WELCOME NAVIGATORS!  The astrological weather of late has been rather dizzying.  I hope you have all been able to keep your eyes on the horizon as we ride the last waves of Saturn in Scorpio and the Venus retrograde.  In addition to what is discussed below under the card for this New Moon, THE CHARIOT, Jupiter has moved into Virgo for the year.  The planet is not particularly comfortable in this position.  Jupiter is more interested in the forest than the trees and Virgo's tendency is to make careful observations of the bug on the branch.  Where ever Jupiter goes it expands things and encourages growth so what we may experience is a greater focus on work (Virgo).  The Astrotwins brought up a good point about Jupiter's stay in Virgo in their post on the subject, which is that there may be more emphasis on practicing what you preach, actually DOING the work and not just spouting it.  In the tarot, the card associated with Virgo is the IX Hermit.  The Hermit is dedicated to their practice.  This may be a year to dedicate yourself to some practice in which you may have only dabbled in the past.


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


I remember quite distinctly being a kid lost in a forest of adult legs, struggling to discern which belonged to my mother.  Had she been wearing black pants or navy blue?  Were they cotton or wool?  More than once I wrapped myself around a foreign leg.  When Venus pivoted on 0 degrees Virgo on July 25th, one of the things the planet recommended we do was get more specific about our desires, to define them.  What exactly is missing from your life?  In which areas are you feeling an imbalance?  Virgo is the sign of service, while Leo presides over the individual and the ego.  When Venus turned back to Leo from Virgo she seemed to say, “And now back to you.”

The Full Moon in Aquarius asked us to see ourselves within the context of the collective, to understand ourselves through our friendships or communities and to, perhaps, unsubscribe or distance ourselves from those organizations, relationships or associations which no longer accurately reflect our current beliefs or principals.  The New Moon in Leo is the other side of this conversation and asks- what, based on our authentic desires, do we want to grow from our hearts?  Venus empowers this conversation beginning her new 8 year cycle on Saturday, the day after the New Moon in Leo.  Venus begins this cycle in Leo and from a point closest to earth in her orbit.  Anne Ortelee has stressed in her weekly radio show that this indicates a need for us all to make decisions straight from the heart.  

It sounds relatively simple, but there are all sorts of things that make it difficult to hear what our heart wants to say or how it wants to say it.  For example most people have a need and a desire to express themselves creatively and this has been a big theme of Venus’s extended stay in Leo.  How do you want to be creative and what do you want to create?  Everyone has a different set of obstructions to decode, unlock or address in order to get to the heart of the matter, your heart of your matter.  How you were raised, your personality, your life experiences may all be contributing factors in the creation of these blockages, but also in your ability to dismantle them.  

Sometimes the ego makes recommendations, persuading the heart to accept what the ego wants as the heart’s desire.  “I want to be rich and famous,” for example could be considered an ego desire, but buried beneath this sentiment is something more authentic- a desire to feel safe, to feel secure, a desire to be free of worry, a desire for recognition, a desire to be competent or proficient in some area, a desire for human connection etc. 

The other debris that often obscures our heart’s path or expression is mental clutter- the mind silencing the heart.  Our culture often teaches us that we all desire the same things or that we all should desire the same things.  In this case, we may be afraid to acknowledge certain desires based on some dogma or principal we’ve been taught that says that it is not acceptable to want something which might separate you from your family or your friends or your community.  

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon in Leo is The Chariot.  The Chariot is about accomplishment.  The Chariot asks, “How do I succeed?  How do I win?”  Your heart knows the most direct path to your goals and your heart knows what those goals ultimately are.  Because at this New Moon we are also finishing one Venus cycle and beginning another, it may be important to spend some quality time with your heart.  In more than one adventure movie or fairytale, there is a point at which the hero has to enter the castle alone, has to fight the last dragon or evil emperor alone.  Has your fire breathing ego been charing your real dreams?  Is the thunderous echo of a parent or teacher who once told you you would never be this or that muddling your song?  At the New Moon allow yourself to wish for what your heart desires.  Be specific and don’t talk back or tell your heart what it wants.  This is not selfish, this is love.  When you let your heart finish first, when you harness all your horses to those dreams, everyone wins.

(How Can I Lose- Shirley Ann Lee