TAROTSCOPES for the week of 12/25/14


Your quote, Aries, comes from a book that I compiled for an assignment entitled, “My Autobiography.”  The pages were mostly writing prompts with room for illustrations.  This particular page is entitled, “My Grandparent Story.”  I wrote:  “My Grandma and Grandpa built me a doll house for Christmas. I had to close my eyes because it was so big.”  In the illustration below, I had drawn myself with my eyes closed wearing rollerskates making my way towards a giant doll house.  
Aries, this may be very much how you feel this week, as though you were making your way towards a surprise with your eyes closed while wearing rollerskates.  One day you will be able to reflect back on this moment in your autobiography, but for now take your time and trust that the reason you are being asked to proceed blindly, is because it makes the surprise even more spectacular.    
(Daughter of Discs/ Here She Comes Now- The Velvet Underground)


This comes from a free-floating page in a folder of writings with my name on it.  There are three “poems” on the page, the third is entitled, “Never On Time.”  Below it I wrote the following, “At noon I was supposed to go to the Dentist, I was there at 1:05.  At 1:30 I was supposed to clean my room but I didn’t get around to it till two.  My piano lesson was at 3:00, I didn’t get there till 3:15.  But at 4:00 I was supposed to go swimming and I made it right on time!”  
Taurus, this week it may feel like your timing is off.  Unlike the situations described above it may feel that you are the one left waiting.  Take note of the moments that do seem to align and the people and situations that receive you without delay or difficulty, as they may reveal more to you than the pile of frustrations that precede them.      
(3 of Discs Rev/ Are You There? Gabor Szabo and The California Dreamers)


This is an excerpt from a story I wrote about a girl and her talking cat named Pirate:  “The next day I woke up.  “Breakfasts on the table,” said Pirate.  I stumbled over to the table.  “Where did you get the table” I asked lazily.  “I told you I had everything we needed,” said Pirate.  “Pancakes! Where di…”  “I told you I had…” “Everything we needed,” I finished for her.”  
Gemini, this week you may feel anxious about the future.  Perhaps you are worried there will not be enough of something or maybe something you have relied on this past year is running in short supply.   The most important thing, with Saturn now moving into Sagittarius, may be to simply have faith and believe in a future where you have everything you need.  Start envisioning your future table and on it, your favorite breakfast.  
(III Empress Rev/ Auld Lang Syne- Julie Andrews)


In first grade I wrote a book called, “The Graveyard.”  I will summarize the story because it goes on for several pages, half of which is taken up by a conversation the main character has with her mother on a barstool about her halloween costume.  The title is grossly misleading as there is not a single graveyard in the entire book, leaving you to wonder if maybe the graveyard is actually just a metaphor.  Knowing my first grade self, it was probably more of an effort to glue together every scary thing I could think of, but for you this week, Cancer, it may serve very well as a metaphor.  The story reaches it’s climax when an old man appears on his porch and scares away all the trick or treaters including the main character who is dressed as a ghost.  The book ends with the line, “We never went back since then.”
Cancer, this week the living could be more frightening than the dead.  It may be necessary to leave the comfort of your barstool to confront aspects of yourself and your situation you continue to feel haunted by.  What will it take to be able to say with all honesty, “We never went back since then”?
(Son of Cups Rev/ Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat- Goldie and the Gingerbreads)


I don’t remember the book I was responding to in this passage, but according to the header it was called, “Midnight Hour Encores” by Bruce Brooks.  I wrote:  “He’s not your average dad, I’d say he’s better by a lot.  He doesn’t just show you things, he SHOWS you things.  What I mean is that he makes every answer to your question an experience not just an answer.  Like one time Sib [the protagonist] wanted to see a live horse so [her dad] drives her up to Maine and shows her a stampede of wild horses in the early morning when everything’s all orange.  He makes every experience an unforgettable one.”
Leo, initially, as Saturn moves into fellow fire sign, Sagittarius, you may feel a sense of constraint around your self expression.  As you get more comfortable with the questions being raised by your current situation, you may allow the answers to form more spontaneously.  In fact, eventually the answers may look more like “a stampede of wild horses in the early morning when everything’s all orange,”  which would suit your fiery spirit quite well.  Allow Saturn to be the dad that SHOWS you things.     
(Daughter of Wands Rev/ People Get Ready- The Impressions)


This is an excerpt from a report I wrote about manatees.  This section is entitled, “Life Cycle”:  “A lot of males gather around the female manatee, they follow her all over, they give her no peace and at last she decides to mate.  One year and one month later a baby is born.  It is born under water and swims to the surface and takes a breath.  The baby follows its mother around until it is two years old.  When its mother sleeps, it sleeps resting on the mother’s back.”
While the months and years preceding this point in time may have been extremely trying, Virgo, now may be the point in the cycle of your life when you can finally sleep resting on another’s back.  
(XXI World/ How Wild The Wind Blows- Molly Drake)


