TAROTSCOPES for the week of 05/07/15


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Venus in Gemini moves into Cancer today as I'm writing this.  Both Venus and Mercury are out of bounds meaning they are not playing by the normal rules, they have strayed from sun's corral.  In the freedom-loving sign Gemini, these planets tend to play by their own rules already, but out of bounds these tendencies may be exacerbated.  Anne Ortelee in her Weekly Weather podcast said that Venus in Gemini presents us with options, and perhaps ones we wouldn't have thought of had Venus not been out of bounds.  Venus behaves drastically differently in Cancer than she does cruising through air sign, Gemini.  In water Venus is deeply intimate and desires physical proximity and comfort, but Cancer

( sign of the Crab, is protective of its vulnerability and under normal circumstances approaches intimacy slowly, only expressing the extent of its emotions when it feels it is safe to do so or when it is certain of anothers' feelings.  But Venus is still out of bounds and so the Crab's normal comfort zone may have a very different boundary or perhaps none at all.  Intimacies with strangers may be more possible. 

In Los Angeles it is easy  to feel lonely or isolated.  Everything is spread out and that space is typically navigated by car so you have to plan to meet someone you know if you are craving a familiar face.  A while ago I had spent a day or two entirely alone, which in the beginning had felt like a rare stolen moment, but towards the end started to feel empty.  I had made a plan to meet my friend at an art opening, but when I got to the museum it was dark and the courtyard was empty except for one guard who was walking slowly back and forth between two pillars.  I asked him when the museum had closed and we struck up a conversation.   I realized we both were desiring a human presence and as I left I said, "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow," as though we were old friends or neighbors. 

Astrologically speaking, with several planets in fire and air or out of bounds, things are moving very fast this week.  Mercury, however, is slowing down in preparation to go retrograde.  The other day at the bank I got trapped in a hallway behind a man who was walking with a cane in one hand and leaning on a woman I assume was his wife with the other.  There was no way around them so I tried to match my pace with theirs.  The back of his shirt had one word printed across it, "Speed".  I thought about how he was moving as fast as he could, about how different our speeds were.  This week may feel this way, stop and start, moving at another's pace or trying to move faster to accommodate someone else's desire to go faster. 

The Queens of Cups, the card as well as the astrological weather this week asks us to choose love, as the path through every difficulty or ending or transition.  Walking in Manhattan the other day I saw some graffiti on a temporary wall that said, "Don't talk to yourself, talk to the moon".  With Venus in Cancer, the sign ruled by the moon this may be a very important conversation to have.  The moon is the unknown, the mysterious, the emotional.  Practice speaking to these parts of yourself and your situation this week.

(Tom's Diner- Suzanne Vega)