WELCOME BACK WANDERERS OF THE ASTRAL PLAIN!  I don't have too much to say here that I don't already say under the card I've pulled for this moon, the 6 OF CUPS!  I am, as always reporting from inside the storm!  And it has been quite a downpour of shifts and alterations with all of the planets that have been changing direction recently and asking us to consider making changes of our own.


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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


“Was that me or you?” That is what I imagine the Full Moon and Saturn are saying to each other.  Today (early this morning) there was a Full Moon in Aquarius and today Saturn stations (apparently “stands still”) to go direct tomorrow (Saturday).  In fact, you might observe that the Full Moon in Aquarius serves as Saturn’s bullhorn blaring Saturn’s message.  Saturn has been in Scorpio for much of the summer and will remain in Scorpio through mid September.  Saturn’s departure from Scorpio is significant- the planet WILL NOT return to this sign for another 29 years.  The themes of Saturn in Scorpio are profound- death, endings, transformation, rebirth, and perhaps most important- surrender.  

The Aquarius Full Moon asks us to look at who we really are and what we really want and which (ideas, relationships, group associations) may be curtailing our freedom to be who we truly are.  The focus of Full Moons is typically on letting go or releasing, which at this Full Moon, is further emphasized and echoed by Saturn in Scorpio’s station.  As you are taking stock of your life and your relationships over the next few weeks, as the moon wanes, consider pairing down on or discarding all your old costumes, the ones which hide who you are, not the ones which highlight who you are.  Included in this Aquarian box may be, friendships, groups, mailing lists, associations which no longer accurately reflect who you are as an individual.  Uranus (Aquarius’ modern ruling planet) is currently retrograde, so your assessment may be more on an internal or emotional level.  The key, perhaps is in surrendering to the changes your authentic self is pushing you to make rather than focusing your energy on calculated maneuvers or decisive action.  

The 6 of Cups reflects the need and desire to take one last long look over your shoulder, over the past few years (while Saturn has been in Scorpio) and to acknowledge both the changes you’ve made and the changes you need to make in order to be ready for the dream that Saturn in Sagittarius is asking you to grow.  We are nearing a graduation of sorts, from Scorpio’s school, which has no doubt been rigorous and intense to Sagittarius’ school which we may find to be among other things enriching and illuminating.  Take a moment to congratulate yourself on the progress you’ve made over the past few years, however small.  The 6 of Cups can be rather nostalgic and overly sentimental, but the Full Moon in Aquarius is not.  The 6 of Cups reminds us not to be purely ruthless or to detach completely from our emotions as we approach the changes ahead.  Aaand, Venus moved back into Leo today which ads fire to the 6 of Cups warning- do not leave your heart out of any decision making process.    

One last thing I’d like to mention about this moon is that it is the second Full Moon in the same month which makes it a Blue Moon.  This is a relatively rare occurrence and a friend of mine mentioned that we aren’t likely to see another Blue Moon until 2018.  Witch reminds me of a part in the movie Harold and Maude I often repeat.  To summarize, we often get stuck when we start thinking of ourselves and others as just a field of daisies and fail to acknowledge the ways in which we are all very unique and that we are, in a sense, all Blue Moons.  

(Blue Moon- Greta Keller)