WELCOME WANDERERS! If you've been feeling a lot of...well feelings, but are finding it difficult to put your emotions into words or pinpoint where these feelings are bubbling up from, then you are perfectly aligned with the stars.  Jupiter is the only planet currently in an air sign which means words can be hard to find or don't necessarily pair well with an emotion/sensation you may be experiencing.  This is of course a temporary state, but one from which a lot can be learned, understood and excavated.  Don't let your fears keep you landlocked.


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


To begin, here is an abbreviated overview of a few key planetary placements at the New Moon in Scorpio:  the Sun, Moon and Mercury were all in the sign of Scorpio.  Venus and Saturn were in Sagittarius having just met and Neptune was hugging the south node in Pisces.  

Typically Scorpio represents things we don’t talk about, or don’t want to talk about: money, death, sex, taxes.  It is the sign of secrets.  But this New Moon sidled right up to Mercury and the two seem to be communicating quite a lot, though perhaps not with words.  Mercury in Scorpio is powerful communication, a message that shakes you to your core, leaves you transformed.  Scorpio doesn’t need to lean on a litany, but can express itself with a deep penetrating stare or a stoney silence.

Additionally, Mercury trined Neptune in Pisces at this moon which may soften Scorpio’s sometimes ruthless approach to drudging up the secrets and also suggests that the truth Scorpio is interested in bringing to light may be more of an emotional one.  What feelings have you been hiding or hiding from?  Perhaps at the New Moon you found them bubbling to the surface uncontrollably.  Fears that seemed too powerful to acknowledge, may, over the next few weeks, find their way into expression.  And through that expression they can be released or transformed. 

Also highlighted at this New Moon, the recent conjunction between Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius.  Sagittarius is associated with truth, meaning and belief.  The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon in Scorpio is most closely linked with the sign of Sagittarius, XIV TEMPERANCE.  Traditionally this card, like XX JUDGEMENT, has been described using rather dogmatic Christian principles, asking us to cultivate and uphold pious moral standards, to choose right from wrong.  However, modern interpretations point to the development of a spiritual connection which does not necessarily adhere to a religious belief system.  Instead, principals are nurtured through deep intuitive listening, a sort of internal earpiece keeping us in conversation with something larger than ourselves.  

Sometimes fears and beliefs/principals become entangled, we can’t recognize dog from wolf.  Fears, are easily dressed up as a beliefs.  Venus in Sagittarius is expansive, freedom loving and idealistic.  When this wild child meets up with Saturn she is asked to take a sobering time out from her galavanting to examine her deeply held beliefs about the things Venus represents (love, relationships, beauty, art).  Saturn wants to know what can stand the test of time.  Which beliefs have become brittle and stale, no longer supportive?  Which beliefs have we maintained out of fear?  For Venus in Sagittarius these fears can manifest as escape hatches, exit strategies, always having one foot out the door.  Or it can be a tendency to idealize love at the expense of meaningful, everyday expressions of love, the subtle gestures, feeding a deep unscratchable itch, a dissatisfaction with love as expressed within relationships.  

Recently, it dawned on me that perhaps I was not expressing love to my dog in the language she most easily understands, one of care.  I’d been so busy with the tumult in my own life that I’d been neglecting the routine and consistency that makes her feel most secure.  I believed that she understood that I loved her because I told her in words and strokes everyday.  But while this is how I may receive love, for a dog it doesn’t provide answers to their most pressing questions (When do we eat? When do we go for a walk?).  Mercury’s proximity to this New Moon suggests a different kind of listening, one that involves really investigating what another might be feeling and attempting to respond with a message they can most easily receive.  

(The Moan- Marion Williams )