TAROTSCOPES for the week of 06/04/15

WELCOME NAVIGATORS! This week, besides the astrological weather I mentioned below under the card for the week, THE 6 OF SWORDS! Venus moves into Leo for an extended stay due to a retrograde this summer.  Venus in Leo is playful, loyal, generous and loving, with a tendency to be somewhat self absorbed and dramatic.  The Birth of Venus in Leo would be a drastically different Venus from Botticelli’s version.  Venus in Leo would probably stand on her seashell like a stage.  She probably wouldn't bother trying to coyly conceal her nakedness.  She might even flex her muscles and turn around so everyone could get a good look, back and front.  Anyway…on earth (where my brain is currently not) we may experience Venus in Leo as a time of generosity, financial, romantic and aesthetic extravagance, and fun (when her parade isn’t rained on by other planets).




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                             -- MW

Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all, for all the week (individual cards for the zodiac signs are pulled from the MOTHERPEACE deck):


Lately I’ve found myself holding the same piece of advice and giving it too.  I think I may have actually absorbed the lesson from an episode of 30 Rock where Jack Donaghy advises Liz Lemon to go down “into the crevasse.”  What I’ve been saying, however, is “the only way out is through”  which I guess was originally stated more tenderly by Robert Frost as, “the best way out is always through.”  My adoption of this phrase and stance was in response to the prevailing sentiment expressed by both myself and several friends in various dramatic situations, “I give up!”  But giving up in many of the scenarios myself and others have found ourselves in, isn’t a viable solution.  In fact in many ways giving up only complicates the situation despite it being the easiest option to verbalize.  To find my way through, I’ve been asking myself, “And now what?”  as in, now what is needed?  This seems to keep me focused on the solution to the problem rather than dwelling on the problem itself, which is sometimes more exciting.  

In 1993 there was a big flood in the town where I grew up.  The street where my aunt and uncle lived filled with close to three feet of water.  I remember wading through it fully clothed thinking it was fun, until I swam past a car marbling the water with gasoline.  I swam back to my aunt and uncle’s house, a bad feeling and lawn clippings clinging to my clothes.  Thankfully the crisis’ my friends and I are dealing with are not literal floods, but they may have precipitated floods of the emotional variety.  With any crisis you are often forced to find a solution.  The flood waters didn’t recede just because we got tired of dealing with them.  You had to find a way to keep moving through the difficulty, you had to keep asking, “what do we do now?” 

This week we have been under the astrological influence of a Finger of God or a Yod.  Jupiter in Leo and Mars in Gemini aspected each other in a sextile and both formed a quincunx with Capricorn in Pluto creating an isosceles triangle.  A sextile is an easy conversation, but a quincunx indicates tension, in this case Jupiter and Mars are putting pressure on the focal point, Pluto.  The emphasis is on evolution and change, but with a Yod there may be nothing to DO.  It may be a time best suited to observation and reflection.  Take note of where you feel tension pushing you to evolve or change, particularly around an established structure in your life.  Once again, the suggestion seems to be that who you are and what you want to do may not gel with the structure under which you are currently operating or perhaps you have been giving your power to something which does not support your growth or shine.  The quincunx often suggests that something in one area may have to be given up in order to gain in another.  Think about any conflicts currently presenting themselves, consider what you could give up in one area to gain in another or in order to find a solution.  Is it your ego?  Is it a fear of confrontation?  Or a fear of being right or wrong?  This brings us to the card for the week, the 6 of Swords.  

In the traditional Raider-Waite deck, the image of the 6 of Swords shows a woman and a child in a boat being rowed to a distant shore.  The woman’s shoulders are hunched and her head is covered as if she were grieving the loss of the shore from which she departed, but what lies ahead also looks inviting.  Abandoning something familiar, even if it is simply a point of view or a bad habit, is often difficult.  The loss you mourn may only be the comfort of stability, the ground beneath your feet, which preceded the impetus for change.  While conflict and crisis may initially be engaging, consider when and where it could be time to “abandon ship” in order to find a more inviting shore.    

(The Wayworn Traveler- The Carter Family)


Due to technical difficulties (and perhaps the Mercury Retrograde) there is no mix this week, or at least not right now.  Will post if anything changes!  Thank you for your patience! 


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