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new moon in the sign of the lion, eggs on concrete frying, sitting and sighing, outloud crying, fear of flying, im buying, no lying, sun mars and moon, see you real soon, sing a new tune, wet fingers prune, high noon, zoom zoom, plenty of room, sweep of the broom, last flower to bloom, fit like a glove, stars above, all my love, 


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


You would think that being a Leo myself would make it somewhat easier to write about this New Moon, also in the sign of Leo. In fact, the opposite is true. It’s kind of like not being able to scratch your own back, you need someone else or a tool to reach the parts of you you can’t. Astrology and tarot can be back-scratchers, hopefully this post will also satisfy an itch. 

The card I’ve pulled for the New Moon in Leo is the Queen of Wands. In the Rider-Waite she is depicted with a black cat, a nod to her witchy ways. She represents someone bold and charismatic, who gets what she wants one way or another (by use of magic?). The Queen of Wands emphasizes the Moon’s conjunction with Mars, part of what kindles her drive (Mars) is the desire to be known and understood (Leo). 

The New Moon, exact at 2:46 Sunday Morning on the west coast, will occur at 0 degrees of Leo. This is the very beginning of the sign, the starting gate, like seeing the first rays of sunlight toasting the horizon knowing the day is about to pop. Leo is also the sign of children and play. It is the age at which you first begin to develop an awareness of self. If you go back and dig up some of your early drawings you might be surprised by how much those images still resonate with who you are today. Most of my childhood drawings and accompanying stories carried some sort of lesson like: There was a haunted house and everyone knew it was haunted, but the family moved in anyway so they all died because of the “evel sprat” (evil spirit). The moral of the story? Just because you don’t believe in it doesn’t mean it can’t kill you and/or don’t disregard your intuition. I’m still interested in the lessons life has to offer and writing about them and I am still someone who believes in the power of intuition- this much hasn’t changed. On a cellular level, however, I am a completely different person and in many other ways I feel very different from the 7 year old who refused to brush her hair. The traits we think of as fundamental to who we are have been proven by researchers to be quite changeable. Environment and circumstance have more to do with the ways in which we express ourselves than we have been taught. 

When I was 8 there was a shooting at the University in my town. A graduate student of physics and astronomy shot and killed 6 people including himself and permanently injured one. He was an international student from China, studying at the University on a temporary visa. He was upset because he had not received a prestigious award for his dissertation. He thought the award would ensure that he would be able to get a job and stay in the U.S. Recently I was discussing this incident with my dad and he told me that what was interesting to him about this tragedy was the different ways the shooter was portrayed by American and Chinese medias. The American press tended to describe him as someone who was mentally unstable and “a loner,” while the Chinese media chose to focus on his situation- being far from home, isolated from his family and community and under an incredible amount of pressure. Did he commit this atrocity because of “who he was” or was it a result of his environment?

The 23 year old woman, the sole survivor of the incident, who was shot and paralyzed from the neck down continued to be a dedicated activist throughout her life, in some ways in spite of the incident and in other ways as a result of it.  

The New Moon joins Mars in squaring Uranus, highlighting the tensions between the self independent of environment and the self as a direct result of environment, circumstance and incident. The New Moon raises questions such as: Who are we fundamentally and how do we express ourselves? Who are weand how do we express ourselves independent of situation and environment? And who are we and how do we express ourselves as a direct result of circumstance and environment? 

(Planet Caravan- Black Sabbath)