WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS! Wow oh wow and ow oh ow what an incredible time to be on the planet.  So much is in flux and of course as above so below, as below so above!  We are in the throws of Cancer season- a liquid time, an emotional time.  Mars just went direct in Scorpio so as Astrologer Anne Ortelee says, "its full steam ahead."  But it would also  be good to think about how you want to move and what are the wisest moves to make.  Mars in Scorpio is more strategic about the actions it takes.  With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the NEW MOON all in Cancer it might be helpful to consider the moves a Crab makes- side to side, into and out of its shell, into and out of the sand.  There is more than one way forward.    


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


As I sat down to write about the New Moon (exact this Monday, July 4th at 4am on the west coast) I thought, “Snap, snap, okay! Let’s talk about the New Moon!”  But what I felt was a giant bubble swimming to the surface where words would be, some sort of sensitive, watery, mollusk-type feeling.  So to the bubble/jellyfish/mollusk of emotion, I thought- gently- because they tend to be unresponsive when spoken to harshly or impatiently- “What would you like?”  And because words aren’t really their mother tongue I just sat with the sensations that followed for awhile.  And mostly what they seemed to want was just the freedom and permission to be, to exist, to not be inconvenient or change before they were ready.  So we came to a compromise, I will listen to what they want and together we will write this post about the New Moon in Cancer and the card for this moon, the The Devil.  

There’s a game I like to play which my friend Litia taught me.  You ask a question, it could be about anything, then you press shuffle on your iPod or press the seek button on the radio and whatever song comes up or radio snippet plays is the answer to your question.  I asked my iPod about the New Moon in Cancer on a walk the other day, “What can you tell me about this moon?”  The answer was a song by The Roches called “Runs in the Family.”  As I was walking and listening to the song I thought about the people we become or the hats we wear because it is expected or because there was a blank that needed to be filled and we knew or learned what to do to fill it.  This New Moon in Cancer, opposite Pluto in Capricorn, suggests that those expectations are shifting.  The people we once felt we had to be, the roles we took on unconsciously, or the inheritances we’ve accepted are all subject to change.  With this New Moon there seems to be more flexibility, it is a time for asking for what you want even if getting it requires further negotiation.  

Shortly after my 18th birthday I went on an exchange program and stayed with a Catholic family that had had multiple generations of men and women who became parents when they were 15 or 16.  I remember sitting on a bed with my host parents’ daughter in-law who was only a few years older than myself.  She was resting her head in her ten year old daughter’s lap.  She cradled her mother’s head and softly stroked her hair.  I was shocked by how old, wise and tired this 10 year old already seemed.  “When is she going to be a kid?” I remember thinking.  “When she has a daughter of her own?”  I thought of her mother getting pregnant when she was 15 and my host brother becoming a father when he was 16.  As a fly on the wall, I only brushed the surface of how complicated it had become for them to know what they wanted and to want what they wanted when they had grown up with so much responsibility. 

The Devil, the card I’ve pulled for the New Moon in Cancer reminds us of what we are all constantly negotiating in terms of responsibility and desire.  What do we want to do and what do we have to do?  When do we take on responsibility because it feels easier than acknowledging what we want?  Where have we told ourselves we can’t have something we want because we feel blocked and burdened by who we have to be?  The New Moon trines Neptune in Pisces suggesting that our dreams might be more easily integrated with who we are, who we want to be and what we are responsible for at this time.  

It is also worth noting that this New Moon falls on the 4th, the same day labeled “Independence Day” on most American calendars.  I’ve always punctuated this holiday with a deep sarcastic snort, “Yeah right! For whom?”  I find myself thinking about who so many people have had to be in order to live in this country and in this world.  Some laws and structures, which have forced people to change shape, are changing and some are in desperate need of restructuring in order to accommodate a more human shape.  With the New Moon trining Neptune there is more emphasis on the dream of being who we are and achieving what we want to achieve, unobstructed, unburdened.  This card and this New Moon supports us in taking actions big or small, personal and political which may proclaim these freedoms right now.  In so many ways, consciously and unconsciously, you probably already have “changed the law of averages” as The Roches song says.      

And that’s about all I want to say for now- Feelings, sensitivities, thank you, I couldn’t have gotten to the end of this post or anywhere else without acknowledging you.  

(Runs in the Family- The Roches )