WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS! Eclipse season comes to a close with this New Moon in Libra.  Whew!  What a powerful couple of Eclipses.  And now what?  The gift of a New Moon a chance to start fresh with a new approach.  I didn't end up pulling card for this New Moon,  I leave it open for you to pull your own cards for the moon and reflect on that card for yourselves.  If you don't have tarot cards you can even do this with a deck of cards.  In other news Pluto is now direct!  Change surfaces!  Combined with the closing of the Eclipses and an Eris/Uranus conjunction in Aries and Mercury retracing its steps as it moves forward, this time can feel very weighty and significant.  Everything has a sort of added resonance, echoes from the past and echoes into the future. 


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new moon in the sign of the scales, in comparison pales, save the whales, holy grails, hammering nails, puppy dog tails, riding the rails, no more jails, a cure for what ails, when it rains it hails, a change in sales, hay bails, painted nails, the wind in your sails,  high and low, stop and go, two and fro, yes and no, head to toe, love you so,


Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


I didn’t end up pulling a card for this New Moon.  I got distracted.  I just found out that Toughie died.  He was the very last of the world’s Rabbs’ fringe-limbed treefrogs.  The species is now gone forever, extinct.  When I was a kid I learned about the Dodo and the Passenger Pigeon.  I felt particularly connected to the Passenger Pigeon because I found a picture of one in a book and underneath the photo it said, “Martha*, the last of her kind.”  I used to carry around a photocopy of this Martha, the very last Passenger Pigeon, and I still keep the picture in a special box.  Originally, I think I saw it as a sort of call to arms, “Be strong, be tough,” I’d tell myself,  “Don’t let yourself be the last of your kind.” I didn’t really know what “my kind” was, just that I somehow felt the threat of extinction, which I now understand to be feelings of sensitivity and vulnerability.  

“Dodo” was a name you could get away with calling someone on the playground or sometimes, “You Dodo bird!”  which was more satisfying.  I don’t know exactly how this name evolved to be synonymous with words like ‘dummy’ or ‘stupid’, but all signs seem to point to the bird’s extinction.  When humans first encountered this bird, they did not know to fear humans.  Combined with flightlessness, this made the Dodo an easy target and eventually led to its extinction.  The Passenger Pigeon was similarly blamed for their demise.  They flew low and in large numbers.  It was recorded that during their migration people would stand on their roofs and knock the birds out of the sky with a stick.  What was particularly disturbing about the story of the Passenger Pigeon was that the bird had once been quite common, no different than a rock or mourning dove is to us now and yet somehow humans managed to eradicate every last one.  What Dodos.   

Here we are today, approaching a New Moon in Libra, the closing ceremony to Eclipse Season.  The last month or so has been a time of release and letting go. What can the loss tell you about how you want to proceed?  What is just, right, fair (Libran words)?  What will ultimately bring your life into a state of equilibrium?  How does the planet recalibrate and move towards balance now that, Toughie, the last Rabbs’ fringe-limbed treefrog has died?  

The process of creating balance and peace can feel nothing like actually being there, in a state of balance, in a state of peace.  We can see this quite clearly in this time of violence, change and chaos on the planet.  You can also probably see this quite clearly within yourself and within your relationships.  Where do you need to recalibrate?  What might help you feel at peace in a situation or a relationship?  Sadly, naming a sensitive, vulnerable animal, Toughie, didn’t ensure its survival.  How can we take some of the weight off?  How can we carry it on our side?  It seems we must be willing, at the very least, to inconvenience ourselves.  

My grandfather used to say, (I think he was probably quoting someone else), “You give away the copy, but you keep the original.”  It took me a while to understand what he meant, that anything you say or do to another is only a copy of something you carry within yourself.  Be kind and you keep kind, be cruel and you keep cruel.  Libra is about being receptive.  Its a kind of listening that goes beyond the ears to other ways of sensing and intuiting.  It involves really imagining what life must be like for another.  

What is often so terrifying about this process is that it presents an opportunity to see yourself and your behavior from another perspective.  And the fear is often, what if I don’t like what I see?  What if I learn that I am hurting people, or the planet?  Truthfully, we may not like all of what we see and there probably are ways in which we are hurting each other and the planet.  That is why Libra is also a sign associated with love and compassion, suggesting not only that we look, but how we look.  If we don’t look with love and compassion than we probably won’t look at all and we won’t really see all of what is there/here.

*My full name is Martha.

(Animal Instinct- Cranberries cover by two unknown women )