TAROTSCOPES for the week of 12/10/14


What struck me about this image, which is actually a map, is how temporary much of the information is.  For example, “Coral rock platform uncovers in patches” or “Shoal ground with blind rollers occasionally breaking.”  It reminds me of Never Never Land or the kinds of maps detailed in the first few pages of a sci fi novel.  
Aries, this week you may encounter a similar sense of timing, mostly that you can only do one thing in one place, at one time.  What you are trying to accomplish could depend on variables like the tide and weather.  Don’t be afraid to surrender one plan for another as both may not be possible to accomplish at the same time anyway.  You may even come back to the same thing twice and discover it is completely different than the first time you approached it.  
(2 of Discs Rev/ Got Til It’s Gone- Janet Jackson feat. Joni Mitchell and Q Tip)


I see a face, or maybe a diagram of a pair of human lungs, either way this image has everything it needs.  If it is lungs they are full of green trees which make oxygen and if it is a face it has enough vegetation and fish to keep the color in its cheeks.  
Taurus, this week following the Full Moon in your second house of material possessions, values and desires along with Venus moving into fellow earth sign, Capricorn,  you will likely feel a greater sense of abundance.  You have everything you need to sustain yourself.  Allow yourself to relax into your own picture of paradise.  
(Ace of Cups/ (You) Got What I Need- Freddie Scott)


Here we go, Gemini, a small window into the free-association of my brain which some how led me back to your card for the week.  When I saw this image, my first thought was that the houses looked like milk cartons and that immediately led me to think about missing persons and I said to myself, “but this is such a beautiful and serene picture, why do you have to attach it to the back of a milk carton?”  Which reminded me of how my brother used to say that Patsy Cline always reminded him of particularly violent or gory scenes in action movies.  
This week, Gemini, you are presented with a choice to take a situation or an image or a word and attach it to something unpleasant, like the back of a milk carton or allow it to be what it is, a beautiful and serene picture of a couple of houses on the banks of a river in Russia.  It seems these days you are more inclined to go with the later.
(Ace of Swords/ Crazy- Patsy Cline)


An atoll, by definition, is ring-shaped coral reef that typically encircles a small lagoon and according to my rather old globe there are no other islands or atolls for miles in this region, which is perhaps why this one is so well equipped.  The Johnston Atoll really represents two choices, to land or not to land and if you aren’t going to land you have to be absolutely sure that you have enough fuel to get you to the next island or reef.
Cancer, this week it seems you are compelled to make a similar decision.  It may seem like a practical decision on the surface, but there is also likely a deeper reason for your judgement which you may not be fully aware of until you’ve landed your plane or even until you take off again.  
(2 of Swords R/ Rescue Me- Aretha Franklin Remix)



There may be hundreds of Portlands in the world, the one pictured, the one I pointed to is in Australia.  I’ve only been to Portland, Oregon, but this image was simple enough in content, that it could easily be a street in Portland, Oregon or actually the mirrored reflection since the cars are driving on the opposite side of the street.  One of my Portland, Oregon friends has a brother who lives in Portland, Maine.  If you look on a map these two cities are also strangely reflective of one another, one east and one west.
Leo, this week it may be important to examine your feelings by reflection.  It may not be enough to keep them docked inside yourself.  Consider telling someone how you feel and having them repeat back what you say so that you can be both a friend and a feeler of the emotions you are experiencing.      
(6 of Cups/ Love Was All I Had- Phyllis Dillon )


This photo is actually San Antonio during Christmas time, but I was struck by how much it looks like a trophy or a trophy case even, maybe a cake with candles.  Virgo, this week you might win an award or cross a finish line in some area of your life.  It may not necessarily look this way from the outside, perhaps to others it simply looks like you completed something you started.  But every goal a person sets is often full of obstacles only visible to the one running the race.  I remember seeing a hologram for the first time in Disney World on a pirate ride when I was very young.  I grappled with the understanding that the “ghosts” I was seeing, were just projections of something scary and not actually anything to be feared.  There may have been several “ghosts” or holograms between you and this moment of accomplishment, Virgo, but overcoming the fears these projections inspired is perhaps the biggest reward.       
(VII Chariot/ Visionary Mountains- Joan Armatrading )


