct, informercial variety, but may be delivered on a more intuitive level through dreams.  This is not a big action taking Full Moon, it is more meditative with an opportunity to practice surrendering your needs and desires to the fabric of life.  Trying to push or pull at this Full Moon may be similar to battling traffic.  Tailgating your dreams won’t necessarily make them manifest faster.  Trust that something is happening between movement and stagnation.   

(When I Come- The Violinaires)


No plot, no scheme, no theme!

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