WELCOME WANDERERS OF THE ASTRAL PLAIN! In addition to what is discussed below under the card I've pulled for this New Moon in Taurus, THE MAGICIAN, several planets are retrograde.  I won't get into much detail, but Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mercury are all currently retrograde.  In general when planets go retrograde the focus of the themes they represent become more internalized explorations and they tend to exhibit more intuitive qualities as well.  At times the energy of the planet can be harder to access when retrograde.  For example, when Jupiter is retrograde feelings of faith and trust in positive outcomes can be harder to access without conscious effort. 


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new moon in the sign of the bull, push and pull, over certain thoughts we mull, sharp and dull, jonathan livingston seagull, void and null, feeling full, over our eyes the wool, planets moving slow, the road we hoe, high and low, the lawns we mow, with what in tow, we think we know, a desire to grow, a hope to show, to and fro, stop and go, the boat we row, peace dove, stars above, fits like a glove, lots of love,


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


I’ve stopped and started this post so many times today trying to figure out from what angle I could enter into the astrological chart and subject presented by this New Moon.  This is a habit of mine, to not let my eyes rest on the surface of things, but to always try and figure out the inside mechanics- the bones, the guts, the motivations.  When I realized I was attempting to approach the New Moon in Taurus in this same way I had to laugh. Taurus has more to do with the appreciation of what meets the eye than what escapes or avoids it. 

On my way into the library, where I sometimes like to write, a book pinned beneath the point of an arrow on a sign that said “Free” caught my attention.  It was red, pocket-sized and stamped in gold letters with the words, “Abundant Living.” Taurus is the sign of value, possessions and by what means you earn a living and so it almost felt as if the universe had thrown me this book.  It didn’t take long to realize it was some sort of religious text as some of the chapters included titles such as, “Is there a God? Can he be found? Where?” and “A ladder for finding God.”  Before I stumbled upon this book I had an image in my mind of this New Moon as being something like a flower, something that just is beautiful and you don’t have do anything with it or make anything out of it, you can just experience it, smell it, touch it.  When I opened up to the Preface of the book my eyes immediately fell on the following, “We have picked the flower of life to pieces, petal by petal, and we have lost its beauty in the procedure.”  It goes on to say, “We have handed the body over to the doctor, the mind to the psychiatrist, and the soul to the minister, treating these parts as separate entities.  They are not separate.  Life is a whole. You cannot affect one part without affecting all three.”  

The New Moon in Taurus, exact early in the morning on the west coast tomorrow (Wednesday, April 26) makes no aspects to major planets, meaning it may not “do” anything or emphasize the same types of changes that New Moons are known to spark.  The moon does however link arms with the asteroid, Demeter.  In mythology, Demeter was the mother of Persphone and the Goddess of fertility who gave agriculture and “the Mysteries” to humankind. Taurus is ruled by Venus and at the New Moon, Venus will be at the very last degree (the anoretic degree) of Pisces, a placement which also nods to Demeter’s gift- the unknown.  One main suggestion of this New Moon then, somewhat uncharacteristic of hardworking Taurus, is surrender.  There may be nothing to “do,” but to simply appreciate what is already in existence, to live life abundantly by appreciating the whole of life as it is.

The card I’ve pulled for this moon is the Magician, someone who can pull rabbits from hats and cut volunteers from an audience in half.  Typically the Magician is associated with sign of Aries and the Will. The Magician makes magic by determination and activation of the Will.  At this New Moon however, and in keeping with the themes presented by Demeter’s proximity, it seems that the Magician’s magic has more to do with what they are capable of doing passively, simply by their nature. Years ago I took an acting class which was less about acting and more about confronting shyness.  One of the exercises the instructor had the class do consisted of pairing up and have one partner tell the other how the person made them feel.  The activity made me extremely nervous, but to my surprise every stranger I partnered with said the same thing, “You make me feel calm.”  

New Moons can be seen as opportunities or even as tools for making wishes and bringing about desired outcomes, but consider at this New Moon how some of your desires could be more passively irrigated and grown, sprouting from your basic nature- who you already are- rather than who or what you are trying to become.    

(From Womb to the Tomb- The Space Lady)