WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS!  I've actually never been on a roller coaster (life is enough of one for me), but lately I've found it easy to picture myself at the top, the peak right before the whole snake-train plummets back down to sea level.  Saturn in Scorpio is nearing its last breath for 29 years, while Venus makes plans to go direct on September 6th.  All this and a Full Super Moon in Pisces (which I discuss in more detail under the card I pulled, the ACE OF PENTACLES).  Now is the time to clear, clean and organize in preparation for...well, you may not know what, and that is okay.  Enjoy the relief of the release.  


ATTENTION ALL READERS Instead of a weekly horoscope by zodiac sign, I will pull cards on a bi-monthly basis in preparation for the Full and New Moons.  In addition to this structural change I will be discontinuing my subscriptions and all posts from here on out will be made free and open to the public.  This decision was made in order to provide more time and focus for my private reading practice as well as new Tarotscopes projects.   And as a reminder...<3  

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pisces super full moon, PST- around about noon, call of the loon, pop of the balloon, see you soon, sing a new tune, fingers prune, jupiter and neptune across the room, let go of the gloom, no more doom, give it the broom, hands of the clock zoom, summer fumes, autumn looms, last of the blooms, dirt under your feet, where you seat, may we meet, how neat, all the deets, ironed pleats, clean sheets, the taste of beets, stars above, love love love,


Without further ado! The general card from Amy von Harrington’s deck for all:


The focus of Full Moons, as I’ve mentioned in other posts, is on release.  Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and so this Super Full Moon in the sign of Pisces ushers anything you’ve been holding on to or resisting letting go of, towards the exit with both hands.  Pisces represents the unconscious, the things we absently sweep into the corners of our mind which may only resurface during REM sleep in the form of dreams.  This moon rubs shoulders with Neptune, Pisces planetary ruler as well as the ruler of the sea.  The heightened sensitivity often associated with Pisces has to do with the ocean, with being able to perceive changes in an environment on a subtle level.  Underwater, even with your eyes closed, you can feel the subtle movements of fish, or debris or other bodies around you whether or not they actually brush your skin.  The water communicates movement and change.  In Pisces, as in water, we understand more easily how everything is connected, we are all swimming in the same soup.  At the Full Moon with Neptune close by, we may all be feeling more sensitive.  Be weary of a tendency to project your discomfort or pain onto others.  Pisces asks us to consider and understand that on a fundamental level your pain is already shared, no need to literally dole it out to others.  

Another opportunity presented by this moon, beyond release, is the ability to reconnect with the Earth, with your place on the planet.  The Sun, opposite the Moon, will be just a few degrees away from Jupiter, both in Virgo.  Virgo deals with the micro, while Jupiter prefers the macro.  With Jupiter as Virgo’s house guest we have the opportunity to expand our understanding of both our impact on and connection to the Earth in small ways.  My grandparents moved to a duplex that backed up onto a small pond when I was 7 or 8.  Once, while walking along the water, I saw a goose being strangled by a plastic 6-pack ring.  I’d heard that this could happen, but I’d never seen it.  I imagined that someone had thoughtlessly thrown the rings over their shoulder more intent on consuming the beverages than worrying about what would become of the remnants.  The Ace of Pentacles, echoes the Virgo/Pisces axis and polarity, both the Ace of Pentacles and Virgo are associated with the element of earth.  The Ace of Pentacles is about the seed and the egg, the exciting potential of what could be perceived minutiae, as well as the inherent beauty of these solitary forms independent of their potential.  

The shadow of Pisces is depression and loneliness, a feeling that nothing matters.  The Ace of Pentacles provides an anchor as the antidote to these potential feelings of loneliness, isolation or depression by directing our attention toward appreciation of the minutiae, of the smallest thing.  My grandfather, the one who lived on the afore mentioned pond, wrote an essay once called “You Matter.”  In it he suggests that we all matter as individuals because we ARE matter and a part of this Earth and planet, we are egg and seed.  By this token everything we do, for better or for worse, matters.  The choices we make, the trash we throw away all carry potential too.  

Letting go sounds deceptively simple, but anyone who has ever attempted it knows what an impossible task it can be.  This Full Moon is a good time to consciously compost whatever you no longer need or want to keep.  One of the many gifts of Pisces, is a powerful imagination, consider imagining that whatever you are letting go of (Pisces) is being transformed into something useful (Virgo).  Maybe the anxiety weighing on your shoulders lifts into a cloud and then rains down on all the places suffering from drought.  Maybe your anger or frustrations are a new kind of clean burning fuel.  Maybe you open up your loneliness just in time for winter as a cave sanctuary for a community of hibernating bears.  

(John Lilly- Laurie Anderson )