Oddly enough the protagonist of this tale is a talking scottish terrier named, Sarah:  “Sarah lived in a small house which belonged to Merlin, a wizard.  Since Sarah belonged to a wizard she was able to talk.  One terrible day Merlin had a stroke and died.  Sarah thought, “who will be the countries only wizard now?”  She thought and thought, but the only person she knew was Merlin.  “Why I will!” she said aloud.””
She is interrupted by a tall man in a top hat knocking on the door.  He asks her, “Who do you belong to now?”  “Nobody, never have never will.””
Libra, the time is ripe for you to make your own sort of magic, independent of anyone else.  Resist surrendering your voice or your freedom to anyone else.  
(X Wheel of Fortune/ Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham- Nancy Sinatra)


In a spiral-bound book with my name on the cover and a butterfly in the middle there is a blue sheet of paper with sentences I was required to complete.  The last sentence is:  “One thing I’m determined to do sometime in my life is…”  and I filled it in with: “Own a small house in the country on a square mile of land.  The land is especially important to me.  It must have suitable land for planting on and have lots of trees.  I may have to leave the USA to find the land I’m looking for.”  
I’m not sure if the conviction in my tone was inspired by the prompt or if I felt as adamant as I seemed about this dream.
Scorpio, there is a belief, a certainty of which you may become increasingly aware as time continues to tick.  You may only need a prompt to bring it into your consciousness.    
(7 of Wands L/ A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On- Renee)


This story is a full page so I will just summarize it for you, Sagittarius.  It is appropriately titled, “The Pumpkin.”  The story takes place around Halloween, which is when many of my stories from this era took place.  An artist goes to a pumpkin patch and picks out what she describes as the perfect pumpkin.  The cashier warns her against her choice saying, “I’ve had some complaints.”  She shrugs off the warning saying, “Who could complain about this pumpkin?”  The next day is Halloween, she waits until all the trick or treaters are gone to carve her pumpkin.  “She had decided to carve her own face in the pumpkin…As she did this, the pumpkin began to glow!  She was horrified!”  She drives the glowing jack-o-lantern with her face etched into it to a hill top and buries it, but “It’s grave still seemed to glow as she drove off.”  
Sagittarius, do not be afraid to give life to your dreams or to the more passionate parts of yourself.  The truth is, even if you do attempt to bury some part of yourself, the grave may continue to burn long after you’ve driven away.     
(2 of Wands/ All The Things You Are- Charlie Parker)


This is a true story I titled, “A Day in May.”  Again, I will try to condense the tale as it goes on for a full page.  It starts with the line, “I used to not care about May Day until I met a girl named Mary Smith* and she was very nice to me.”  I went on to describe the baskets my friend left me on May Day every year.  “This year I wasn’t surprised to see a basket hanging on my doorknob.  Inside was violets and another blue flower and a role of Rolos…I was very angry when my brother took four dollars out of my wallet and a rolo, now he owes me $4.00 and 1 rolo…I also might add that if you catch who ever gave you the basket you have to kiss them, Mary told me that.  So I kissed her on the cheek.  One time me and my brother gave a may day basket to our own house.  The End.”  
Capricorn, this week open yourself up to the possibility of surprise.  Take comfort in the knowledge that not all days can be planned for.  From where you stand the mountain you have to climb may seem to disappear into the clouds.  Don’t get so lost in searching out the peak that you forget to appreciate the gifts between here and there.  Tally up debts, but receive kindnesses with a kiss.  
*Name changed to protect privacy
(Shaman of Discs L/ Long Long Weekend- NQB)


The story is called, “Rocks,” but once again I have written an entire story which makes no mention of the title.  Again, it must be a metaphor, but this time it is a metaphor of which I am more consciously aware.  The story is autobiographical, about going to visit my grandparents.  The story goes over several traditions including my resentment at my brother claiming the front seat of the car and the seats my grandparents occupy when we all finally settle in their living room.  These moments gathered together seem to be the “rocks” I refer to in the title.
Aquarius, this week, you may find yourself taking note of similar sources of strength.  Support seems to be gathering around you helping facilitate your next big change.  
(10 of Discs/ Just As Sure- Bettye Swann and Sam Dees)


In another section of a report I wrote about manatees, entitled, “Endangered,”  I added a line at the end of the paragraph in blue pen, apparently as an afterthought.  It reads, “Biologists tell manatees apart by scars that they get from motor boats.”  
Pisces, this week, you may feel overly cautious about getting too close to people or relationships.  Don’t over identify with your scars.  Those who really see you and know you best, the other manatees, likely identify you by more meaningful characteristics.   
(2 of Cups L/ Love Will Tear Us Apart- Yat Kha)