WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS OF THE ASTRAL PLANE! What a month it has been, both in the world and at home.  It seems like all of 2016 was pinched between the Gregorian calendar New Year and Chinese New Year.  Mercury is out of retrograde, though still following the shadow it traveled when it was retrograde, so you may still be dealing with the repair and clean up of anything that snagged you then.  The New Moon in Aquarius will arrive early tomorrow morning on the west coast and is sandwiched between Venus in literal and practical Capricorn and Chiron in ethereal and intuitive Pisces.  There are so many things to think about with this New Moon, below under the card I've drawn for this moon, The HIGH PRIESTESS, are just a few, but I'll add a few more thoughts here:

Venus in Capricorn, is not overly sentimental or terribly romantic.  On the other side of the moon, at 19 degrees Pisces, is Chiron, deeply feeling and emotional and intuitive, but isolated, perhaps disconnected.  The New Moon in Aquarius has an ear to both and Venus and Chiron are benefiting from a sextile and therefore mutual appreciation.  With this configuration the New Moon in humanitarian Aquarius seems to be asking, "How can I help?" or perhaps even more broadly, "How can WE help?"


Nothing new of note, but I am here and available for readings.  Please don't hesitate to contact me for an appointment if you have any burning questions or spiritual, metaphysical or metaphorical knots to untangle.  


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck:


The other day I was watching a crime show.  In this particular episode the lead detective is investigating a crime scene accompanied by an understudy, a detective in training.  The lead detective pulls a piece of evidence from a nearby trash can and says, “This was an execution.”  “That’s impossible,” the green detective says, arguing that there was no way that the killer could have known that those particular victims were coming.  “I didn’t say the killer was targeting the victims, I just said this was an execution,”  the detective replies.  “I don’t know what that means,” the newby chirps.  “I don’t know either,” the detective says.  I’ve been holding this exchange closely, turning it over.  I’ve found it helpful to look at many situations recently, in my own life, from this standpoint, as though I were investigating a crime scene, noticing what the evidence seems to suggest, but also not coming to any conclusions based on the evidence.  For reasons I could probably attribute to astrology, biology, physiology, psychology, mythology…I find myself often looking for the resolution, to not leave a question mark dangling.  But this hasn’t been working so well for me, especially not lately.  When you jump to a conclusion, you’ve turned your back on all the other possibilities- case closed, but not necessarily true. 

The High Priestess, the tarot card I’ve pulled for this New Moon in Aquarius, like a detective, follows a hunch.  She must also consider the evidence, not jump to conclusions, but ultimately trust her intuition.  In a TedTalk about making hard choices philosopher, Ruth Chang, says hard choices are hard because there is no best option.  She says we often assume that personal values are weighed the same as scientific values.  But with numbers, she says, there is only three possible comparisons- greater than, less than, or equal to.  We often assume that when we are making a difficult choice by weighing values, but what ends up happening is that rather than the choice presenting us with reasons, we assign our own reasons to a choice and this helps us to make a decision.  Chang’s argument was that the act of creating reasons defines who we are.  Yes, yes, I thought, but to me this information was interesting because it suggests that hard choices are ultimately made from a less rational place, either out of fear or from our intuition and that they are then rationalized with more socially accepted concrete reasons.  Fear-based decisions which typically lead to the safest option are easier to rationalize and won’t raise any eyebrows, where as intuitive decisions may not be understood until they have already happened…”I’m happier here, now, in this new job, on this island in the South Pacific than I was before.”  

But what does this have to do with the New Moon in Aquarius?  Aquarius is the sign of the inventor, the scientist, the innovator, airplanes and technology.  The Aquarian decision-making process is something like deciding where to land a plane.  Like most air signs Aquarius tends to be very practical laying out all the facts, possible outcomes and reactions.  Aquarius is the sign of the future and so decisions are often made in consideration of and to accommodate hopes and dreams.  But this New Moon in practical Aquarius squares Mars in deeply intuitive Scorpio suggesting that any forward movement will be difficult without careful consideration of BOTH the plain/ plane facts and the facts that exist below the surface- emotions, psychology, intuitive hunches.  The afore mentioned crime show is a good example of this conversation.  Forensic evidence alone was not enough to solve the mystery, an understanding of the psychology of the perpetrator also had to be taken into account.  Some important questions to consider at this New Moon might be: What is both above and below your present situation?  What are the fears which may be putting pressure on your decisions? What does your present situation look like from a plane?  What does your present situation feel like if you buried yourself in it like sand or dirt?

(Everybody Knows (The River Song)- O.V. Wright)