WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS OF THE ASTRAL PLANE! How many years have been bottled into this one month?  Mercury Retrograde seemed to come appropriately over the holidays, allowing us to move at a slightly slower pace, or at least recommending we do so.  The planet goes direct on January 8th.  Uranus stations to go direct just after the New Moon and an opposition to Jupiter.  Most aspects to Jupiter are considered beneficial, we will see how this one is experienced.  And that's all I will say for now.  Onwards to the Knight of Pentacles, the card I've pulled for the upcoming New Moon in Capricorn!   


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...



A dotted line ran through the dreams of my childhood and adolescence, the same nightmare of being chased.  Who or what was chasing me I never knew, but the dreams always ended the same way- exhausted from running, I’d throw myself on the ground hands covering my head, the way we’d been instructed to do in a tornado drill, and wait for whatever it was to catch up.  As a teenager I became increasingly frustrated with my role in this narrative.  “Why do you keep giving up?” I’d say in silent frustration to my dream-self upon waking.  Sometime in my early 20s I learned that my conscious mind could emerge and engage within this subconscious state (lucid dreaming).  Not long after, the nightmare returned.  Someone was chasing me down an empty city street.  I ran into a dry cleaners for help, but the employee behind the counter was barricaded behind piles of folded clothes.  I threw myself down on the floor, as I’d done so many times before.  But, at the last minute, I turned to face my assailant- David Niven in a tuxedo.  It was the last time I ran from anyone in my dreams.  This story isn’t remarkable (except for the David Niven part, I’m still trying to figure that out).  I recount this story because it may prove to be a useful tool or template for addressing the potential challenges suggested by this New Moon.  

The New Moon in Capricorn, exact at 11:53pm on December 28th PST, has been met with mixed reviews by astrologers.  This is in large part because it comes very close to the nebula, Facies.  Facies floats in front of the eye of the Sagittarius archer and is said to bring a dogged determinism to those with planets in proximity.  This is Facies cast in a favorable light, but many astrologers have a much less rosy perspective of the star cluster.  Bernadette Brady writes, “It is one of the most difficult, and possibly the most violent, objects in the heavens.  It gives a penetration of action that has no regard for others.”  

Mars will be in a supportive position to the New Moon, and shoulder to shoulder with Neptune, but in a sign the warrior planet is much less comfortable with, Pisces.  Neptune is the planet associated with dreams and the subconscious and Pisces is its home sign.  When Mars is in Pisces it can be a little like the afore mentioned description of lucid dreaming.  Typically, Mars is an action oriented planet, but in Pisces and hugging Neptune, the motivation behind the actions can become unclear, like trying to navigate a dream.   Or sometimes the reverse, the motivation may be clear but the actions are blurred- trying to navigate the “real” world in a dream state.  [Note:  Due to this influence, people may be more susceptible to the effects of alcohol than usual and it will be important to exercise extreme caution on New Years if you plan to go out.]  

Earlier today I was talking with my brother on the phone from a bad mood and our parents’ house.  I was splashing around in the puddle of gloom and doom that seems harder and harder to avoid these days.  “My friend in San Francisco said she’s taking a break from the news to focus on things that make her feel good like her art and friends,” my brother offered.  “That sounds like the kind of escapist behavior that got us into this whole mess in the first place,” I said and then immediately exhaled a laugh realizing how much I sounded like a cartoon version of a cranky bitter old man.  The cloud of doom I was wallowing in wasn’t necessarily more realistic than my brother’s friends’ very reasonable attempts to stay afloat.    

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon is the Knight of Pentacles.  He represents someone who is practical and focused.  Knowing and understanding the reality of his situation aids him in reaching his goals because he can clearly see the challenges and what is needed to overcome those obstacles.  But to become too entrenched in the “reality” of his situation can also make it impossible for the Knight to reach his goal because he has to be able to hold his vision of a new reality.  This is where the Knight occasionally finds himself in a rut, when he becomes too focused on “what is” and fails to see “what could be.”  

“It’s a failure of imagination is what it is,” my parents’ neighbor said the other day, “to be unable to imagine what it’s like for another person.”  She was referring to the indifferent responses to an article about her husband(an immigration lawyer)’s case in which several illegal immigrants were being abused by their employer.  “It’s a failure of imagination,” I repeated her words silently to myself.  So many things that have happened lately could answer to this description.  It has been something like my reoccurring nightmare, how do we become conscious within this dream and and what actions do we take? 

The New Moon in goal-oriented Capricorn reflected in the Knight of Pentacles suggests that what we may be navigating over the next month and beyond could require a new approach, one which like the Knight is practical and focused, but one which also requires imagination, allowing our conscious mind to emerge in subconscious states.  

Return of the Grievous Angel- Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris

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