TAROTSCOPES for the week 01/01/15


Aries, this week you may feel somewhat deflated, worrying that your dream, your isle is unattainable.  This can happen when you are comparing yourself to others, measuring your successes against theirs.  Consider whether their achievements are really something to which you aspire.  Whether the answer is yes or no, think about what your isle, what your paradise actually encompasses and how it might be quite unique to you.  Begin to mentally sculpt this goal.  ‘I’ll’ is ‘I’ and ‘will’ working closely to move you closer to your paradise.
(9 of Cups Rev/ I’ll Follow the Sun- Shocking Blue)


A feat often employs ones feet or involves footwork or just work in general.  An award often isn’t quite so rewarding if there is no effort involved in its attainment.
Taurus, this week you may get some fortunate news, a gift or a reward, which could validate all the steps you’ve taken towards this achievement.  It is likely and largely the result of hard work, even if it catches you off guard or carries an element of surprise.  
(Ace of Discs/ 6’ 1”- Liz Phair)


A creak is a sound and often not a pleasant one as it typically accompanies something unseen, like in a ghost story, “a floorboard creaked.”  Sometimes it is used to imply a physical fragility, as in, “creaky bones.”  A creek (my grandmother used to call it a ‘crick’) is a small waterway.  I grew up with one behind my house and it supplied most of my childhood fun.  
Gemini, this week you may hear a creak, a sound that indicates something unseen or implies fragility.  This sound may inspire you to seek or provide comfort, but consider whether your reaction is motivated by fear or by something more authentic.  Perhaps you, like a creek, have an abundance of some element, like water, and so the gifts you give are easy to provide.    
(6 of Discs R/ Everybody Needs Somebody to Love- Solomon Burke)


The word ‘faze’ means that you were not impacted by something.  That something, which may cause a disturbance in someone else, did not sway you in the slightest.  A ‘phase’ in a sentence typically accompanies a sigh, “he’s going through a challenging phase.”  But often it is these challenging phases which produce the ability to not be fazed by certain things later.
Cancer, this week you may be looking back at your more challenging life phases and distilling from them the wisdom which will, in the new year, allow you to move through life more fluidly with fewer ruffles.  
(IX Crone/ Mellow Yellow- Big Maybelle)


Leo, this week, Jupiter, now retrograde in your sign, opposes Mars in Aquarius.  Aquarius is associated with hopes and wishes and so this opposition can have the effect of making you want to throw in the towel.  Astrologer Anne Ortelee warns that this is an “overdoing aspect.”  In your case there may be a tendency to act rashly, to say, “the hell with it.”  The other night I was at dinner at my brother’s house and my sister-in-law said something about her friend’s kids being brats.  “It’s true,” my brother chimed in.  “She admits her kids are brats.”  He adds with a laugh, “I think she decided being a parent is just too hard, so she stopped trying.”  I laughed at this too, mostly because I related to the feeling of wanting to give up completely.  Leo, don’t give up, don’t stop trying to be the best version of yourself.  Your situation reminds me of a quote you’ve probably heard before by Margaret Meade, “Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world.  Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  And don’t underestimate, for that matter, the power of one person to change their own world.  
(Daughter of Swords Rev/ Time Will Tell- Spriogyra)


I hesitated before deciding on this homonym for you this week Virgo, especially since your sign is deeply connected to the animal kingdom.  I have several friends with Virgo prominently placed in their chart who are vegetarian or vegan.  But I rested on it because meat doesn’t just suggest an animal but is also used to describe fruits and vegetables as well.  In fact, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of “meat” is “food; especially: solid food as distinguished from a drink.” Or “The edible part of something as distinguished from it’s covering (as a husk or shell).”  And these were the definitions that seemed so appropriate given your card and the astrological influences this week.  There is an emphasis on thinking about what you need to sustain yourself, to feel comfortable so that you can do your work in the world.  What base do you need to build in order to feel like you have enough to share.  Consider that more than just “meat,”  you may also need to “meet” with people, to feel met, connected and fed on an emotional level as well.  
(Priestess of Discs/ Hey Now- The Younger Lovers )


Pain is something felt, often physical, often described as unpleasant.  A pane is typically associated with glass, like a window or a mirror.  People often describe drastic changes as “earth shattering.”  The word ‘shatter’ seems to imply that whatever was broken is made of some fragile material like glass, otherwise it would just break, or crack or chip or bruise.  Shattering implies that there is very little likelihood of ever returning what was damaged to its original form, there are too many pieces, too many fragments.  The only way to get back to a solid state is to build something new.  
Libra, this week it seems you are setting your sights on something new.  You’ve already dealt with any feelings of pain or loss surrounding what is now rubble and you are more than ready to start fresh with a new year.  
(XVI Tower R/ Let the World Turn- Death)


Roots and routes run on two different plains, but both directions may be significant to you this week, Scorpio.  As you stand facing 2015 with your back to 2014 don’t abandon the past altogether.  It is partly your roots and the path you’ve blazed from birth that provide the strength you need to set your future course.  
(XI Strength/ Diddy Wah Diddy- Bo Diddley)


“Alice in Wonderland”  is a book that takes place almost entirely in a hole.  The whole story is a hole story and the hole story is a whole story.  Similarly, even the smallest black holes, ones the size of a single atom, can have the mass of a mountain, according to Nasa’s website.  More than one dictionary defines a hole first as an opening.  
Sagittarius, this week you seem more willing to throw yourself down a hole.  Perhaps this is because you understand that a hole is really an opening or the beginning of a whole story.  Let the adventure begin.  
(O Fool/ Ptak Rosomak- Olympic)


The old story of death is that it comes at the end of a tunnel, a long hall you might say.  When people commit to something they often say that they are, “in it for the long haul.”  A haul usually implies struggle, but in fact to commit to something or to die is the end of a struggle, or at least the end of one kind of struggle.  
Capricorn, this week may feel like a bit of a struggle, which could be because you are not ready to surrender to the long hall or the long haul.  The solution may be in making a decision, a commitment, one way or another so  you can see more clearly what you are really resisting.     
(XIII Death Rev/ Look In My Eyes- The Chantels)


An hour is a unit of time easily measured by other things.  When I was a kid an hour was two episodes of whatever my favorite TV show was at the time.  When my parents and I were recently driving from Tucson to L.A. we measured the time and distance in episodes of Serial.  An hour can easily be made into something that belongs to you, as the word ‘our’ indicates.
Mercury and Venus join Mars in your sign this week, Aquarius, lending support to your endeavors, in particular the creative ones.  This is a good way to ring in the new year counting down the minutes with your own equivalent measure of time.
(X Wheel of Fortune/ Aquarius- Freedom Singers)


The other day I was trying to explain astrology to my parents neighbor, a skeptic.  I was caught a bit off guard as she had just conceded that she believed in tarot and intuition as forecasting tools.  Most people I’ve encountered are the opposite, I think, because most people want something concrete, like a planet, to point to as an influence and an explanation.  I used weather as an example, emphasizing the way weather can effect a persons mood or decisions.  “It just doesn’t make any sense to me,” she said stubbornly.  To myself I thought, “and you are not making sense to ME right now.”  In the end, neither one had changed her mind.  Weather is about possibility or more accurately probability.  ‘Whether’ is also about possibility.  
Pisces, this week it seems you’ve surrendered to the new year (emphasis on new).  There can be a bit of a pessimist swimming inside you, but as you leap into 2015 you may be feeling, if not optimistic, open to possibility, which is a good place to start whether or not anyone else agrees with you.   
(10 of Swords/ Top Secret Man- Plastics)