WELCOME BACK TRAVELERS! Aside from today's New Moon, Jupiter recently moved into Scorpio- collectively and individually this typically means a deep and expanded understanding of the themes of change and transformation. What can we learn from diving into our own depths, from looking our own shadow in the eye? By the time Jupiter leaves Scorpio we may have more answers to these questions. 


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new moon in the sign of the scales, by comparison pales, hammer and nails, puppy dog tails, a strong wind- a gale, comes in the mail, rain or hail, lifting the veil, holy grail, on the trail, looking frail, no tail, wind in your sail, see you real soon, happy new moon, playing our tune, stars above, love, love, love,


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


It’s been a long time since I had a flying dream, but what I remember was the effort it took to get up- flapping my arms, kicking my legs, treating air like water. I don’t remember flying in a dream the way flying sometimes feels in an airplane, with the ability to look down on everything as if you didn’t belong to it, as if you didn’t live there too. No, even dream flying required my full participation, complete awareness of my body in space. Maybe if I had stayed in the REM state a little longer I could have gotten enough lift to give me some perspective.

The card I have pulled for the New Moon on October 19th is in the Venus-ruled sign of Libra, is XX Judgement. The name of the card is a nod to the belief among many major religious groups that we will all be held accountable by God for the choices we have made and the actions we have taken in our lives. I choose to interpret this card slightly differently. My understanding of the indications of the Judgment card is that it asks us to locate the part of ourselves with the ability to examine our situation at some distance. 

For halloween one year my brother decided he was going to be a table with his head as the gory centerpiece. I remember watching him assemble his costume, it was something he was going to wear, something he was going to become, but in order to understand how it would look and function he had to dance around the outside first. Once he put it on new challenges were presented, he had to make sure that the circular cut-out balanced on his shoulders. My mother helped him glue a few more things to the cardboard so that it didn’t lean too much to one side or another. He wanted to know if he looked like a table, my mother was supportive. I don’t remember my reaction, but I’m sure as a sibling I was less encouraging. He probably replied, “I didn’t ask YOU.” For a table he was rather touchy. 

At the New Moon, exact on October 19th, 12:12pm, Uranus opposes the Sun and Moon indicating that the self-awareness suggested by the Judgement card may be brought about by an outside source. It could be delivered bluntly, the way I dished out a critique of my brother’s costume or it could be offered in a more helpful manner, the way my mother assisted my brother in balancing out his costume. As humans, emotionally we can’t be tables, even if we dress like one, but we can look at our situation objectively. Awareness of a situation or of self is difficult to swallow without some sense of direction or some understanding of the means by which we can change our behavior to receive and activate the gifts that Libra brings- peace, love, beauty, harmony. The suggestion of the Judgement card softens the shattering blow or punch that may accompany a Uranus opposition. It asks us to go way up, to the highest point of ourselves, and see our situation with compassionate honesty, to be objective.  From that point we can see most clearly what needs to be done in order to restore balance or peace in our lives. 

(Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)- Digable Planets)