WELCOME BACK RIDERS OF THE ASTRAL STORM!  The season of change is upon us! Eclipse Season!  The first (or second if you consider the Full Moon in Aquarius a few weeks ago an eclipse) is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo!  If you want to know more about the astronomy behind solar eclipses, I found this to be a pretty clear explanation.  Mercury is now Retrograde in Virgo! Same sign as the Eclipse (Sun, Moon) and Jupiter.  I discuss the Eclipse in more detail under the card I've pulled for it, the 6 OF CUPS, but as far as Mercury's Retrograde is concerned this one may be pretty potent.  It is in earth, which means things can break quite literally as opposed to just breakdowns in communication.   Be extra careful about placing things in precarious places as they are already precariously placed astrologically speaking.  Okay, onwards!


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


I’m tired.  Whenever I make a statement like this now I can still hear my older cousin’s voice saying, “Nice to meet you, Tired.”  “Noooooo! I’m TIRED!” I’d whine.  “Nice to meet you, Tired,” he’d repeat.  “Noooooooooo!”  I’d wail again and the game would continue until I said, “I FEEL tired!”  It was always surprising how long it took me to find the words that would set me free to be myself again, instead of this other girl, Tired, or occasionally Hungry.  When you feel a certain way long enough or too many times in a row, it can start to feel like someone you are becoming.  Over time it is easy to identify with ways of being which maybe started out as just a feeling or a response to a difficult situation.  And then the eclipses come and like my cousin (a Virgo, as is this eclipse) they remind you that you are not your responses or feelings, but a person who feels and responds.  

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo is exact at 2:02am PST on September 1st.  With a Solar Eclipse particularly one in an earth sign like Virgo, the changes we experience tend to be quite palpable.  Something or some things may be “eclipsed” creating space for something new to emerge.  The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, which of course has many negative connotations, but the reason this symbol is actually quite powerful and fitting for Virgo is not because the Virgin has taken a vow to remain celibate, but because they have taken a vow to devote themselves without distraction to their pursuits.  This is a particularly potent eclipse which seems to be asking, what are you willing to devote yourself to without distraction?  What are you willing to do or practice day after day?  Who are the people in your life that you feel devoted to?  Where have you become distracted or disinterested, perhaps because you no longer wish to devote yourself to those pursuits?  

“That’s what it could be like,” a friend of mine texted me after I’d watched (Virgo) Beyoncé’s performance at the VMA’s.  “The past and the future merge to meet us here,” were the words projected on a screen behind her at the opening of the performance.  It felt like an incantation and ended with all the dancers “getting in formation,” a woman’s symbol.  “Thank you God! Thank you Ladies!” She shouted.  The card I’ve drawn for this Eclipse is the 6 of Cups.  The 6 of Cups is an invocation of the past, it represents feelings of nostalgia.  “The past and the future merge to meet us here.”  What is possible, what could life be like?  With what will you fill the space cleared by this eclipse?  The 6 of Cups (and Beyoncé) suggest how we might begin calling in the life we can devote ourselves to most confidently.   

Since Eclipse Season began I’ve been re-watching old movies, some of them I’ve seen several times before.  Most recently I re-watched “Now and Then.”  In the trailer for the film the narrator, played by Demi Moore, says, “Am I happy? That’s a good question.  I’m just realizing that I’ve spent my entire adult life trying to recapture the way I felt the summer of 1970.”  The 6 of Cups asks you to think back to a time you wish to recapture.  What was it about that moment that makes you want to replay it again and again?  How did you feel?  What was supportive of those feelings?  It is neither possible nor desirable to live in the past.  But the past is available for visits, which may help you build a future you wish to inhabit, a future you, as person who feels and responds, can easily dedicate yourself to.  

(Hold Up- Beyoncé)