WELCOME TRAVELERS! The New Moon is almost upon us, Mars is retrograde until the end of the month, Mercury has gone direct and cleared its shadow, a Grand Cross is forming at the New Moon, and that's just above, here on Earth there is much buzz too.  You may find yourself feeling restless, anxious and short-fused.  It is easy to think that this is a sign that we need to be doing something, that there is an action to take, but often the surprising antidote to this kind of frenetic energy is to slow down (exercise also helps).


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


Recently I had a moment which could be described as ecstatic.  It wasn’t composed of anything remarkable.  I was just listening to Chet Baker and eating a homemade protein ball with coconut milk out of my favorite orange tea cup, but I allowed myself to revel in the experience without running into the next moment or lining it up with the past.  As I basked in those few short minutes I thought, “This is not the kind of moment you take to your grave.”  I’m not sure what memories people actually “take to their grave,” but I imagine that when I make my final exit I will be thinking about all the people I love and not about the time I ate a protein ball at sunset.  “That’s why I will have to let myself enjoy everything about this moment now, while it matters to me,” I concluded.  And I did.  But that moment has passed and now I’m back to fine which is the sort of string that all spiky beads of emotion and sensation are strung on.  

The New Moon in Gemini perfects this Saturday evening at 7:59pm on the West Coast. I don’t want to get too entrenched in the astrology of this New Moon because it sets off several aspects which could each, very easily, occupy their own paragraph.  But, if the Gemini New Moon were to introduce itself and give a talk, I suppose the topic of that lecture might be something about love.  I hesitate to elaborate on this hypothetical moon lecture, being myself somewhat unpracticed in the ways of romantic partnership.  Partnership, however, is only one expression of love and love itself, I believe, is not unfamiliar to anyone, nor is romance.   

The card I’ve pulled for this New Moon is the 2 OF WANDS, which punctuates one of the Moon’s assertions- that love expresses itself as magic (i.e. romance) when two or more elements (and/or people) come together and form an experience (i.e. moment).  My sunset, smooth soundtrack, protein ball snack is one example of this kind of magic moment, but of course there are many others.  Love opens us up to the present where we have an opportunity to experience the miraculous in the mundane.  In the hours leading up to my snack, I’d been practicing confronting the judgmental voices in my head that had been relentlessly badgering me for months.  By the time the sun began to set and I was lounging with my snack and listening to jazz, I had found a pulse of appreciation for life within myself, it was love.    

The challenge which ultimately accompanies these kind of romantic experiences is the desire to sustain them.  Saturn’s opposition to the New Moon and Venus reminds us that we cannot rely on one moment or even a handful of them to ensure our happiness or contentment long term.  It would be easy to surmise that protein balls and Chet Baker are a recipe for joy because they evoked this response once.  However, I know from experience that magic moments aren’t easily replicated.  Inevitably self criticism and doubt will return and hold me up at the cost of a few potentially pleasurable moments.  But, just as inevitably, love will return because, in fact, unlike my voices of self doubt and criticism, love never leaves.  Love is always here, always available, even when apparently imperceivable.    

(I'm So Glad You Love Me- Juanita Rogers)