How to speak to an experience that totally transcends? Readings with Marty are otherworldly and then they render this world more clear, a little warmer. Whether it’s this world nitty gritty like how to find a new home, a love partner, fertility spells, manifesting council, or something more about your soul’s purpose and what truths you came here to live, Marty manages to look at the cards and at your astrological chart and bring beautiful, guiding language to the trickiest or most stuck feeling questions. Sitting with her is like light— it streams through her and we are all it’s beneficiaries.
— L.P.
I’m feeling a renewed sense of clarity after my Tarotscope reading. I’m approaching my work with an understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, trying to have some fun, and be less stressed. Well worth it! I think this is going to be a quarterly tradition.
— M.S.
I’ve had three readings with Marty and can not recommend her work anymore — she’s fantastic! I’ve often returned to notes from my first or second reading with her and am amazed and grateful for her kind and precise observations —many of which have provided me with much needed clarity and perspective. She’s lovely, intuitive and open. I’m a regular now; definitely worth it!
— M.G.
Marty has such a refreshing and inspiring energy. I was a little nervous going into the reading, but felt immediately at home when I got there. I left with a feeling of freedom and strength, which was a refreshing and welcome change. I’ve already recommended her to a few friends and I plan on going to her again! Thank you Marty :)
— C.R.
This was my first tarot reading and I would definitely go again! Marty was very welcoming and non-judgemental of my many questions. I felt very reassured afterward.
— M.C.