WELCOME BACK WANDERERS OF THE ASTRAL PLAIN. Happy Solstice! The NEW MOON in CANCER was exact at 7:31pm on the west coast. To find out more read on...


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...



I ran right up to this New Moon before I realized it was actually happening. Then, acknowledging it was my designated time to write, I said to myself, “I don’t feel like it.” Being off the clock and having feelings are definitely within the realm of Cancer, the sign of this New Moon, so it seemed worthwhile to persevere (which is another Cancerian theme embodied by The Chariot in the tarot- more on that later). This New Moon in Cancer so close to Summer Solstice falls within the first few degrees of Cancer.  Cancer, in its early degrees, has a lot to do with understanding emotion as a tool. When summer hits we are often motivated to do things that “feel good.” We shed layers of clothing, we swim, we eat ice cream and popsicles, etc. This call and response between environment, circumstance and self are a valuable lesson taught by the early degrees of Cancer. Put simply, don’t touch the pot that’s hot, it burns.  In these terms it seems simple and easy advice to follow, but, the older we get the more we tend to complicate this basic principle.  How do we tell a hot pot from a cold one and at what degree is it too hot to hold?

This brings me to the back door of the card I’ve pulled for this New Moon, the Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune is generally seen as an auspicious card, a sign of good luck to come, the right time to make wish. In combination with this New Moon, however, the indication is not to view your future as a lottery, but to actively engage with creating the future you want to inhabit. To begin, you may need to place yourself on the Wheel by assessing your current emotional landscape. How do you feel? If this seems like a difficult question to answer you can start with your physical body and assessing your comfort level. Are you sitting in chair? Is it comfortable? I’m sitting in chair right now and I just noticed that it has this bar that digs into the back of my legs. I could switch chairs, but I decided the discomfort isn’t enough for me to take the time to find an alternative. On emotional level, I feel somewhat better that I have acknowledged the feeling of discomfort.

My good friend does a lot of babysitting and I remember her telling me about one little boy that would cry every time his parents left. She said that the only thing that seemed to help was to acknowledge and relate to his feelings, “I’m with you, I totally understand. It’s hard when your parents leave and things change.” She said he would slowly nod or sometimes say, “Yeah.” And then his tears would roll to a stop and they could play or draw or do something else enjoyable. Even as adults sometimes all that is needed is to acknowledge the feelings present in a given situation and that is enough to change the situation or at least the way the situation feels. 

But back to the Wheel- would you say this is an up or down moment in the general wave of life? If it is just okay, does it feel like okay headed towards or away from an up or down period? Though feelings change several times within a day, there is usually a general feeling holding the period of time you are experiencing together.  For example, in general I feel okay, or in general I feel depressed or in general I feel an underlying existential angst. The New Moon held hands with Mercury indicating a need to not only acknowledge but also to communicate your feelings. In communicating our feelings we have an opportunity to take responsibility for them and by taking responsibility it becomes possible to change our thoughts, environment, situation, lives into a shape or form that will accommodate a different feeling or set of feelings.

As I mentioned before the Chariot is the tarot card associated with the sign of Cancer. In the traditional Raider Waite tarot deck, the image of the chariot, shows someone in the drivers seat, but they are not holding the reins, they are holding a wand, reminiscent of the Magician, who activates the will in order to bring about a desired outcome.  Similarly the suggestion of the Chariot is not to use force (reins), but your will and desire to turn the wheel and reach your goals. Again all of this can sound so simple in words, while in practice it is often more challenging, but, in combination with the Wheel of Fortune, luck is on your side.