It’s interesting that the first picture of Elko, Nevada that comes up in an image search is one from the 1950s.  It makes me wonder if the 50s was Elko’s hay day and that is how the town wants to be remembered.  I feel compelled to personify this town because the image is also a postcard that says “Greetings from Elko, Nev.” which sounds as though the town itself were speaking.  
Libra, moments of joy may be speaking to you from the past, present or future.  They may be collecting as a reminder that joy follows you through time and where ever you go and that you may again meet with great joy at another time, in another place.  
(XIX Sun Rev/ I Heard You Say- Vivian Girls)


I’m pretty impressed that this made it on the globe, but I suppose it is the land version of an atoll.  Bidon is a halt (a small stopping place) in the Saharan desert.  I assumed it was a city when my finger landed on it, but I realized it must be not be a major destination when the first image that popped up was of this sand wreckage.  
Scorpio, where you are right now is likely more of a halt than a city.  Now is not the time to get stuck in the sand.  Keep moving towards the bigger picture and your loftiest goals.
(XVII Star Rev/ A Love Letter Full of Promises- Juanita Rogers)


On road trips when I was a kid, I would look out at the corn fields, bean fields, mountains, or whatever our car was passing and imagine running across the landscape.  In my imagination, I would reach the top of the mountain or the other side of the field in a few seconds because that is really all the time it takes for your mind to reach a goal.  As an adult I still have the desire to go bounding across a field, but my imagination has become more realistic.  I imagine myself bounding for several meters, then I stop to catch my breath and then I go a few more meters and then maybe I pitch a tent and save the rest for another day.  When I pulled up this picture of a monastery in Lhasa, Tibet, it inspired a similar feeling.  
Sagittarius, this week it would be good to collaborate with both the adult and kid parts of yourself.  Allow yourself to bound across an open field, but use your adult understanding of your own stamina and mathematical distance to pace yourself.
(Daughter of Swords Rev/ Vienna- Billy Joel OR Ariana Grande)


I would never have looked at this pile of vegetation on land and assumed it would fit on a boat this size, but these two people seem relatively unfazed by the large cargo.  Despite the look of it, this boat must have been built to accommodate heavy loads.
Capricorn, similarly you may discover a surprising capacity for carry heavy loads this week.  Venus, the planet of love, recently moved into your sign beaming love and support at your endeavors.  Trust the support both tangible and intangible you may be intuitively receiving and trust your ability to provide support both tangible and intangible to others.  
(XI Strength R/ Sailing- Rod Stewart)


There is some sort of brightly colored belt between the earth and sky in this photograph of Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories, Canada.  The belt may be a row of tiny boats, it is difficult to say.  And this might be exactly what others are saying about you right now, Aquarius.  Or perhaps this is the response you are giving others when they ask you how you are, “It’s difficult to say.”  This may be because the picture you are getting of your emotions right now is rather small and difficult to make out.  Perhaps, with your sign as the current host to Mars, you are in “management mode,” trying to take care of your to-do list from a relatively detached place.  This is fine for accomplishing tasks, but it is not the best place from which to make big decisions which may have emotional repercussions.    
(Son of Swords/ Leave It In The Hands of Love- Fontella Bass)


Maybe I’m just hungry, but something about this picture really makes me want to take a bite out of this mountain, or at least just break off the golden part touched by the sun.  Turns out it is the highest peak in Sichuan province and it is rumored to be even taller than the Himalayas, so were I actually to ever get my mouth anywhere near this peak it would probably only amount to a mouthful of gravel.
Pisces, this week you may feel that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew or maybe that which you are chewing isn’t even edible.  There is something else to be absorbed, some other lesson contained in this moment or mouthful, but now may not be the time to make sense of it.  Instead it would be a good time to take care of yourself and listen to the intuitive wisdom of your body.  
(9 of Wands Rev/ Ain't No Mountain High Enough- Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell)