WELCOME BACK WANDERERS OF THE ASTRAL PLAIN! Besides what is discussed below under the card I've pulled for this New Moon, JUSTICE, the New Moon chart also features a square between Pluto and Jupiter.  Jupiter tends to inflate what it aspects and so the desire for power and control can become an obsession when the planet talks to Pluto.  The square formation indicates that perhaps Jupiter is struggling to hold Pluto to a moral standard.  It may be important to examine your hidden motivations before proceeding.


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


The New Moon loosely joins with fixed star Algenib, a star contributing to the constellation Pegasus, it is the point which locates the winged-horses side.  It’s representation is lose enough to suggest the back and/or flank- a point of communication between human and horse.  By pressing into this point the rider communicates its desire to speed up, slow down or simply to start moving.  How you will apply this pressure is part of the question folded into the New Moon, tomorrow (March 27th) at 7:57pm PST.

The Aries New Moon is the first of the astrological year, the very beginningest of beginnings, a good time for setting intentions or making wishes for the year.  It falls less than a stones throw from introspective and slow moving (Retrograde) Venus.  In Aries, Venus tends to be somewhat impulsive and egocentric, but when she is traveling in retrograde motion she becomes more thoughtful, more inquisitive.  This is a time of self examination, of understanding your own desires and how those intersect or conflict with the desires of others.  What do you really want and who are you really?

In 7th grade our math teacher decided it would be a “fun” activity to identify different personalities in the class by voting on who was the most- the most outgoing, the smartest, the most popular etc.  I can’t remember all the labels she generated, I just remember one vividly because I won.  I was voted the shyest person in the class, so shy that I was not invisible, as I’d assumed.  I was the opposite- so quiet that my silence had inadvertently created some sort of vacuum drawing attention to itself.  I remember the humiliation of seeing my name projected on the overhead in green marker, it wasn’t permanent but I wondered if it could ever be erased. 

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary “Personality” is first defined as “the quality or state of being a person.”  It is only the third definition which describes personality as “the complex of characteristics that distinguishes an individual or a nation or group.”  Until the third definition, a personality or a self (if these words are interchangeable) is defined unto itself, without reference to anyone or anything else.  What does it mean to be true to oneself if personality is defined using the first definition and what does it mean if defined by the third?  

The card I’ve pulled for the Aries New Moon is VII JUSTICE.  Interestingly, this card is traditionally associated with Aries’ opposing sign- Libra, but its appearance here, at the Aries New Moon suggests that somewhere in the self is an attempt to balance or calibrate will and desire in accordance with what is just and fair on a deeper and perhaps more spiritual level.  Justice is associated not with “the laws of man” but with the laws of the universe- “if this, than this.”  Justice assumes that when an action is taken a reaction naturally follows, perhaps not right away, but ultimately.  Are you currently taking action in your life or is the action in fact a reaction to something unexamined?  Now may be a good time to contemplate the moves you want to make without separating those movements from the response.  What is likely to follow?  What is the desired outcome/ response?  Where do you want your Pegasus to go and how?

(Twenty Mile Zone- Dory Previn)