WELCOME BACK NAVIGATORS!  Below is just one thing, one perspective, one tiny snippet of conversation.  I started this post on the Aquarian New Moon from many different angles and landed on this one.  So much emotion.  Neptune is weighing in right now on many astrological conversations.  Neptune stimulates feeling of love and compassion, but it can also contribute to feelings of confusion and a strong desire to escape reality.  Additionally, Neptune heightens sensitivity and is extremely absorbent.  I often call this vulnerable sensation the shell-less clam feeling.  Feelings take up time and space, but they are invisible so it can be easy to not give them the room they clamor for.  You may find it helpful to give yourself and your emotions some blank space as we head into eclipse season.  


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Without further ado! The card for the NEW MOON, pulled from Amy von Harrington’s deck...


Friends, humanitarian causes, computers, electricity, airplanes, new technology, science, plans, experiments, hopes and dreams; these are words associated with the sign of Aquarius and the corresponding 11th house in astrology.  The New Moon, exact at 4:07pm on Friday the 27th of January on the western coast of the United States, is in the sign of Aquarius, reflecting many of these themes.  A good friend I admire for many reasons, but particularly impressive is her ability to maintain a detached awareness of a situation.  She often begins her descriptions or assessments of an experience with the words, “It was interesting…”  She then recounts the experience without judgement, the way a scientist might report on an experiment, detailing the physical environment until you are sure you can smell it.  I’ve always found it challenging to simply observe a situation without diving into it.  Objective awareness does not come easily, it is something I have to consistently practice.  

I keep a small collection of lab coats.  I began wearing one mostly as a rain coat because it is waterproof, but I realized I also wear it as a sort of empath flotation device, to pull me out of the water should I become too immersed in something outside myself.  To look at things from an Aquarian perspective is similar to looking at things as a scientist might, where every interaction is viewed as a fascinating result of an experiment which attempts to prove or disprove an hypothesis.  There may be no emotional attachment to a particular point of view because the emphasis is placed on finding the facts in order to discover the truth about how something works, functions or in order to find the solution to a problem.  When my cousin, a cancer research scientist, submits his work to science journals, he knows that it will be picked apart and analyzed by other scientists and that their questions and observations are not a personal attack, but a collective effort to find a cure.  

One thing I know is that I am emotionally sensitive.  For me feelings are accompanied by very strong physical sensations.  I am still learning to take care of these sensitivities rather than shrug them off.  My lab coat and my friends help me to maintain an objective awareness of my sensitivities, to respond to situations with, “Interesting…”  rather than frustration, irritation or guilt.  For a long time I stopped going to parties and group gatherings.  Afraid to examine the root of my discomfort, I would point to all sorts of symptoms, “I’m sooooo tired!”  “I have to wake up early.”  “I’m too busy.”  A deep guilt festered in the pit of my stomach, I became a recluse, dodging and deleting event invitations without opening them.  The repetition of certain phrases from friends (“Where were you? I didn’t see you! Is everything okay? You missed it!”) caused me to examine what I was afraid to face- facts.  And when I realized that was all it was, a simple fact- that I’m sensitive (to everything from food to feelings)- the situation suddenly felt easier to deal with and much of the fear and anxiety subsided.  Still, I must practice my scientific approach.  Instead of pretending the feelings don’t exist or that they are not informing my actions, I am learning, with practice to observe them so I can consciously decide on the actions I want to take.  OK, hopefully, I did not lose you with my long winded personal narrative, it’s simply an attempt to illustrate what seems to be recommended by the first New Moon of 2017.  

As we move into 2017, the year of the Fire Rooster, the desire and impulse to act will be very strong.  The New Moon and the corresponding card I’ve pulled for this moon, the Chariot, asks us to maintain an objective awareness, the “watchers mind”, so that we can be conscious of where our actions are stemming from.  What is driving our chariot?  Who is driving?  What is the destination?

The Chariot is the card associated with the astrological sign of Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon.  The moon in an astrology chart shows our emotional natures, as well as how we nurture and what we are nurtured by.  Again this is a reminder that the task is not to disregard emotion, but to develop an objective awareness of the sensations that pass through our bodies, to notice the way we tend to respond when we feel attacked.  Scientists consistently have to make changes based on growing awareness and new information.  Aquarius wants a plan, a strategy, but the Uranian ruled sign also knows that the plan is subject to change.  If our desire is to end injustices of all kinds and combat the current political regime, developing a watchers mind may prove an important tool in the coming year.  

(Tom's Diner- Suzanne Vega)