WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS!  Lately, in alignment with Pisces season,  my thoughts have been riding in on a snippets of song.  Its not enough for the moment to just say or think, "I'm tired," instead the thought comes in with accompaniment, "Soo tired...tired of waiting...tired of waiting for youuu.."  Music can be especially helpful during these astrologically soupy times for releasing what is trapped between mind and body.  


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


The house where my grandparents lived for most of my childhood had a small step that divided the living room from the dining room.  After a big meal the grandchildren could frequently be found beached here on this transition like seals.  It was the perfect place to rest the body while the mind sponged snippets of conversation from the adults.  This stair may be the best place to discuss the upcoming New Moon Eclipse in Pisces - it is a place of pause and surrender, allowing yourself to be held, for the time being, by something outside of your will and determination.  

Where this eclipse falls in your natal astrology chart (8 degrees Pisces) is a place to lean back, float, and listen. Neptune (and Mercury) will be in earshot of the sun and moon, both amplifying sensation and distorting reception, similar to the experience of being submerged in water. It may be important not to pin meaning to your feelings at this time.

“I keep thinking that if I can have something or do something I will feel less scattered, more grounded. The truth is that things just keep getting more crazy and harder to hold on to and that if I am going to locate any form of stability it’s going to have to come from some intangible place inside myself,” I told a friend recently. To carve out a refuge inside oneself is part of the order of this New Moon Eclipse in Pisces.  Not one planet will be in a fixed sign, while eleven will be in mutable signs- the signs requiring flexibility and adjustment.  Meanwhile, 9 planets will be in water and only 1 in earth. This could all feel like trying to stand on one toe.  How do you maintain your balance? Well, you probably won’t.

The card I’ve pulled for this Eclipse, is the 2 OF SWORDS.  The 2 of Swords is often negatively viewed as the inability to make a decision, but I find that when this card comes up, it recommends a halt on decision making. This is often because there is not enough information or meaning and direction are difficult to extract from what is being presented.  The image in the traditional Raider-Waite tarot deck is of a woman, blindfolded, holding two swords crossed.  This suggests that the kind of information she seeks does not require visual sight, but a different kind of sensing and perceiving.  The challenge with an eclipse is that it often kicks up an incredible burning itch, driving you to action, when in fact, the best course may be to simply rest and digest on this step between actions.  

(I’m Only Sleeping )